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Cameroonian pop singer Dencia “among contenders for worst dressed” at Grammys



In contrast to businesses like Hollywood and Broadway, musicians are often encouraged to be as outlandish as possible, particularly when it comes to their fashion choices. But while many stars manage to show off their unique sense of style in a creative, yet classy, way, this year’s Grammy red carpet served as proof that some stars will always prioritize making a bold statement over taste and modesty.

Between the garish gothic gowns and the confusing frocks that left would-be fashion critics at home wondering where the material ended and the star’s body began, the offerings at this year’s show were nothing less than a fashion-focused equivalent of a train wreck.

But by far the most offending of the lot is the design worn by singer and songwriter Joy Villa, 24, who, ironically, wore almost nothing at all, save for a few well-placed plastic strips, which looked almost like an extended rib cage – or an unsightly centipede crawling up her chest.

Baring it all (and then some): Singer Joy Villa wore a very risque ensemble which showed off far too much skin

At least it’s unique! The 24-year-old wore what looked like a mesh thong in order to protect what was left of her modesty

Not content with sticking to that already-outlandish style statement, the singer added a long black netted train to her ensemble, which swept behind her as she walked up the red carpet. In order to protect what was left of her modesty, Joy donned what appeared to be a mesh thong.

She then finished the frock off with a large headpiece, which looked as though it featured more material than the rest of her outfit put together.

An early – yet still rather frightening – fashion faux pas was offered by singer Manika, 22, who stayed true to her Las Vegas roots with a kitschy sheer gown that left essentially nothing to the imagination – made up purely of mesh with rhinestone fringing over top a nude bra and thong.

She finished off the look with a pair of glittering ankle boots and was sure to turn and give the photographers a big eyeful of her exposed behind.

Jes Brieden, 41, brought total confusion to the carpet by sporting a gown that wasted a long, bead-embellished skirt nude skirt with a black sheer skirt over it with a strange paneled structure protruding from her hip.

The vamped look was made even more odd by an uneven collection of feathers about the bodice.

She was not, however, the only person to follow down a more gothic route when it came to her choice of red carpet stye; singer Jacqueline Van Bierk could have been a villainous counterpart to Batman thanks to the bizarre black wing-like pieces jutting out from the shoulders of her mesh dress. And as if those leaf-shaped additions weren’t enough, she added some bizarre arm cuffs to complete the look, before strapping on a pair of sky-high platform shoes in an over-the-top pink shade.

When embellishments go very wrong… Cameroonian pop singer Dencia appears to have gone a bit crazy with her glue gun before the event began, arriving on the red carpet in a pink onesie which was covered in crystals – and plush Hello Kitty dolls

Let’s hope she doesn’t step on any toes! Even the singer’s shoes were covered in a collection of beads, sequins and scary-looking spikes

Let’s hope she doesn’t step on any toes! Even the singer’s shoes were covered in a collection of beads, sequins and scary-looking spikes

Nothing to see here: Singer Manika, 22, gave photographers an eyeful with a sheer body suit that left nothing to the imagination

Caged in: Z LaLa wore what looked like a black spider’s web around her torso – and seemed to be channeling some classic Cher (pictured right) at the 1986 Academy Awards

Megan Nicole looked a bit too sicky sweet in this poofy lilac number

singer Diamond White was more tacky than sexy, showing off far too much flesh in her mesh number

And then there was Cameroonian pop singer Dencia, who didn’t even bother with a dress, instead opting to turn up at the glittering award ceremony in a cozy pink onesie. Clearly eager to ensure that she didn’t simply resemble a pajama-clad college student, she opted to add some rather ridiculous embellishments to her other-wise casual red carpet outfit, taking it from the laid-back to the laughable.

But at least between the candy-covered plastic shoes, the bejeweled crosses and the plush Hello Kitty dolls, she ensured that nobody will be able to forget her outfit any time soon – even if they want to.

23-year-old electro-pop singer Z LaLa was channeling some Cher in a front-less black crocodile patent skirt held together with a corded bodice that looked like the Alien extending slimy arms around her shoulders, topped with a huge black headpiece.

YouTube singing star Megan Nicole looked far younger than her 22 years with a hot purple iridescent dress that would look far less out of place at a homecoming dance instead of the music business’ biggest awards ceremony.

Elle King, singer and daughter of comedy actor Rob Schneider, could not have been less flattered by her dress’s mass of lace and fringe that drowned her gorgeous curves in over-the-top embroidery.

Songstress Andra Day, 31, tried to channel vintage glamour but came out too over the top with her ill-fitting green mermaid tail dress paired with outrageous long nails and fluffy white faux fur stole and strappy heels.

Top to bottom disaster: Producer Shawn Everett, the winner of the Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical for Sound & Color, sported one of the most perplexing looks of the night in order to promote Save the Arctic

Tired-looking: Johnny Depp, 52, looked like he had just rolled out of bed and gone straight to the awards

Why? Wiz Khalifa seemed to be trying to bring back smoking as a fashion statement as he inexplicably displayed a pair of generic socks beneath extra-short trousers