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Senator Dino Melaye

Dear Distinguished Senator Melaye,

I have reasons to communicate with you via the social media to the annoyance of many even before you emerged the senator representing my district, Kogi West, to admonish, congratulate and sometimes castigate which this letter will do in abundance.

I decided to lay back and give you time to settle down for you to deliver on your promises but your recent visit to the EFCC as part of the escort team that accompanied Toyin Saraki, the senate president’s wife to honour an invitation by the anti-graft agency makes silence impossible. Not minding the fraudulent and criminal manner you emerged as your party’s flag bearer for the senatorial contest, I felt we should give you all the support you need to succeed and avail our people a better deal and new zeal of life considering the abysmal failure of your predecessor despite my reservation about your commitment, sincerity and integrity; your conduct in words and deeds since your inauguration have not been in tandem with the hopes and aspirations of the majority of the people of Kogi West who voted for change; the mantra of the party on whose platform you emerged senator.

If you decide to diminish yourself for pecuniary reasons, the collective esteem and dignity of your constituency and constituents must not be dragged in the mud. For a supposed anti-corruption activist cum crusader to join the train of those showing solidarity with someone under investigation for corruption seems contradictory but not to some of us who know your fraudulent anti-graft postulations to be a ruse.

While it is true you need the cooperation of your colleagues to effectively and efficiently perform, the servile and patronizing attitude you display especially towards the senate president must stop forthwith. You were not given this mandate to become the aide-in-chief to the senate president. I watched in total amazement the manner you were nodding your head like an Agama lizard that just fell from a tree as you opened the door for Toyin Saraki; all is just akin to the ablution of a cat- ALUWALA OLOGBO. Now that you have been thrown a bone and rewarded with the chairmanship of the Adhoc committee on publicity which all the GRAGRA has been all about, all these rubbish must stop unless you wish to head the PR unit of your town union in the next few months after you might have been recalled. You must learn to differentiate and draw the line between your interest and that of your constituency; making sure general interest is not a subsumption of your parochial self-interest.

My proclamation since your inauguration has been that you must succeed either you like it or not but if you are not prepared to succeed as a senator for the people but only for yourself , be advised that you face the risk of being recalled; a process I will initiate, coordinate and see to a successful conclusion.

To assure you that I bear you no malice, you have another opportunity to mend your ways by ensuring all your subsequent conduct will be in total conformity with the hopes and aspirations of our people. There are so many problems facing our people that need attention, so it’s about time you stop the embarrassing fawning and political delinquency you are presently exhibiting. As an indication of your readiness to turn a new leaf, you are expected to pen and post an unreserved apology on your twitter handle and facebook page not leaving out other veritable platforms through which our people are informed and enlightened in Kogi West for bringing the esteem and dignity of the good people of Kogi West into disrepute by and with your conduct

On a final note, I sincerely hope for all our sakes that we begin to see an improved, efficient, effective and selfless Senator Melaye. If not, be prepared to be recalled and by all that I hold dear this is not a threat but a statement of fact. Trust me this is one path you don’t want to thread and certainly not a road you want to travel.

May the Lord grant you the wisdom to know the path of honour, dignity and decorum and the grace to tow same.

Yours sincerely,

Aiyenigba Olalekan