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Meek Claims Drake Beef is over Nicki Minaj?



one rapper who has made it very clear that he isn’t Team Drake may be opening up a little bit more about their differences.

During a freestyle at a recent performance, Meek Mill claims his beef with Drake may really have something to do with his girlfriend Nicki Minaj.

He raps:

“See I don’t think it’s bout no rapping it’s about Nicki / He told us he was first in line but it got tricky / I still wake up with the lady that you said you first in line with

“See I represent the niggas the come from the bottom/If you started from that, make some f*cking noise / I said when I first seen my homie sitting in the casket / Is when I first went to get the ratchet / Sh*t is real, the f*ck Drake sent you to do me like Emmett Till / And I can smell death in the air and you the kill / When you was still out in the field toting them Glocks / Man he was still wheelchair Jimmy rolling them blocks / My momma’s used to holding Berettas when they is hot / Your momma used to peek out the window and call the cops / And the nerve of y’all n*ggas, saying you started from the bottom / When the real niggas dying, cops kill them, not a crime / All that bullsh*t you selling, real n*ggas never buy / Uh, I got word from the six, n*ggas say you testify”