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A man, Udemeh Ukarette has been summoned by the police and taken to Idimu Police Division after his wife, Joy reported that he was threatening her life and monitoring her movement in Lagos.
Ukarette was taken to the police who declined to look into the matter but referred them to the Baale of Orisumbare in Shasha area of Lagos for settlement.
It was gathered that Joy took the latest decision after Ukarette traced her to her lover’s house in Idimu and cried publicly telling people around that Joy was his wife and wanted to dumped him.
Angered by his action, Joy went and reported to the police who referred  them to the Baale. It was learnt that the Baale’s effort failed as Joy insisted that she was not interested in the relationship and he should leave her alone to face her now lover.
Ukarette wept bitterly and went home dejected after much plea from the Baale and their town people present.
An embattled Ukarette reportedly suffered heart break after he caught his wife, Joy with her customer having sex in a popular hotel in order to get pregnant and bear a child for Udemeh. The incident happened at Toyin Giwa Avenue in Afonka Shasha area of Lagos.
It was gathered that the couple was yet to have a child 13 years after they got married while Ukarette had sent away another woman he married and
impregnated before he met Joy.
However, Joy tried to explain to him that she did so in order to get pregnant and bear a child for him since he had tried for several years without result and he accepted.
It turned out that his wife enjoyed the romp with an undisclosed Igbo man and continued the relationship without getting pregnant but did not inform her husband.
Sources gathered that when her husband eventually discovered and asked her to stop meeting the man since he was unable to get her pregnant, she refused
and insisted that the man was her big customer at her beer joint. This became an Issue as Joy has threatened to dump her husband and concentrate on the new lover.
Both Udemeh and Joy were of the Anan stock in Akwa Ibom State and throughout
those years, they have tried both medical and spiritual assistance to get a child but their efforts did not yield result.
It was then that Joy started going out with her customer without her husband’s knowledge. The matter was reported to the Akwa Ibom town union, Lagos branch who attempted to resolve the matter but the woman insisted that she will not leave her new lover. She suggested that she can
still continue to marry her husband at the same time maintain the relationship with her lover which did not go down well with the union.
When our correspondent contacted the president of their Akwa Ibom town union, Mr Robert Akpan, he confirmed that the couple were having issues in their marriage and the union attempted to resolve it to no avail.
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