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The sudden demise of Prince Abubakar Audu has brought to the fore, the intrigues, and power play that have aligned with corruption and religious bigotry to birth the present crisis within the APC in Kogi state in the aftermath of the alleged inconclusive governorship election. Ab initio, fifth columnists within the APC programmed an expected outcome from the primaries but the political sagacity of the late Prince of the Niger was too hot to handle. Attempts were made to denigrate the late Prince Audu after Yahaya Bello lost the primary but the people of Kogi state still joined the AUDU/FALEKE train and voted for the duo. The death of Prince Audu before the results were declared gave a golden opportunity to those against Prince Audu to regroup. It is common knowledge that Late Prince Audu supported Rabiu Kwakwanso during the APC presidential primary, it’s now obvious that President Buhari has not forgotten and his probably taking his pound of flesh ; but some have asked, even from a dead man?

Yahaya Bello was said to have warmed his way into the heart of the first lady, Aisha Buhari during the campaigns with his donation of some branded items including clothes to the APC. This we believe explains the decision of the APC leadership to inexplicably overlook his anti-party activities and the fact that huge sums were alleged to have illegally exchanged hands. For a candidate who refused despite entreaties to work for the party’s success in the last election chose to stay away to now be rewarded is simply ironic.

Embers of religious acrimony are also being fanned by those claiming that Kogi is a predominantly Muslim state and as such cannot allow it to be governed by a Christian Faleke. The permutations and calculations for 2019 are also playing a major role in the instigated confusion in the APC in Kogi state. Politicians have started priming for 2019. All these factors combined have been the reason for the imbroglio in the polity in kogi state since the demise of prince Audu.

The APC has visibly regressed into the politics of seclusion and marginalization and the crisis it has precipitated will be withus for a very long time. Hon. James Faleke has done the needful and reasonable by rejecting the Greek Gift of Yahaya Bello from the APC and resisting the attempt to impose a disloyal man on him and the people of Kogi state and rightly proclaiming he remains the Governor Elect by virtue of the joint ticket he has with late Prince Audu. He has approached the courts to reclaim his mandate and time will vindicate his aversion for injustice.