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South-South Governor Who Runs Killer squad Exposed +His Past Activities As 419 kingpin



SouthSouthMapThis revelation will certainly send jitters down the spines of the followers of this garrulous south-south governor and a dye-in-the wool supporter of President Goodluck Jonathan, who knew very little of his very dark past.

A very reliable source told us last week that even a former governor of Delta State, Chief James Ibori, who is now spending time in a London prison, did not come close to this man, when it comes to criminality.

The Governor, who always prides about bringing uncommon things his state, has an unpleasant past that will make even the dead roll in the grave.

Sources say while he was a struggling man in Lagos, where he was living in Ajao Estate, he was a big time 419 kingpin.

‘He wrote fake letters, swindled several people within and outside the coventry of millions of dollars, infact he was called Mr. CBN in Ajao then as he had the penchant of lying to his prey that he runs the affairs in the Central Bank of Nigeria,’ revealed a source.

Those, who knew this good looking man with a sugar coated tongue back then are still in shock as to how he made his way into government  as he has his hands deep in all shades of evil.

Another source revealed to us that during his re-election campaign period, those who opposed him met their end in either mysterious circumstance, an example of such was the story in the state during the period in 2011, and he made life so unbearable for his opponents using his killer squad.

They were in every nook and cranny of the state in search of those, who would say untoward things about him and the next day, you would hear the person has been gunned down.

A certain indigene, who returned from the United States of America and was always critical of the Governor, barely managed to survive the squad’s attack by the whiskers, but unfortunately, his mother was not lucky.

“When the killer squad visited the guy’s house, they shot sporadically into the house, the guy was shot sporadically, but managed to escape with gun wounds, but when they entered the house, they met his mother, dragged her out of the house and took her to an undisclosed place.

“In the morning, her body was found lying in the street after she had been raped and shot at on the chest. It was a horrifying scene,” the source said.

Another incident was, when a deputy governorship candidate of an opposition party revealed how he also survived the governor’s wicked schemes.

He disclosed that when he was arrested by the State Security Service (SSS) on phantom charges, he was shocked to see the governor coming to his cell on a visit. He said that the governor promised him heaven and earth if he’d drop his ambition and support him. He said that he even promised to give him loads of money.

He further revealed that when the Governor noticed that he won’t yield to his demands, he (governor) left disappointed, but that he noticed that while he was sleeping in the night, he could hear a sound of footsteps around his cell. The person, who he could not see because it was dark, sprayed some substances into his cell; he started crying and almost choked to death.

He said that when he rose up, the ‘shadow man’ ran away, but that he noticed the person had the governor’s body frame and wore the Governor’s favourite cologne.

The deputy governorship candidate is now suffering from an unknown ailment as a result of the chemical substance sprayed in his cell and he now frequents different hospitals within and outside Nigeria to stay alive.

It was alleged that the Governor, who spends money without thinking or battling an eyelid, had killer squads in all wards and local governments during election. It was his squad that caused the mayhem that claimed several lives in the state capital before the governorship election in the state. They also razed the campaign office of a presidential aspirant so that his opponent could be arrested before the election.

Recently, he supervised the beating of a lawmaker, who stood up against injustice, infact those, who attacked the lawmaker were his die-hard supporters in the state house of assembly.

“With all these and many more like his bunkering activities, where he has made billions of naira, it will be suicidal for him not to be a core loyalist of the president,” said our source.

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