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REVEALED:Agonising last Days of Osinachi Nwachukwu



Osinachi and husband, Nwachukwu

*How Husband Battered  And Humiliated Her – Close friends revealed

There have been emerging revelations as to the events leading to and actual cause of the death of renowned Gospel artiste, Osinachi Nwachukwu, popularly known as Sister Osinachi.

Reports of her death was rife in the media this morning stating that the “Ekwueme” exponent gave up the ghost late yesterday after being on life support for days.

First weekly magazine can disclose she died  heartbroken, some sources  attributed her death to cancer of the throat,while some of her close allies have now taken to the social media alleging that Sister Osinachi died as a result of domestic violence from her husband.

A friend informed an online publication some hours ago:

“Osinachi Nwachukwu’s husband has been beating and maltreating this woman but she’s been dying in silence now he kicked the woman on her chest and she’s been on life support for 5 days and finally died. Now the man has been arrested and I pray he rots in jail!!!

“I say this often, Who you marry is more important than marriage itself my people!!!”

Another close acquaintance by name Gold Martins who claims to be in the know said:

“While praying last night, all I was praying for was for God to touch the heart of people around her. Let them come out and speak. That woman personally told someone I know what she was passing through in the hands of that her husband. According to her “if not for the church and what people will say, I would have left this marriage.

“Even in their presence when that man called her, he was calling her names like ‘steeewpid’ and ‘fuuuuulish’

Expressing his anger further, Martins said,

“If Minister Osinachi could tell a total stranger her story, how much more her church? Do you want me to believe that her church and pastor didn’t know what this woman was passing through? Can they come out and swear that they are ignorant of the fact that she was living with her enemy? What did they do to help her?

“The church has failed us. The church has failed the society.

Religion has failed the society.

Can we all start practicing humanity? Can we? Listen!”

For Amanda Chisom,  “Her husband no be am, I have encountered him once. A control freak whose only interest is how to maximize profit from her voice. I am not surprised, if she lived through abuse and refused to leave, that is really her problem. She is gone now. He is still here”, said Chisom.

Again, Gold Martins wrote:

“Do you know that man is her manager? If you want Ekwueme to minister in a programmer, you have to go through the man and you pay him. And she told my source that this man wouldn’t give her anything from the money. Her own money ohh. In that hotel room because they invited her for a programme, the man kept calling her asking ‘haven’t you finished singing whatever you are singing for them?’

“So to him, she’s singing not ministering. I am trying so hard to control my anger,” Martins fumed.

Another close friend who preferred to be anonymous wrote:

“If you know you have a calling here on earth, if you know you are here on a mission, please be mindful of who you are ending up with in marriage.

“You are not cut out to do “Love at first sight” Infact she’s beautiful, he’s handsome, I love him or I love her shouldn’t be for you. Marry right first, Love will come later. If not, the devil will use that man or woman to frustrate you and that your mission.

“Bring out time to pray and hear from God. Devote your time and seek the face of God. Ask questions spiritually. I know most times these prophesies can bring confusion. That’s why I said devote your time and seek the face of God personally. Until you hear from him, don’t move an inch.

“God will touch more people to speak out on behalf of Osinachi. That man will not go free. Mbanu!

“It’s still hard for me to write “Rest in peace”. I still wish this is April fool prank let me be patient, maybe there will be another news of that she made it back to life.”

Another friend by name Nti Ike wrote in part:

“They don’t want to say the truth and shame her pastor that came up with throat cancer lie. Ndi omekome.”

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