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LATEST ON INDIMI’S FAMILY PAIN -Zahra Indimi Weds Three Weeks After Second Attempt



The latest information emanating from the home-front of embattled billionaire, Mohammed Indimi revealed that one of his daughters at the centre of the much reported crisis within the business empire of the Maiduguri-born in-law of ex-president Ibrahim Babangida, Zahra Indimi finally got married two weeks ago.

The first attempt to contract another marriage eight years after her failed marriage to one Alhaji Bakare from Adamawa State about a month ago was called off by the family after the groom, Mohammed failed to produce an elder from the family.

Amina Indimi Fodio

The patriarch of the family was said to have called the whole wedding off as he could not bear to face another wedding disaster waiting to happen.

Zahra, popularly known as Ya-Gumsu, was said to have gone hysterical, when her father refused to give his blessings to her new marriage and it took her other sisters and friends time to calm her down.

“A few days after the botched attempt, she went round some of her father’s close friends to help prevail on him to give her chosen groom a new date and after some series of lobbying, Ya-Gumsu had her way and the very private wedding was done two weeks ago devoid of the grandeur and publicity the family is known to enjoy,” said a source.

Meanwhile, the Chief Operating Officer of Oriental Energy Resources, Ameena Indimi, who is said to be the brain behind most of the unproductive steps and wrong business steps taken by the father, is pointing accusing fingers at her step-mom as the brain behind the ordeal of the family, while conveniently forgetting that most of what is happening in the family is already at the public domain.


Ameenat is said to lack the required experience and human relations to run such a huge institution “it is beyond being a billionaire’s daughter, it is about the required experience in this terrain,” a source said.

Sources revealed that what probably led to the mountainous debts of the family business could be traced to the excessive greed on the part of the directors of Oriental Energy Resources made up of Ahmed Indimi, Mustafa Indimi, Ameenat Indimi and Yakolo Rahama-Indimi.

Investigations revealed that the Head of Crude oil Marketing arm of the family business, Ahmed is very extravagant to the extent that in 2013 he displayed his foreign account balance on a popular social media, ‘instagram,’ which caused a great uproar and condemnation in the society.

Ameena (Yakaka), on her part, was accused of high handedness on the job and even in the home front as she is said not to have enjoyed the best of relationships even with her husband, who died in a motorbike accident and tongues have not even stopped wagging on the manner of her husband, Mohammed Dalhatu’s death.

Within the privileged circle of the powerful in the North, it is being silently whispered that she placed a curse on the man for planning to re-marry his ex wife, Aisha Wushishi, who he was so much in love with; they have a boy and a girl and were planning to re-marry, when he died mysteriously.

Newly married Zahra, whose activities are giving the father and the whole family serious concern, is said to be next to Ameenat.