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-LAUTECH Now Haven of Yahoo Boys

-The Amazing Story of Odi Dollar, The Man Behind The Dollar Rituals

Gone were the days, when internet fraud held sway amongst young men, especially undergraduates of higher institutions in Nigeria, who used swindled unsuspecting people of their hard earned money through internet fraud. It was common sight then to see boys of ages 18-30 riding choice cars and swimming in millions of naira, which most of their parents could hardly afford despite their years of working. They oppress their friends and lecturers with designer clothes and shoes, spend money recklessly at joints, posed with expensive phones and most of them from poor homes suddenly became the bread winners of their families despite being students.

Their activities later attracted the attention of the Federal Government as the boys spread their tentacles beyond Nigeria and swindled foreigners alike of millions of naira through internet fraud.

The government then put machinery in motion and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), State Security Service (SSS) and the Nigerian Police were alerted to send out their detectives to put a stop to the menace of the boys, which gave the country a bad image.

The security operatives succeeded in clamping down on the boys and they were able to arrest and convict several internet fraudsters otherwise known as yahoo boys, who were spread all over the country.


With the arrest and prosecution of some yahoo boys, who were caught in the act by the intelligence prowess of the EFCC, SSS and the police force, many of the boys had no choice than to stop perpetrating the act as most of them were even caught during the preliminary stages of communicating with their prospective victims on the internet.

But, it appeared the boys, who had formed a cartel all over the campuses in the country, could not adjust to normal lives, so they reportedly went into research on how to maintain their high class lifestyle and they came up with ‘Yahoo Plus.’

Yahoo Plus is a phrase for another method they adopted to keep making money and dazzle their friends, both boys and girls, each time they step out at social gatherings. This involved consulting ritualists for money making venture, and the ritualists in-turn give the boys all the support they needed, which involved fetish acts that many thought are no longer in vogue in this age.

The boys are made to realize that nothing is too much to do to become rich and that money rituals come with a price far bigger than the efforts they were making when internet fraud was in vogue.

Sources revealed that the boys have since been facing this ‘huge challenge and are ready to pay any price to become millionaires at all cost.’

The boys were told to come with human beings as human blood is needed to bring them cool money through money rituals, which nobody could suspect and cannot be queried by law enforcement agents as long as they are discreet with the evil acts.

First Weekly gathered that undergraduates across the country are swimming in this evil venture and that most of their victims are their girlfriends, who they easily deceive into going to places with them.

“It is easy for them to get girls for the rituals. You know they enjoyed the money they made from internet fraud with some of the girls, and now that law enforcement agents have closed in on them, they find it difficult to adjust to normal student life. They invite the girls into their houses from where they offer them for sacrifices through the charms given to them by herbalists, who they consult for the dirty job,” said a source, who pleaded anonymity.

An astonishing dimension to the money making saga was stumbled upon by First Weekly last week and it is about a young man known as ‘Odi Dollar,’ who lives in neighbouring Ghana. Odi Dollar, who is in his 20s, is said to be notorious for using rituals to produce dollar notes.

The amazingly rich and deadly young man, who shuttles between Nigeria and Ghana, has a shrine, where he attends to his clients and ‘proffer solutions’ to all kinds of problems. He is said to be so much involved in the act that he has become untouchable and no one knows where he stays permanently as it has been difficult to see him if one is not his client or prospective client.

Sources maintained that ‘Odi Dollar’ consults for many rich guys in the two countries and that he is neck deep in the evil act that has attracted condemnation from those, who have heard about his tales.

Talking about ritual yahoo boys in Nigerian campuses, a source in one of the campuses told us that some of the boys hide charms underneath the seats of their cars, and once the girls sit on the seat, their blood is drained spiritually and by the time a victim gets home, she would give up the ghost and the boys would in-turn become rich after some additional rituals.

We were also informed that some of the boys invite their girlfriends home to stay with them overnight and as they are sleeping on the bed, a spirit would come visiting and the girls would be offered for sacrifice and the bodies of the victims taken to secret places that would be difficult to trace, all in the night.


One of the universities said to be notorious for this evil venture is Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomosho, Oyo State, which seems to have been taken over by Yahoo boys following several ritual reports from the school in recent times.

The state owned institution, which shares border with Osun State, is said to have become a haven for numerous criminal activities such as rape, cultism, armed robbery, kidnapping with rituals of the highest degree being perpetrated by students all in the name of making quick money.

The menace which is said to have become a source of worry to the residents of Ogbomosho, the community where the institution is situated, has continued unabated.

Sources close to the university revealed that wayward female students better known as ‘runs babe’ are being careful now to avoid falling the prey to these ritual killers as there have been several cases of female students being used for money rituals by their lovers, who want to live big on campus and use latest wonders-on-wheels.

A female 400 level student of the school, Ronke Ilesanmi, who spoke with us said that she is being careful based on the happenings in the school, adding that nobody could be trusted anymore.

Her words:”I can never trust anyone again with the many reported cases of killings in the school. I can’t honor any invitation from anybody and my boyfriend cannot ask me to follow him anywhere these days because the ritual cases are becoming too much for the school.”

It will be recalled that the gruesome murder of a 100 level Accounting student of the school, Seun Adaramoye is one incident the school’s community cannot forget in a hurry.

Seun was reportedly killed in cold blood by her lover identified as Lanre for money ritual purposes. The lady was said to have visited Lanre, who is still at large now, and lifeless body was found at Jastok Guest House in Ogbomosho area three days later.

This is the unedited story as narrated by her friend, Ngozi

“Until her death, Oluwaseun Adaramoye was an undergraduate of Ladoke Akintola University of
Technology, Lautech. Seun left her hostel on the fateful Sunday to visit her boyfriend and that was the last time she was seen alive.”

“Seun Adaramoye was a 100 level accounting student, she stayed in Stadium area around Lawyer Ahmed Junction, she’s a hostel mate and also my friend. On Sunday evening (16th of June), we were all gisting outside the hostel as we normally do and around 5pm, Seun just said she’s coming and left. She was on casual outfits like all of us, so we thought she had gone to the junction to buy stuffs but she went to her best friend’s place not far from the hostel.
“When Seun was leaving her best friend’s apartment, she told her that she wants to quickly get to her boyfriend’s place in Oke-Anu around 7pm on that same Sunday evening and that was the last time we both saw Seun.
“We didn’t even notice on time that she hasn’t returned because she’s a female and no one could
monitor a grown lady, so we assumed that she should be with her boyfriend, Lanre (real name) not until Wednesday morning, when Seun refused to show up for her last paper. Her friend came to check on her in the hostel and it was then that she informed us that Seun was nowhere to be found. We searched and searched for Seun but all to no avail. On Thursday morning, we decided to report her disappearance to the school authorities, which was when we heard the news of a dead body which was discovered at the back of Jastok Guest House…

“On getting there, we couldn’t identify the body because several parts of her body had been cut off, her breast, one hand, half her head was gone. We were eventually able to recognize Seun by her hairdo and mark on her leg, her birth mark and the remains of her cloth on the body.
“So the police and the SUG were invited and they went after the boyfriend who had obviously
absconded, so he has not been arrested as it was being speculated, but his best friend was arrested.
“People thought he was arrested because of the search and the arrest of his best friend, but he hasn’t been found till now, he’s gone into exile…On Searching Lanre’s house, the police found mysterious things like calabash, ladies bra, panties, nails and several underwears.

“Our friend Seun was NEVER a runs girl, she was a very gentle and loving soul, and she was just unlucky to have fallen a victim of some desperate souls. She has since been buried by her brother here in Ogbomosho because the body was already decaying with worms all over and moreover it’s an uncompleted body and they won’t bury her like that in her hometown.”

The only institution in the south west popular for money ritual few years back was Olabisi Onabanjo University, better known as OSU in Ijebu, Ogun State.

Sources said that some guys in the school that perpetrated the evil deed were internet fraudsters, who have made several millions of dollars from their victims. Years after, when the business crumbled due to the clamp down by the EFCC, they resorted into killing their girl friends for money rituals to meet up with their flamboyant lifestyle. Many desperate students of the school reportedly traveled as far as Malaysia to sell their kidneys for N10 million each to maintain their high class status.

By Oladipupo Awojobi, additional report by Funsho Akinwale


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