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Yahoo Boys Reveal Damning Danger In Getting Money Through Rituals



“Why We Cannot Leave Despite The Evil Consequences”

While some young adults and teenagers are planning to join the growing number of people who indulge in internet fraud and rituals popular called “yahoo yahoo,” some others are regretting being part of the dirty act.

There is no doubt that many yahoo boys regularly smile to the banks with their fraudulent income, but it appears that the saying that “not all that glitters is gold” is apt to describe what they are experiencing after joining the league of money ritualists on a daily basis.

Some of the boys opened up about their wealth and the source of it in an interview, and admitted that they have millions of dollars in the bank, some of which they have used to buy latest cars, build costly mansions and acquire many good things of life.

They however confessed that their lives are characterised by pain and sorrow because of ritual sacrifices they have to perform every month.

A typical yahoo boy, who simply gave his name as Abudu revealed that although he had over $2 million dollars in his account and a six-bedroom mansion at Kasoa in the Central Region, his life is miserable, while revealing that the spiritualist who made him wealthy ordered him to perform a task every five weeks.

34-year-old Abudu revealed that the “easiest” of the tasks is to sleep with 70 dark-skinned girls in a month and take their v*** fluids to the spiritualist.

Abudu stated that he felt lucky each time he got such a task, as, according to him, the other tasks were unimaginable, adding that if he refused to obey, he would suffer grave consequences.

He disclosed that two months to the interview, he was in a restaurant eating, when the spiritualist ordered him to sleep with his sister as his monthly task.

He stated that he refused the order, and that as a consequence, he developed skin rashes all over his body for over two months.

He took off his jacket during the interview to reveal a hidden foam, which was soaked with fluids from the sores on his back.

The sores were also emitting a nasty smell as revealed by the reporter who did the interview.

It was gathered that Abudu uses strong-scented perfumes to eliminate the smell.

His friends, Samson and George (not their real names) also shared how they got involved in the dirty act, saying that they had sacrificed two babies that were a day old as part of the initiation ceremony.

“I want to stop. I want to give all I have away and just have my peace of mind. It is tough,” George said.

The three men stated that they wanted to quit, but that it appeared impossible, as they revealed that three of their friends had died after failing to perform tasks laid out by the spiritualist.

On how he got involved, Abudu stated that a childhood friend at Swedru in the Central Region introduced him to the practice five years prior to the interview.

He said that the friend, Kudu (not his real name) had been doing Sakawa for over eight years and was madly rich, with over $5 million dollars in his bank account.

According to him, at a time many young people were struggling to make a living, Kudu had a four bedroom mansion with a swimming pool and a wine bar.

He revealed that Kudu also had a mansion in Takoradi and another one in Tema.

Abudu said that apart from the poor life he was living, the wealth and ostentation displayed by his friend lured him into Sakawa.

He disclosed that he initially started with internet fraud and after months of cultivating clients online, he defrauded an Ukrainian woman of $2000.

He said that the money realised from the practice was not enough for the “big man” kind of life he wanted, so he went into the proper sakawa that involved rituals and sacrifices.

He stated further that before getting involved in sakawa, he was not told about the mandatory sacrifices he had to perform every five weeks.

For his initiation, Abudu revealed that he slept in a coffin at midnight for three weeks, after which he was given a liquid potion to smear on his body every day for a period of three months.

“Finally, I was instructed to sleep with four girls in a day and deliver their pants to the spiritualist,” he said.

When he was asked what happened to those girls, Abudu stated that he did not know because, “I was told not to ask questions.”

He said he was also made to perform what he called the “ultimate sacrifice”.

He however, refused to discuss what it meant or entailed.

He said that he became “insanely” rich, with over $2 million dollars in his bank account four months after the rituals and the “ultimate sacrifice.”

Asked how he got the money, he said that his bank called him and told him that some unknown foreigners had deposited a huge amount of money in his account.

Abudu said that after over two years of performing the monthly sacrifices, he was tired and frustrated and wanted a way out.

“Today, you will be ordered to do this; tomorrow you will be asked to do something unimaginable. It’s a hell on earth for me,” he lamented.

As if these were not enough, Abudu said that his friend, who introduced him to Sakawa, fell seriously ill after failing to perform a mandatory task he was given.

“He had sores all over his body and a big boil in his anus. He is really suffering,” he said.

When asked what he would do to free himself from the sakawa scourge, Abudu replied, “I don’t know.”

“With all these, one only hopes and believes that young men and women would learn from the boys and follow a path of hardwork and resilience rather than following the fast lane,” said an observer, who added that anyone who wants to get rich quick should weigh the consequences “before entering an irreversible damnation.”

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