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Kano Matters

“Why I didn’t attend Kano gubernatorial’s debate” – Gov. Ganduje.



The Campaign Organisation of Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje of Kano state, on Sunday gave reasons on why the governor could not take part in the gubernatorial debates organized by the BBC Hausa Service, held at the Bayero University Kano.

It said, this was due to the his tight campaign schedules, which coincides with the programme.

Chairman of the Publicity Committee of the campaign organisation and commissioner for Information, Youth and Culture, Malam Muhammad Garba, who made the disclosure in a statement, explained that in the last couple of weeks, Governor Ganduje has contained all engagements outside Kano to focus on his door to door electorate’s campaign rally.

‘’After all, the statement explained, the importance of the debates, among others, is to intimates the electorate what His Excellency the governor has achieved in his first term in office and what are his future plans for the people of Kano state from 2019-2023, which he has been doing during the rally.’’

It said with election past approaching, the governor is making frantic efforts to see that he reach out to all the 44 local government areas in the scheduled campaign visits which he is taking full advantage of in order to meet and interact with the electorate directly.

“His Excellency the Governor would have love to be part of the debate but the schedule is to tight for him while mammoth crowd of supporters are patiently and anxiously waiting to interact with him at the campaign rallies”, the statement added.

The statement said as a sitting governor seeking re-election, his achievements in office speak volumes for themselves in terms of execution of policies and programmes meant toward the development of the state.

The commissioner asserted that with his administration’s cardinal objectives of consolidation and continuity, Governor Ganduje’s attention when re-elected will be focused on completion of ongoing development projects and initiation of new ones.

Malam Garba added that the other gubernatorial hopefuls, are frazzled with the undisputable achievements of the Ganduje Administration, have also availed themselves the opportunity provided by the platforms to tell the electorate what are their plan for the state.

The statement dismissed as immaterial attempt by some selfish individuals to give the matter a different meaning and assured that Governor Ganduje shall continue to hold this debate groups in high esteem.

Adamu Aminu, writes from Kano

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Alleged N86m fraud: EFCC arrests Ganduje’s commissioner in Kano



By Adamu Aminu, Kano.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, has arrested Mukhtar Ishaq, Kano State Commissioner for Special Duties.

This was contained in statement on Friday by EFCC spokesman, Tony Orilade.

Ishaq was arrested for allegedly diverting monies meant for Kano Municipal Local Government while he was Chairman of the said Local Government.

A petition against him stated that while he was Chairman, Kano Municipal, he allegedly diverted N76,000,000 meant for projects, development, and empowerment of the people.

EFCC quoted the petitioner as also alleging that the suspect ordered the deduction of N30,000 from the account of each council member without justification.

“The Commissioner is also alleged to have converted property of Kofar Nasarawa Primary School, Kano, into shops and sold same at the rate of N10,000,000 only per shop and diverted the money to personal use”, EFCC said.

The statement added that Ishaq would be charged to court as soon as investigations are completed.

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Kano Matters

UNODC vows to compliments efforts to stem the tide of corruptions. – Professor Shehu.



By Adamu Aminu, Kano.

The senior anti-corruption policy and advocacy advisor of United Nation Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) Professor Abdullahi Shehu has reiterated United Nations commitment towards giving needed supports towards reducing the prevalence of corruption in the affected countries.

Professor Shehu made the disclosure during a 2-day stakeholders meeting on gender and corruption: second corruption survey on Nigeria, held in Kano.

He added that it is awesomely clear that Kano is the first state among its counterparts across the federation, which have constituted anti-corruption agency on its giant strides to tame the tide of the menace.

” The measures taken by Kano state government towards fighting corruption and all its components is a welcoming idea and worthy of commendation,” he said.

Adding that the development prompted the United Nations to look for various avenues of complimenting its efforts towards reducing the negative tides of corruptions to the barest minimum.

While enumerating the reasons for holding the present event in Kano, Professor Shehu said Kano is a melting pot, embedded with many advantages which the participants from across the federation would have easy access of conveying themselves by air, and motorable roads particularly to participants coming from the northern states.

In his comment, Chairman, Kano State Public Complaints and anti-corruption commission (PCAC) Barrister Muhuyi Magaji said the meeting entitled ‘second corruption survey report in Nigeria’ was quite fruitful based on the extensive discussion focused on various surveys made by the united nations agencies.

“It was quite commendable that, according to the survey made by the agencies, the present prevalence of corruption in Kano is not alarming, the charts are moderate,” Muhuyi said

Adding that the time to enlightened the general public about the dangers of corruption is over, what is rightly needed is taking drastic action to tame the soaring tide of corruption which have eaten deeply into the fabric of our society.

The 2-day event ended today, Friday which was graced by various government functionaries and members of federal and state anti-corruption agencies.

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Kano Matters

Kano Politics: The Prince, Commander, and the Comrade. Are they really untouchables?



By Adamu Aminu, Kano

Even during the Roman Empire, gladiators were given outstanding priority by the Kings of those days, based on their bravery, courage in battlefields.

And also, perseverance, undivided loyalty and taking daring task during difficult times of fighting for continuous survival on the monarchical throne, were among the yardstick to promote any warrior to the much deserving position as a reward to acknowledge his bravery.

What had happened in those days is seemingly synchronic with what is presently transpiring in today’s Nigerian politics, particularly in Kano, my exalted state, which is not an exception in this regard.

The notion which strongly affirmed that ‘Only the daring deserved the jug, full of sweet-marmalade in the time of victory’.

It was seen by many political pundits, that the daring credibility and allegiance catapulted the trio to become front-bencher in the Khadimul Islam, kitchen cabinet, such as;Prince, Emir’s grandson.

  1. Prince, The Emir’s Son
  2. The Comrade
  3. The Commander.

That might even be the rationale for people branding them as prolific in terms of popularity and influences.

But the questions were already put by some analysts, meant to corroborate the reportedly said impression, as follows;

  • Why do such threesome command much attention in this regime?
  • was it for their hustle during 2019 polls, that led to his triumph?
  • Or was it due to their unflinching allegiance to the governors through thick and thin of his political journey?
  • Why did they deserve to be seeing and call by many, as untouchables and indispensable in the present dominion of Khadimul Islam?

It is obviously known that every one good turn deserves another, and nothing happens spontaneously on a silver platter, without any cause or efforts.

But based on superficial perspectives, many including myself thought that these trios are Khadimul Islam right-hand’s men, who in the past took the bull by the horns, for the present state government of scaling through.

Firstly, let’s take the prince – who is the current party chairman, famously known for his fire-brand, pomposity and often wearing sternly-face to justify his bonafide royal background.

A one-time state commissioner of environment, who is lucky to have bumper to bumper proximity with his excellency, the ‘ Khadimul Islam.

A man whose everyone within the party is trying to avoid loggerheads with him in as much as you need ‘ Khadimul Islam ‘ to back you in your political aspiration within the party, an instance where the only ex-federal house member of Kiru/Bebeji, Hon. Kofa would give full testimony of this man strong influence in the party.

The Prince, presumably said, his contributing factors help the ‘Khadimul Islam ‘ forced the leader of Kano red-cap ideology movement into impromptu retirement from politics.

Secondly, the commander, fondly called ‘ Yaki sai da Kwamanda ‘ a young, light, -complexion politician who is believed to have built a solid base of influence in Khadimul Islam government.

The man raised not only with a silver spoon but with a political spoon in view of the key positions holding at his tender age.

The man whose courage during 2019 gubernatorial polls had his name dominated newspapers headline – also had his half-bared physique went viral all over, all in all, out-war to salvage his party from political nose-diving.

Thirdly, Mr Comrade, the present state Information commissioner. The flamboyant, comrade with dandyish disposition since from youthful heyday.

The man among the three formidable, who was certain of being among the list present state executive members.

A man who has been with ‘ Khadimul Islam ‘ for quite some decades, whose allegiance to him is undisputed. The comrade, who had in the last year run from pillar to post, tried to protect his master’s dignity originated from Daily Nigerian posted video scandal.

The Comrade who is said to be always on alert, keeping sleeves rolled up, walking tip-toed, staying wary in anticipation of any issue that may give his long-time master a sleepless night.

As the proverbial phrase goes on saying “One good turn deserves another” this might be the reason, why the threesome political companions turn out to be Indispensable and untouchables within the Ganduje’s led government.

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