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Drake Bought Rihanna A MILLION DOLLAR Diamond Ring



Rumour has it that Rihanna and rapper Drake are engaged – or at least that’s what they’re trying to get us to believe.

We spoke with our ULTRA SUPER reliable Rihanna insider who tells us that Drake gave Rihanna a $1 MILLION DOLLAR 16 Carat diamond ring – which she wore to last night’s BILLBOARD MUSIC AWARDS.

And while we can’t say for 100% certain whether the ring is meant to be an engagement ring, we’re told that Rihanna and Drake are NO LONGER just casually dating. The insider explained, “Drake is Robyn’s man. He’s not with anyone else, and neither is she.”

Check out the below pic:

If you recall, Rihanna and Drake were hot and heavy back in 2014. Drake followed Rihanna to London, and the two were caught kicking a man out a public restaurant bathroom for a little privacy time. More importantly, Drake gifted Rihanna at $42,000 yellow diamond ring back then. That one didn’t spell wedding bells. But this $1 million dollar stunner is certainly nothing less than a trip to the altar.