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First Weekly magazine. Com is the e version of first weekly magazine. First Weekly magazine, the fastest rising general interest magazine, published by first weekly ventures. Ours is a general interest magazine that substantially represents the youths and adults alike. 

Our mission is to make our society more interesting by chronicling the joys and triumphs, achievements and successes, pains and agonies, sadness and joys of our celebrities. 

We carry the hopes of the hounded, oppressed, and harassed and provide a platform for them to be heard. Our celebrity interviews and Instagram account knows  no boundaries or frontiers, as we go beyond our shores to seek the views of great Africans and capture their private worlds, victories and defeats and present them in illuminating words and self explanatory photographs.

Above all,we offer the mix of professionalism, news to us goes beyond mere giving accounts of events or issues. Rather, we approach it as a value driven item,by giving you well thought -out interpretations of salient factors that underline issues and events of various interest. 


Frequency- Bi- monthly 

Size- A3

Conceptual Target- upwardly looking, events admiring, socializing, society news craving adults. 


Spread: National. 

Why first weekly?

The world is an interesting place, and those who make it colourful, attractive, exciting, and eventful are the celebrities, top professionals and opinion leaders, whose achievements, triumphs and pains are the main focus of first weekly. 

We know that, in learning the basis of making ourselves happier, we need to have insight into the world of high achievers, people with inspiring pedigree and our role models. 

Hence, first weekly is an all encompassing journal of celebrity news,from entertainment news to politics, sports to lifestyles.You can be rest assured that we Will be the first to deliver the news with a true professional verve. 

Without mince words, first weekly is truly a re-definition of professionalism. 

Now, thousands are identifying with us for their daily and weekly enjoyment and enlightenment.please don’t be left out.