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Kogi Matters

2023 Elections; Your Excellency, Alhaji Yahaya Bello, Before Catastrophe knocks.



Ramadan Kareem, Your Excellency. I am compelled once again to draw your attention to the unwholesome conduct of some party stalwarts in the state because of the potential it has to sink the party in the coming elections especially with particular regards to the alleged ‘List’ put together to be imposed on aspirants with legitimate ambition to vie for various elective positions.
I wouldn’t have bothered writing this but for your open disavowal of the list, categorical denial of anointed persons and pledge to ensure a level playing field is enabled for all aspirants through an transparent, fair, free and credible primary process that will produce the party’s candidates in the 2023 elections.
Your reported position on the alleged list was echoed in a press interaction by the State Party Chairman.
Despite the assurances, I can truthfully tell you sir, that the ‘List’ is real and the “Committee in Charge ” are making huge sums of money from the exercise. The annoying aspect of this saga is that, wives, side-chics, concubines are making inputs and are having their way based on undertakings and pledges made in the “Oza Room”
Local peculiarities in terms of rotation and popularity are being disregarded due to greed.
The outcome of the attempt to disenfranchise some aspirants is the petition to the National Headquarters of the party, APC stating the obnoxious attempt to massively impose certain persons to fly the party’s flag in Kogi State.
This sordid situation cuts across all the State and elective offices up for grabs.
I wonder why supposed devout Muslims will choose the Holy Month of Ramadan to be liars and purveyors of blatant falsehood.
I urge Your Excellency to call the Committee Members to order. A directive should be given for putting in place credible primaries that will produce popular and acceptable candidates that will truly reflect the wishes of the majority of party faithfuls. Anything to the contrary will spell doom for the party in the 2023 elections.
Your Excellency, you name is being dropped by these unscrupulous individuals to achieve personal goal not in tandem with the success of the party.
A stitch in time, saves nine.

Abdulhamid Tijani

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