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Why Media Business Is Under Threat – Sen. Chris Anyanwu



The Proprietor of Hot FM stations, Senator Chris Anyanwu, said media as a business has come under threat from technology.

Anyanwu, who was a member of the panel of discussants at the Daily Trust’s 20th Anniversary celebration yesterday in Abuja, drew attention of media experts and owners to the rapid changing world of technology and audience.

“Why is journalism or media business under threat? Because the world is changing, the demography is changing. The majority of the people, of the future-people between 17 years and 40 and above have migrated online.

“Because their live is changing, they are highly mobile, and they want their news differently, and journalism has to change in tune with what they want. They want it quick and snappy; wherever they are and they want to get news updated very quickly differently during the day,” she reiterated.

The lawmaker emphasized that although most newspapers have gone online, they are struggling to catch up with the fast changing world of technology.

“Technology is wrecking havoc on the media industry. Technology is aiming at pleasing the consumers. Those of you who are online know that as a consumer, I can subscribe to software that blocks out all advertisement. When that happens, the advertisers will leave the online platform,” she said.

Anyanwu urged media owners to carefully watch development in the social environment saying “We have to watch where the consumers are leaning, shifting to. The masses are a bit feeble; they don’t always go for very hard news. We have to really find out and give them what they want.”

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