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Beasts of My Nation!!!!!



I had though I will not write about this because the internet has been buzzing since the past two weeks on the issue.  However, I looked at my crew and knew that the worst I could do for them is keep quiet about the prevailing situation. I am obviously typing on a keyboard right now and it is as a result of someone’s innovative mind.  Therefore, I must write about the issue.

Once upon a country, the leaders are all embezzlers, who devour the nation’s wealth and live life like lunatics.  They junket around the world, live in mansions, spend money like there is no tomorrow, and some even think they are gods.  Well, here is the news.  There is tomorrow.  For those who have no idea, there is a book called the bible and an interesting story in it, talks about the wealthiest man who ever lived.  His name is Solomon.  His wealth was a blessing from God, not embezzled like these present day evildoers.  In spite of all Solomon’s wealth, he still had an end.

There is a tomorrow.  The tomorrow of evil doers can never, ever be good.  Look through history.  No one ever does evil and escapes punishment.  In fact, it goes on to generations after.  I always pray for my children that my sins not be visited on them.  They have their beautiful lives and the penalty of my carelessness should not becloud their lives.

The rich in my country have all the beautiful things that money can buy.  They, however, have no inkling that these things did not drop from heaven to the factory.  No!!!  Every single luxury you enjoy, from our shoes, clothing, Smartphone, air conditioning, cars, airplane and all those other comforts did not fall from heaven.  No!!!  They are results of peoples’ innovative thinking and I am here to inform you that in present days, the GIRL-Child is at the center of such innovations.

For your information, you can verify this on the internet.  The internet has other uses than the “hidden” pedophilic activities that you carry out.  I am wondering what we would discover if the laptops or other systems of our so-called leaders is hacked.  What dirty secrets will be revealed?

Well, let’s get back to my previous line of thought.  I was reading the July 23rd edition of the Huffighton Post.  An article written by Ann Stock, titled:  A Network of Young Innovators: These Are the TechGirls, struck my interest.  I started reading and you know what?   The Beasts of my Nation need to read it too.  My interest was more aroused by some of the GIRLS in the story.

While my so called National Leaders were, in their wacky imaginations, thinking about how the female gender could be more repressed and debased, other countries from the Middle East and North Africa are exposing their young females to activities that will “encourage innovation and promote the spread of new technologies to give women and GIRLS the support that they need to become leaders in this field.”  While, young teenager GIRLS from countries like Morrocco and Jordan are being empowered to learn and serve as role models to other GIRLS in their communities, those in my beloved country are being groomed to adequately satisfy the lust of some ugly old debased men.

Any wonder why my beloved country cannot amount to much, in spite of all the natural and human resources and skills that God has endowed us with.  In case you are not getting my line of thought, read this:  “Last year’s group of TechGirls taught technology skills and pursued goals for attending university, and it is no surprise that this group of TechGirls plans to do the same. Hafssa, a 15-year-old GIRL from Morocco, said she will share her knowledge of HTML, CSS and game design with other GIRLS within her small community, as there are no other opportunities to learn [technology]. And Joanna, a 15-year-old GIRL from Jordan, wants to collaborate with TechWomen alumnae in her country to inspire more GIRLS in her school to become interested in technology”.  The funniest thing was that, these GIRLS were dressed in their Hijab.  They were obviously not hindered by their religion.

Let’s move closer home.  Akili Dada has a social project for strengthening GIRL leadership.  How?  She runs a Young Changemaker Program for GIRLS ages 13-19 in Kenya.  The program “provides a structure so that the endless talent, creativity, and tenacity of young women in Kenya who are passionate about social change do not go to waste”. Any wonder why we are not progressing?

I accessed a FaceBook page for “African Young innovator and Inventors” propelled by a Nigerian lady.  These are the stock that leaders are made off.  Not some cursed humans with no positive vision.   I want to talk about another story.

Six GIRLS heard about a 3-year-old who was born without fingers on her right hand. These teenagers designed a prosthetic hand device, named BOB-1, to assist users with limb differences to hold and grip objects.  This is the stuff that progress is made off.

I have two GIRLS who are 10years old.  My hope for their future is to be the best that they can be.  They are growing to be well rounded, smart, and beautiful GIRLS who know and love God.  They will achieve the purpose for which they were created.  After acquiring the right education and horning their skills in the right occupation, they will find the love of their lives, get married and have blessed children. If they find love with someone older than them, that will be their choices and decisions to make.  One thing is sure; the country which they are being raised will NEVER EVER allow a man to touch them at their tender age.  Any such man will end up in jail and will live as a registered sex offender all the days of his life.

So Dear Beasts of my Beloved Country, my word for you today is to change your evil ways.  If you refuse to, your end will be disastrous.  You will not die early but LIVE to ripe the fruit of your debased mind.  Your children, unless they willfully depart from your leading, will live a cursed life and so shall all generations emanating from your Stock.

The evil that you are doing presently will follow you.  That is a reality you cannot escape.  I am encouraging people to monitor your lives, the story will be written and your end will be horrible, unless, of course, you change your ways.

These words should be enough for you, but then as the saying goes, “Those whom the gods want to kill, they first make mad”.  What you are doing is madness at its peak, so o………..gradually death is coming.

MARK MY WORDS!!!!!!!!!!!!


Until next week, by His grace.

Make up your mind to be happy; learn to find pleasure in simple things!!!!!

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