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Woli Arole: I saw different reactions while acting mad



Popular comedian, Woli Arole, has narrated his experience while acting abnormally to create an awareness to celebrate the World Health Mental day.

Woli Arole, on Friday, October 10, had disguised as a mentally challenged person and begged for arms at Ikeja for some time.

“I was just walking down Ikeja today going to meet people and I saw different reactions of rejection and all of that, they didn’t know it was Woli Arole, I saw different reactions and I must say even people should also do well to see and care for people who are mentally unstable in our society”, he said.

The comedian stressed that he decided to put up the act to experience and show how mentally challenged persons are treated in society.

Arole said further, “I am using this as an image of the mental state of so many, some people are not even dressed like this but they are going through a lot in their mental state. Some people are at the office, some going through depression and a whole lot. So I am using this as a medium of advocacy firstly to people that we should be conscious of our mental health it is very important and also to the government of Nigeria as a medium of advocacy that our government needs to create more agencies, more arms for mental health from our primary and secondary schools there should be lectures, advocacy’s and seminars about our mental health because everyone almost day to day go through one stress or the other and this bounces on their mental health.”

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