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Open Letter To Apc Aspirants From Kogi West And Central



It is with a heavy heart that I write this to you all as it concerns the primary of your party that was concluded this morning even though I had a premonition this was how things will turn out. A few days ago, I pleaded and advised that all of you should close ranks and reach a consensus if there was ever going to be any hope of success in the quest for power shift. You all ignored my advice and I was proved right from the breakdown of the results that with a united sense of purpose we should have be rejoicing instead of the gloom you have created for our people. Even if the ignoble reasons for some of you joining the race was common knowledge, I had hoped even if faintly that the opportunists and spoilers among you will allow reason prevail; by realizing this struggle is not about the satiation of your collective greed, ultra-egocentrism and inordinate ambition. But true to type, most of you have shown us who you truly are even if we’ve had our suspicions of your intentions. You have demonstrated with your conducts that, you believe your individual interests are more important than the genuine aspirations of the people you claim you are desirous to serve. You all gambled with our hopes and like I predicted, you all failed. You toyed with our pains, agony and unease and you can all be rest assured that we will never forget what you have done because your names are written in marble in the Hall of Infamy our people have created for most of you in their hearts. We warned but you all realized too late that while celebrating yourselves as grand masters in Ludo, that the political game has changed from snakes-and-ladders to chess and scrabble.

Some of you will come out of this ‘better’ in terms of pecuniary gains for betraying our people but majority of you have committed political immolation and will never be availed the opportunity to deceive our people again. With your collective sentience, you have proved beyond all doubts that most of you cannot be trusted to do what is right for us and henceforth we, the people shall take our destinies in our hands to pave a path for emancipation from servitude. Posterity will equally judge your treachery and never again shall we allow your craftiness to blur our vision from seeing you for what and who you truly are.

I salute the diligent and sincere ones among you who fought a good fight if even they can never be excused from the agony your collective misadventure has brought on our people. Ironically, our people have been deceived and conditioned over time to regard your group as comprising of persons of great consequence deserving of honour and respect; obviously we were wrong and expected too much.

May the Lord proportionately reward you all for the roles you played in aborting this dream of power shift. Nothing can ever justify the lack of honour, immorality, dishonesty, unreliability and the subversion of our people’s hopes and aspirations that your individual and collective conducts have exhibited.

The struggle is just beginning but you must all realize that to every action there is a reaction, so says an old over-flogged adage. Every choice made in life, whether good or bad, whether right or wrong, whether wise or foolish carries maximum consequence; be assured that you will all go through the remainder of your lives chewing the consequences of the choices you’ve made.

-Aiyenigba Olalekan