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Weeks After Inauguration: Dino In Bitter Fight With Yahaya Bello



With the worsening political situation in Kogi State, many are wondering why a notable senator from the state, Dino Melaye has been virtually absent from his state considering his habit as someone, who loves speaking on any issue.

Viewed against the support he gave to the Governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello in the aftermath of the inconclusive saga right through to the inauguration where he was the master of ceremony despite being the chairman of the inauguration committee, observers believe that it is strange that just few weeks after, Senator Melaye seems to have abandoned the Governor.

Sources close to Senator Melaye reliably informed First Weekly, under condition of anonymity, that the senator, representing Kogi West District, said that he played the spoiler to enable him maintain his political relevance because the emergence of Hon. James Faleke as the Governor of Kogi State would reduce his influence and status as the political leader of Kogi West, which will place him in a better stead for a higher political station in 2019 and beyond.
This understandably explained the senator’s unrepentant support for Alhaji Yahaya Bello against his kinsman from the same local government area; Ijumu LGA, against the opinion of majority of Kogites across the state.

Apart from this, it was gathered that what really hastened the collapse in the relationship between the embattled Governor and the senator is the inability of Senator Melaye to have any of his acolytes appointed as Deputy- Governor.

Prior to the announcement of Hon. Simon Achuba as Kogi Deputy Governor, Senator Melaye reportedly instituted an elaborate selection process where about 10 of his known associates were screened and interviewed so that one of them could be picked and presented to Alhaji Bello as Deputy Governor.

It was revealed that the plan to have another Okun person replace Hon. Faleke was just another item in a series of actions by Senator Melaye to actualize his selfish intent. Questions have been asked why Melaye has suddenly transformed to a firm believer in party supremacy considering his notoriety during the Senate leadership crisis.

But those in the know claimed that Senator Melaye’s proclivities have always been determined by pecuniary considerations apart from his penchant for being in the news for the wrong reasons.
It was gathered that, when it was obvious that the desire by Senator Melaye to have one of his cronies as Deputy to Alhaji Bello would end an exercise in futility, the Senator allegedly stormed the residence of the Governor, raving and ranting that he would not accept any decision by the Governor to appoint a deputy outside his own arrangement.

Alhaji Yahaya Bello, it was revealed, refused to grant audience to the senator and told aides afterwards of his astonishment that after being paid for services rendered, Senator Melaye still had the audacity to dictate to him how to run his government. After the futile attempt to have his way, Senator Melaye reportedly went back home, obviously in regrets as confirmed by one of his aides, who revealed that the Senator was agitated, asking if he has not committed a grievous mistake with his role in the debacle and the inconclusive saga it has foisted on Kogi State.
Those close to both camps have expressed doubt about any possible truce in the nearest future as the senator is alleged to be presently gloating over the emerging crisis in the state between the executive and the legislature with an impeachment attempt of the leadership of the House of Assembly that the Governor was accused of instigating and supporting.

An impeachment notice has reportedly been served on the Deputy-Governor, Simon Achuba for his active role in the crisis that has seen the Assembly relocating to Abuja and the Governor, Alhaji Bello summoned to explain some major policy decisions he took without recourse to the House as required by law.

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