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Real Enemies of PDP Are Coming Out of Their Holes – Dare Adeleke Reacts to Isaac Fayose



Isaac Fayose has only succeeded in telling the world that ‘nincompoopism’ is a family trait.

His clownish Instagram post congratulating Governor Akeredolu’s controversial victory at the Appeal Court shows the world what a dimwit he is.

When we told the world that Ayo Fayose, elder brother of the dolt called Isaac, worked against the PDP in Ondo State, many thought it was mere political balderdash.

It is only an enemy who would rejoice when a member of his family is defrauded.
The APC defrauded Ondo State in that election and by extension and from the judgement, the entire nation by poo-pooing on its Constitution.

Well, the APC will carry it’s cross when the chickens start coming home to roost.

It is a very pleasing event however, that the real enemies of the PDP are beginning to boldly declare who they are.

They are coming out of the shadows and revealing themselves.
When they speak reconciliation, you marvel because the word becomes alien to them when it does not suit their narrative.
I make bold to say that Ayo Fayose and his cohorts have never initiated nor desired peace.

Still licking their wounds from their woeful failure in the last Congress in which Ambassador trashed their candidate, Eddy Olafeso, the Fayose camp is waiting for the next opportunity to strike but I assure them that they can continue to gloat in isolatory misery because very soon they will either be history or they would have moved over to the camp of their pay master, the Landlord of Lagos.

It will be a huge disservice to respond to Isaac the ‘Frank Spencer’ of Instagram’s mention of the name of Governor Seyi Makinde, a man whose sandal he is not fit to lace.

In no time, imbeciles like Isaac Fayose will no longer be tolerated by the Nigerian people. They will be erased from the face of our polity or better still, institutionalised in mental homes.


Dare Adeleke

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