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Your body is NOT a Junkyard
Stop throwing junks in it!!!!
I am feeling faint and groggy. I finally had a dental surgery that I had postponed for so long. Dental pain is so bad. As my cousin said, it is as bad, if not worse than labor pain. Well, I finally got it off in a very painful surgery. I am presently on antibiotics and painkiller. I feel dizzy or maybe drowsy. I just had to meet this deadline, so can’t get to sleep unless I complete this article.
Going in for this surgery was an act of bravery on my part. This was spurred by my determination to live healthy. Ordinarily, the “soft” me would rather brave the pain than face the “knife”. My dentist had warned of possible implications of non-extraction; this includes infection of other teeth and worse. So, I had to brave the knife. Well, I had to learn the act of bravery fast!!!
Talking about learning, I love the new Khan Academy slogan, #youcanlearanything. It is so apt. Yes, anyone can learn anything. Ability to learn is all in the mind, excluding the existence of some congenital issues. I pride myself as a learner. I am actually a lifelong learner. I love to learn new things, especially things that I wouldn’t ordinarily relate with. I told my crew, while driving home from school, that I was going to register to learn the Piano. My son, who is a keyboard genius, laughed out loud. He must have been thinking in his head that “This my crazy mom has started again”. Well, I really do want to learn and I will go all out to learn it.
One thing that we all need to learn and have the capability to, is healthy living. All focus has recently being on the Ebola disease. Agreed, it is a deadly and highly infectious disease. However, there are other diseases that kill a high number of people daily and we are not talking about them. Obesity related disease such as heart attack/failures, cancer, and diabetes take a huge number of lives every day. For every death by Ebola that is reported, there are multiples of deaths from heart failure, cancer, and other such diseases.
As a people, we need to learn how to live a high quality life, while we also unlearn our poor eating and physical activity habits. First, people need to boycott all sodas/soft drinks. It is time to start focusing on eating clean and leave the sugars for the bees. We must start to raise our children right and inculcate healthy habits in them, if they are to have a worthy life. To teach our children, we have to know. This is where learning comes in. It is never too late to learn new things and never too late to make the effort.
In a microwaved world, where comfort is the basis of innovations, it is no wonder that obesity is prevalent. Don’t get me wrong. My talk about healthy living is not centered on obesity. In fact, that is the mistake so many of us make. We align slender figure with healthy. That is so, so wrong. A slim person might not be heart-healthy while a full-figured person might have no health issues. However, there is a higher likelihood of a person who is within the obesity range being more prone to more health issues.
The key is to eat right, moving the body more, and making water the main drink on a daily basis. Life is beautiful and we need to guard it with care. I don’t mean to sound morbid. Okay, maybe this surgery is affecting my mind. Am I really making any sense? Maybe, I should stop here and get me a good sleep. I promise to be better focused next week. I should have been over my “surgical hangover” and regained my ability to think straight.
Some words of advice
Don’t forget the 3Ws:
Drink lots of WATER
WATCH what you eat, and WALK
Well, until next week, just live healthy. Not for me, but for you and your children!

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