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REVEALED: The Dirty Dealings of Ajaokuta Steel – Natasha Akpoti



Natasha Akpoti

Beloved Nigerians, when I appeared on AIT’s Focus Nigeria with Gbenga Aruleba on the 29th of January 2017 and exposed amongst others that :

1. Global Infrastructure Nigeria Limited (GINL) was no longer owned by Pramod Mittal but a Nigerian named Alhaji Musa Bello

2. That Pramod Mittal’s appearance at the August 1st 2016 re-concession of NIOMCO was a sham to deceive Nigerians.

3. That as the contract was being signed at the V.P’s office by the “fake” owner Pramod Mittal; the real owner Alhaji M. Bello was having tea with Gov. Yahaya Bello (GYB) of Kogi state right in GYB’s Wuse Zone 4 residence.

4. That Fayemi and GYB deceive Nigerians into believing that GINL is owned by the Indians whereas it’s owned by an unpatriotic Nigerian who hide behind the Indians and collaborates with those in authority to defraud Nigeria.

5. Watch the AIT interview here

Following the TV expose were series of media backlash and defamation of my person sponsored by the governor.

Well, we present to you, proof of how GYB uses his authority to selfishly manipulate Ajaokuta for the private benefit of himself and his cronies especially Alh. Musa Bello ( the owner of GINL, the man holding Ajaokuta hostage) .

GINL Tried to Lobby Me.

Alhaji Musa Bello contacted me on the 12th August 2016. He urged I stopped fighting GINL as he controlled the “system” that got ministers and governors do his bids. He told me how he acquired GINL with PriceWaterhouse Coopers (PWC) and ex AGF Adoke’s “efforts”. Alhaji told me that now that he had GINL and NIOMCO (Itakpe), his next goal was to acquire Ajaokuta Steel and even Delta steel back.

To achieve this, he asked for my collaboration in :

1. Creating a pseudo company named Ajaokuta Kogi Nigeria Limited

2. I would serve as the MD of the company while he (Alhaji Musa Bello), GYB(governor of Kogi) and others will be hidden owners

3. Bringing TPE of Russia (original builders of Ajaokuta) to be technical partners

I turned him down. He ended by saying ” Natasha , governor Bello warned me that you are stubborn. I urge you to join the winning team. Anyway , with or without you, I am going to own Ajaokuta and not you or 10 of Buhari’s can stop me”.

Alhaji Musa Bello proceeded to “formally” write to GYB seeking permission to use the name Kogi in registering the company. CAC requires a government approval for the use of certain names in businesses. Alhaji used another of his companies “AMA Investments and Infrastructure Holdings” to apply. See the letter attached .

Governor Bello’s deceit

During GYB’s recent and only visit to Ajaokuta Steel complex on the week of the 9th May 2017, he openly expressed concern and urged the EU ambassador to “tell the Russians they have unfinished business in Ajaokuta”. As usual, Kogites we’re excited and filled with praises. Some made jokes of me. SMH. Little did the innocent and gullible amongst them realize that Bello was acting a play to the media while secretly he :

1. On the 26th August 2016, gave “formal” consent to Alhaji Musa Bello to commence the registration of Ajaokuta Kogi Nigeria Limited as a corporate vehicle for the proposed concession of Ajaokuta steel .

2. Sequel to the above approval, on the 27th October 2016, CAC registered the company.

3. That the company which is supposed to own Ajaokuta for the Kogi and Nigerian people have 2 directors .They are :
a. Onochie Ikechukwu and Ibo man
b. Anchaver Emmanuel from Benue .

4. Ikechukwu and Emmanuel are staff of Musa Bello . Kindly note their address “No. 4. Mohammed Yahaya close, Katampe” is the same address on AMA Investment and Infrastructure Holdings letter head.

5. Both Ikechukwu and Emmanuel were allotted 125,000 share capital each . Together is 250,000 . The remaining 750,000 are not allotted. These are reserved for GYB and Alhaji Musa Bello and families.

Interestingly, CAC was being hijacked as well. Here :

1. On the 18th January 2017, CAC wrote to Kogi state government asking for verification of the approval letter of 26th August 2016 which Musa Bello presented.

2. On the 8th of March 2017, GYB instructed Mrs Ayoade Folashade the secretary to the government of kogi state to respond . Please see attached asterisked letter.

Governor Bello pressurizes TPE to partner with Ajaokuta Kogi Nigeria limited

Upon registration of the company which intends to be a vehicle to facilitate the unholy agenda of the cabals.

Governor Bello wrote to the Russian embassy, introducing Ajaokuta Kogi Nigeria limited as the recognized company to own Ajaokuta. GYB also introduced Alhaji Musa Bello as the chairman.

GYB asked that the Russian Embassy connects Alhaji MB to TPE so TPE can serve as technical partners.

TPE is reluctant based on the antecedent of Musa Bello and his despicable role in GINL .

But governor Bello of Kogi state is at this moment applying all his authority as the state governor to forge a partnership between TPE and his fraudulent company -Ajaokuta Kogi Nigeria Limited .

Questions to ask .

1. Is it right for a governor to use his office to divert Nigerians common resources to his personal use?

2. Is there no importance towards the credibility of an investor? How can GYB, knowing full well the antics of Alhaji Musa Bello is keeping hijacking Ajaokuta and Itakpe, still consider engaging GINL under a new name Ajaokuta Kogi Nigeria Limited .

3. Is it possible that Fayemi is only deceiving Nigerians about an impending “bidding ” process whereby they have already settled on ownership of Ajaokuta and its shares .

Here is what I deduce.

The cabals don’t want to lose grip of Ajaokuta, Itakpe and Delta complexes . They tried in promoting the Chinese interest but our clamor for TPE drowned their courage . So they shifted gear to Russia TPE.

To them if Nigerians want TPE, then let’s get TPE but make TPE work for the cabals .

Dearest Nigerians, the essence of this struggle is to seek a judicious revival of Ajaokuta for the socio-economic developing of Nigeria’s underserved.

Our aspirations is to make Ajaokuta’s impact reach the poorest communities in Nigeria. We do not fight it all only to have Ajaokuta manipulated into working for a few elites … just like NNPC .

Dear governor Yahaya Bello,

I thought ex Adoke’s role in manipulating the arbitration was the worst blow Ajaokuta would have seen; but you have yet dealt your own blow . How could you??? You have it all- money, properties, access to good health etc. Why do you cheat your poor people out of their deserved prosperity???

I know many of our Ebira(Ethnic) people would frown at this expose . Many would hate me for speaking against “our own son”. But you see, my honor goes to the heart that is compassionate enough to help create opportunities and purpose so the poor people in Kogi state and Nigeria can have a better chance to escape the shackles of poverty.

If you feel I have maligned you in anyway or form, I ask you to take me to the courts. I plead that you and Alhaji Bello do not take my life and hurt my family. I am only contributing my quota to help create a Nigeria of equal opportunities so no child will suffer growing up like you I did.

Nigeria has enough for our need but not enough for our greed.

May Nigeria succeed!

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