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We’ll swap more Boko Haram prisoners to see all Chibok girls released – FG



The Federal government has denied reports alleging that parents of released 82 Chibok girls were not allowed to see them.

The government said people denied access were not their biological parents, adding that they will swap more Boko Haram members for the remaining girls if they have to do it again.

The parents of Chibok girls are also expected to arrive in abuja in a matter of days.

The statement read: “Photos of#Chibok82 sent to families in Chibok for identification. Families currently meeting to identify their daughters.

“The people complaining that they’re not allowed to see the#Chibok21 are not their biological parents or guardians.

“We’re very careful who we grant access to #Chibokgirls. We will only grant access to their parents, not community members.

“It was the choice of the#Chibokgirls and their parents when they returned to stay under the care of the Fed Govt in Abuja?.

“The parents of the#Chibokgirls are free to visit them at any time. We will never prevent them from seeing their daughters.

“One of the #Chibok21 has asked for permission to visit her family. We’ve allowed her to go, she’ll be back in 2 weeks.

“We ask the #Chibokgirls — ‘who do you want to visit you from home?’ We invite whoever they tell us they want to see.

“We have no apologies or regrets whatsoever for exchanging Boko Haram detainees for our daughters. We’ll do it again if needed.”

The statement from twitter handle @AsoRock also assured those still doubting of free transport fare to Chibok community to confirm from their families.

“When #Chibok82 parents arrive from Chibok (in a matter of days) doubting Thomases will see that they’re truly#ChibokGirls

“Persons doubting that 82 Chibok girls are not Chibok Girls—we’re happy to pay for you to travel to Chibok to confirm from families.

“We’re negotiating seriously to have the rest of the#ChibokGirls released. We will not relent until all are back,” it added.


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