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This Intimidatory Strategy Of Twisting Statements Will Not Work – Nelson Ekujumi



Following the failed attempt by some retired generals and their civilian collaborators to harass President Muhammadu Buhari from throwing his hat into the ring for the 2019 general elections, which is still within his constitutional right by the intimidatory admonition or warning of don’t run, forgo your constitutional right and ambition and join our league of ex leaders which is a new innovation into our political dictionary and realizing the futility of that venture, an old chapter of mischief of twisting, concocting and implying whatever the President said or did not say, is now the vogue in town as we countdown to the 2019 general elections.

Ordinarily, one is not surprised at this turn of events in view of the fact that public engagements has repeatedly exposed the poor intellectual output of some of our citizens which is a product of the quality of our educational system and mental capacity by resort to abuses, insults, intimidation, campaign of blackmail and calumny, concocting lies, falsehood, misinformation and twisting of statements made in simple English language which is our lingua franca.

Because it’s a free world and the realization that no single individual can satisfy everybody as emphasized by Chief Ebenezer Obey lyrics in one of his songs that “Ko so gbon to le da, ko si iwa to le wu, to le fi te aiye lorun o” meaning that “No amount of intelligence or behaviour exhibited, can satisfy the world”.

Hence, our word to those who have taken up the occupation or vocation of twisting whatever President Muhammadu Buhari says and their followers who also jump on the bandwagon for whatever reason by sacrificing rationality and logic, is congratulations for being engaged courtesy of this old and worn out opportunity which debases our humanity.

As a free born with full constitutional and natural rights, one’s right to become a tool for mischief and the mockery of the human intelligence is not in doubt, but be reminded that this President is too forthright and blunt in his comments and conduct to submit to your intimidation and like a Nigerian musician sang in the lyrics of one of his songs, “you are on a long” because this intimidatory strategy of twisting statements is an exercise in futility like others before it and those still in the pipeline.

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