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Lavishes $2 Million On A Suite In His Hotel


The Jagaban of Borgu Kingdom and Asiwaju of Lagos, Bola Ahmed Tinubu is on the move again as he has taken his quest for the best that money could buy to the next level.

A close source to the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) leader revealed that the likeable politician is now the temporary ‘landlord’ of a suite in the elitist DonaldTrumpPlaza in Chicago, USA.

“You know that Asiwaju owns many properties across the world, including Chicago, where he once lived for many years, he has now decided to move a step further by shelling out $2 million on a prestigious suite in the plaza to enable him have more time for his schedule. You know 2015 is around the corner and being a major player in who gets what, he has to start planning, it is not everything you do from your home, one needs a serene place to do this and many more, including meetings with some world leaders and there is no better place to do this than the kind of environment a personality like Donald Trump revels in.

“If you think money can’t buy you happiness, my friend, you don’t know where to stop, Tinubu is a man of great taste and standard, hence his decision to part with $2m, which to him is nothing compared to the kind of status and returns it will bring to him,” said a source.

The hotel itself is strategically located by the river side; this is where he now meets with the high and mighty.

Our source disclosed that it is a yearly agreement that gives him a propriety right as the owner of the suite.

The hotel cannot lodge another guest in that suite whether he’s around or not though he may be subjected to other minor taxes and maintenance costs.

We gathered that a $2 million property is a big deal by American standard, which is enough to raise eyebrow even from the government.

Our investigations revealed that Bola Tinubu acquired the suite after his rumoured attempt at buying President Barrack Obama’s house in Hyde Park, Chicago failed.

President Obama was said to have instructed that the house should on no account be sold to a third world leader or politician due largely to their corrupt practices or wrongful manner of amazing wealth.

‘The modest home is located at Hyde Park, the park is where the University of Chicago is located, Tinubu would’ve made a strong statement if the deal had gone through, but for Obama,” our source said.

Apparently, President Obama doesn’t need the inevitable controversy and scandal that is bound to follow such a sale.

‘You realize that as a junior senator from Illinois in 2006, he called Nigeria a failed state,’ said the source.

Further investigations revealed that President Obama’s action was not directly aimed at Tinubu, but just to show his annoyance at the level of decay in Africa and his apparent level of most third world nations.

“Obama has some level of respect for Tinubu, hence his decision to meet him over breakfast in Ghana not long after his first inauguration.

You can also recall that Tinubu was one of the opposition leaders that graced his inauguration,” our source added.

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