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Vagabonds As Leaders In Kogi West By Olalekan Aiyenigba



From recent events it is now crystal clear that many of our so-called political elders and leaders are vagabonds who lust for power for selfish interests. Over time it is apparent that they do not have the genuine interest to serve the people but devote their attention to property and wealth accumulation. Their utterances and actions are indicative of leaders who relish in imposing their will on the people and depriving them of their entitlements. Our sordid and sorry state as a people is a result of leaders who lack vision, direction and focus. The only thing they know is to manipulate themselves into office but after getting into office refuse to exercise political power in the interest of the people. Despite our abundant endowment in minerals and other natural resources, deficient leadership has made Kogi State one of the poorest of states in the country. Our leaders cannot serve because they are not part of the people in thought and deeds; they are more concerned with pecuniary gains and higher positions. This explains a situation where people lament hunger , lack and want and these vagabonds will preach patience but will gleefully invite the people and display to those who can’t be physically present via social media their mansions, yacht, exotic cars and customized wines in the midst of acute poverty induced by unemployment.

While we blame these leaders and hurl insults at them and rightly so, bad followership have made many deliberately become slaves of those in authority. Our timidity is inexplicable because our forbearers fought to free themselves from the Nupes. But today, people are just too afraid to speak up and even when some of us reluctantly do, we later hide and refuse to walk our talk. That is why it is convenient for some ‘elders’ to tell us our clamor for productive power shift is spontaneous after sixteen years of deficient leadership. Most of us are scared of little things. What is wrong with us as people? Like seriously, what is really wrong with us? Without determination, purpose and hard work, the present political jobbers will continue to toy with our hopes and aspirations for a now that is bearable and a greater and better future for generations to come. Because of the immense lucre enjoyed by these modern day Pharaohs in our midst, they will never want to let go easily. It is up to us to free ourselves from these task masters disguised as elders and leaders who see our people as objects of trade.

We should stop lamenting and the groaning and whining must come to an end. The electoral process is the only avenue to effect this change and we must endeavor to participate fully in the process by transferring our PVCs back to our various towns and villages to vote because elections are not won on social media. Let’s show these jobbers the futility in their attempt to continue shaving our hair in our absence without our consent. Okunland is blessed with people with the will, zeal and ability to move us out of this quagmire. Let us present our best and remove the yoke of decades. It must be noted that the power shift envisaged is not for just its sake but that which will turn the fortunes of our people around for good.