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Tribute To Dare Adeleke At 60



In a world filled with remarkable individuals, there are certain people who etch indelible marks on the sands of time.

It is not surprising that the drum beats of activities leading to this remarkably blessed day, September 28, started over a month ago in honour of the man who is a beacon of hope to his community, the people of Oyo and indeed so many others whose paths and life have been illuminated by the shinning light of Oyo.

Today, on this unforgettable Diamond Jubilee, the people of Ibadan, the indigenes of Oyo and all Nigerians have gathered to pay tribute to a man whose achievements prior to this significant milestone are gargantuan and worthy of all accolades.

Hon. Dare Adeleke is a resolute believer in humanity and he has poured in resources, time and wealth impacting on everyone around him and anyone who encounters him.

Though born a Prince from a royal and respected ancestry, a lineage of wealthy warriors and kingship, Adeleke’s humilty surprises those who have met him, his kindness and empathy for humankind, is legendary.

Having spent time in Europe in his early youth, Dare Adeleke was filled with a burning desire to serve his country and hence began the birth of an untainted political career.

With the return of Nigeria to democracy after several years of military rule, the young Dare Adeleke involved himself in the formation of the new party, ‘The People’s Democratic Party’, PDP and became the first Youth Leader of the South West Zone. The PDP went on to win the election in a landslide victory. Adeleke whose passion for the grounding principles of the party is not hidden, has remained in the PDP since formation. A man of formidable will power and convictions, Adeleke has never deviated from the party and has been with the PDP through thick and thing, serving in different capacities on state, zonal and national levels, actively involved in crises management on every level and at all times, however rocky the boat became.

Dare Adeleke while shying away from holding elective positions, has always thrown himself into the electoral process, fully participating, supporting and giving his all to candidates who emerge as officers and flagbearers of the PDP. Some may call him a king maker but Adeleke would rather say, he is a simple party man. Known as a grassroots mobilizer, politicians are wise to the fact that with ‘Dare Power’ in their corner, the job is already half done.

Yet, humbly, Adeleke trudges on asking nothing, expecting nothing, accepting the vagaries of politics with pride, dignity and integrity, Never compromising on honour.

Those who know him know that for Dare Adeleke, a good name is better than silver, gold and diamonds, a value he has instilled on his children, both biological and adopted.

A firm believer in education, Adeleke holds a Bachelor’s and a Masters Degree.

Our hero today, on this landmark Diamond Jubilee, is a fulfilled man basking in the good memories of times past, achievements that are lasting legacies and looking forward to a future of new exploits and exploration in the service of God, the people, Oyo State and Nigeria.

Today, let us reflect upon the life of this extraordinary being, an Angel amongst men, a man who stands by his friends through thick and thin, a warrior like his forbears who fears no one but respects everyone, a man of wisdom, a large heart who has shaped countless lives and inspired us all.

Let us learn from his triumphs, his challenges, his belief in giving and his mantra of good over evil, his unwavering courage in the face of the most daunting foe, his loyalty to friends, his unwavering resilience and courage…all attributes through which he has emerged stronger and more noble, even in the face of adversity.

Let us now clink our glass in honour of a man to whom honour is due, the most accomplished, Honourable Dare Adeleke.

We wish you a very happy birthday, long life, prosperity and more and more of God’s Blessings.

Written by – Moji Danisa.

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