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Is Rihanna Pregnant?



There have been a lot of pregnancy rumors about Rihanna lately … but this might be the first we’ve seen of what might constitute actual evidence that she’s expecting.

Now, hey, maybe it’s just how the wind’s blowing and interacting with the fabric and her posture at this exact moment. … Maybe. She’s a slender gal, so it’s hard to brush this off as just a relaxed gut or something.

What do you make of this pic of her profile? See if you can spot the baby bump:

That dress is slightly translucent, but still obscures enough that it’s really hard to be sure.

We don’t know whether we’d be excited about a Rihanna pregnancy or not — we love her, but we want her to keep enjoying her independence and career for a while before she has kids, you know?

We’ll just have to keep an eye out for more photographs in the near future.