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Mr. President, I don’t know how you keep abreast of what your constituents, the entire citizenry of this country, are actually facing on a daily basis.

Nevertheless, it is actually up to you to ensure that such feedback as you get regarding their true condition is factual and altogether truthful.

Frankly, if you could find some safe means of sneaking out of Aso Rock, incognito, please have someone drive you around to see what Nigerians are passing through at banks, ATMs and fuel stations, presently.

Do you, for instance, know that POS machine operators – arguably the true bankers for the majority of Nigerians – are now, sometimes, charging up to 1000 naira to dispense 10,000 naira?

They are bold and brazen enough to do so because the throngs of Nigerians at the few ATMs in those banks dispensing the Central Bank of Nigeria’s recoloured notes remind one of the long queues in front of supermarkets during the era of rationing of essential commodities.

Yet, your highly irritating Central Bank Governor thinks he can justify his position, even to the extent that you tell him “welcome” after going AWOL in the middle of a major liquidity crisis.

Dear President Muhammadu Buhari, Nigerians are currently constrained to buy fuel at 400, 500, 600 naira a litre at filling stations!

Indeed, our fellow citizens pay as much as 1,500 naira per litre at the black market which, funny enough, is usually right in front of the filling station!

Whether you’ve realized it or not, Nigerians, already pretty used to putting up with very harsh conditions, are, nevertheless, being made to go through these horrific torments thanks to clearly godless men currently engaged in ensuring you leave office in disgrace.

Your Central Bank Governor, a man manifestly unqualified for the post in which you have retained him throughout your tenure, thus far, clearly has neither gratitude nor regard for you and is quite happy to see you end your administration with nothing but deep hatred from Nigerians just so he can prosecute vengeance against your candidate and party.

Another prime beneficiary of yours, the head of our national oil corporation, the NNPC, is quite comfortable conniving with the opposition to exacerbate the misery of Nigerians without a care as to how that makes you look in the last lap of your administration.

These people, a brood of vipers with neither honour nor shame, hold you in such scant regard that they would happily see you leave office passionately hated by your fellow countrymen and women, just to score the putridly illegitimate political points they have been convinced by the opposition will personally benefit them in the end.

Mr. President, it should not be the same Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu that is, pound for pound, overwhelmingly your number one supporter and political benefactor in your entire public service and political career that anyone around you should be orchestrating these dastardly sabotages against.

It should not be the political party that has seen you twice becoming President that anyone who has benefitted anything from you should be undermining to this truly diabolical degree.

Mr. President, there is nothing like finishing strong and you must insist to absolutely everyone around you that this is what you want and God help any of them who dares get in your way!

My President, Your Excellency, Muhammadu Buhari, you have a candidate to deliver in this election.

His name is Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

He is your brother whom you referred to as “Mr. President” in Bauchi.

Mr. President, you have a party that looks up to you to deliver that candidate.

That party is the APC, the party that finally saw you becoming democratically elected President.

Our President, you have a country that despite the infernal disinformation of Atiku Abubarkar’s PDP, and, Peter Obi’s disobedient OBIdients, you have actually succeeded in doing wonderful things for.

You have truly worthy and worthwhile achievements you must strive to protect, going forward.

Indeed, you have a legacy of genuine and verifiable accomplishments to protect and the only one who will do that for you is Bola Tinubu, presidential candidate of the APC.

I cannot imagine that you could possibly have forgotten, my President, but, you have a candidate called Bola Tinubu and a party called the All Progressives Congress, APC, to deliver in these elections.

My dear President, you have an election to win for Bola Tinubu, for the APC, and, ultimately for your own self!

And, that election must be won in a matter of weeks, my President.

You are not a spectator in this matter; you are the driver.

Please lead, Mr. President.

Onokpasa, a lawyer and member, All Progressives Congress, APC, Presidential Campaign Council, writes from Warri.

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