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Why Tinubu spoke the way he did in Ogun — Rev. Banji Oladipo



The Senior Pastor of Love’s Domain Family Assembly, Reverend Banji Oladipo, has shared his thoughts on the controversial speech made by a former Governor of Lagos State and All Progressives Congress chieftain, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, about President Muhammadu Buhari and the Governor of Ogun State, Dapo Abiodun in Abeokuta on Thursday.

The former two-term Governor of Lagos State spoke at a meeting with APC leaders and members in Abeokuta.

In his speech, Tinubu said that he should naturally get the support of President Muhammadu Buhari for his ambition because he was there for him (Buhari) when he was a candidate of the All Peoples Party, rechristened All Nigeria Peoples Party, and later Congress for Progressive Change and lost his election to be the president thrice.

Tinubu also noted that Abiodun could not have become governor without God’s and his support.

Reacting to this, the clergyman stated that after watching the video several times, he was moved and felt the speech was coming from the heart of a man who is beginning to feel betrayed by the very people he helped.

In his write up, titled: “My thoughts on Bola Ahmed Tinubu speech,” Rev. Oladipo noted that he feels that the Yoruba race has an issue of reciprocating good done to them.

He wrote: “Before I begin to write, I want everyone to know that this is my personal thought and everyone has right to his thoughts.

“I don’t want you jumping on here and saying I am wrong or I am right, you also have a right to air your thoughts in a civil and responsible way. ITS MY WALL.

“I have watched with keen interest again and again the speech by BAT in Abeokuta.

“To tell you the truth, the first time I watched it I felt irritated by it simply because as a patriotic Nigerian that I am, I felt why would somebody just keep on saying it’s my right, it’s my turn like the presidential seat is inheritance that needs be passed from one person to another.

“It should never be about turn or right but about competence and who can deliver Nigeria out of this quagmire we have found ourselves.

“But as I began to watch again and again I began to feel the pain of a man who all his life has helped as many people as he can to achieve BECOMING and laid his own dream and vision aside for them to get ahead.

“I was deeply moved this morning while watching it again and I felt this speech was coming from the heart of a man who is beginning to feel betrayed by the very people he helped.

“As I said earlier, my initial feelings was WHAT KIND OF ENTITLEMENT MENTALITY IS THIS NAH?. But on a closer look and listening again and again I realised this was a speech of saying DON’T BETRAY ME, if I have helped you, it’s time for you to help me. Even the Whiteman says ONE GOOD TURN DESERVES ANOTHER.

“Now this is not to say I am supporting BAT for presidency for he isn’t the best candidate as far as I am concerned but I speak as a human looking at human wickedness to one another.

“Even though it looked like all he was boasting and proud about how he helped all the names he mentioned but can anyone say it’s a lie??? Even the present sitting Governor Dapo Abiodun couldn’t move a muscle because he knows this man was saying the truth.

“You see one of the things killing this generation is when we continue to talk about ENTITLEMENT MENTALITY in a situation where you actually owe another a favour that’s been done you in the past.

“We are always quick to throw that card just because we want to avoid doing good to persons who have done us good.

“There is no SELF MADE man anywhere, if you look critically, you will find persons who came into your life at certain points to ensure you got through that phase.

“And if that person in turn today comes seeking for help, it’s just GOOD that you do all within your power to reciprocate but to now begin to use ENTITLEMENT MENTALITY card to chase that person away I feel is inhumane and not God like.

“Even God gave us His only begotten son and He feels entitled to our lives and I am sure you know the consequences if you don’t give him that life.

“I am not a tribalistic person but I am beginning to feel like the Yoruba race have an issue of reciprocating good done to them. We always like to destroy ourselves especially when it comes to someone getting ahead of us.

“We are very competitive in nature, it’s why even in families you rarely find siblings helping themselves as much as they should.

“I am Yoruba myself and I can also speak from experience, I just sat down of late and realised that in my betrayal experiences in the work of the ministry, my very own tribe are the greatest betrayal while loyalty I never expected comes from people of a totally different tribe.

“If I am not mistaken about history, I think this same thing happened into the days of Awolowo, Akintola and co.

“As I have said earlier, this post is not to say BAT is my candidate or the best for the job as I don’t intend voting for him but I feel the pain of a me who have given his very best to ensure men BECOME and at the point of his own BECOMING, he is about to be abandoned.

“Politics is funny, I don’t know how all these will play out in the end but my prayer for NIGERIA is let the best man WIN.”

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