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Kano Politics: Emir Sunusi and the viper’s fangs with dripping venom.



By Adamu Aminu.

The fresh petitions filed and forwarded to Kano State House of the assembly to probe Emir Muhammadu Sunusi II, by an organisation goes by the title, Kano State Society for Promotion of Education and Culture had turned inside out another page of intricate discourse, particularly in Kano and also the nation at large.

The allegations levelled against him were said to be bordered on certain temperaments, which said to be contrary and entirely not in conformity to the benchmarks, cultures and values Kano state people.

The scrutiny which is slated to be conducted by an 8-man committee of Kano assembly, having a seven days life span, has placed another fiery hurdle which is by any means possible must be scaled through by the embattled emir, who is being seen now as a stranded man standing at the tip of the iceberg.

It is obviously known that the firebrand Kano monarch name is compatible with controversies – is like a union of tube and tyre.

A man who is always being sighted from different perspectives which attract various interpretations.

Many people are branding him as a reformist, craving for socio-economic changes, who always grabbing the bull by its horns when it comes to the issue of what many referred as spoken-truth irrespective of what might be the eventual outcome.

While many are seeing him as a gadfly – someone who annoys people by always being critical to government policies.

While from another standpoint his royal highness Emir Muhammadu Sunusi II is being regarded as a blessing to Kano and the nation at large based on his vast knowledge both in western and Islamic mastery and also going by the track records of his successes in the banking industry which earned him both national and worldwide popularity.

And many times he’s a frontline advocate on socio-political issues ranging from calling for an end to child marriage, more schools instead of mosques, population planning, demoralizing polygamy for incapable ones.

His stances have attracted sharp criticism from conservative north.

But in the other way around, to some, his highness Emir Sunusi he’s a theorist rather than practicable, who hides under the facade of intellectual grandstanding, to impress and preaching economic ideas, to advance to be comprehended by ordinary Nigerians.

Taking a daring task, since his youthful days seemed to be simpler than sipping a cup of coffee, which usually follows paying the price.

This resonates to me that In 2014, Sanusi was suspended from the central bank by the former president Goodluck Jonathan after taking off the lid of 20 million dollar scandals of NNPC.

In this regard, Emir Muhd Sunusi disposition wasn’t peculiar to many kinds of altercation bordering on religious and socio-economic misunderstandings had transpired in past between Emir Sunusi and clerics, politicians and others.

The fresh probe conducting by the Kano assembly has clearly shown that the protracted war between the two powerful Kano elephants, the end not yet in sight.

Even though, the other elephant washed off its hands from the ongoing emir Sunusi’s probe carrying out by the state house of assembly.

But it is hard for a frog to be dancing spontaneously by the side of the river, without a drummer beneath the river discharging the rhythm.

In the light of this development, it is glaringly obvious that the Kano monarch, Muhd Sunusi based upon his known attitudes he’s not a kind of man who would compromise his convictions in fear of allowing history to repeat itself.

But in view of the current politico-royal rumble in Kano, the going have already going tough.

It is either the divine intervention, the only resort for reconciliation between the two parties or another fresh chapter is due to be open in Kano historical stories.

Whatever the case may be the viper’s fangs are widely open, dripping venomous saliva, only God knows when to spit.