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Ex-Gov Igbinedion’s son dies in US auto crash



Mr Osaretin Igbinedion, second son of the ex-Edo governor, Lucky Igbinedion and nephew have been reported dead in a ghastly auto accident in America.

Osaretin, according to a family source, was said to have died in the early hours of yesterday in the accident.

The source also urged Nigerians to pray for the Igbinedion family in this time of their loss.

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Society News

Ooni of Ife’s Elder Brother, Prince Adegboyega Ogunwusi Finds Love Again



  • Set To Marry Shade Okoya’s Best Friend, Funmi Onabamiro As Second Wife
  • Why His Three Sisters Are Angry

Barring any last minute change of plans, the Ooni of Ife, His Imperial Majesty, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi, Ojaja 11, will lead a powerful family delegation to seek the hands of a wife.

However, this time around, the bride in question, Funmi Onabamiro is being sought by his brother, Prince Abimbola Adegboyega Ogunwusi, the eldest of the children of Prince Oluropo Ogunwusi and the late Madam Sidikat Abegbe Magret Ogunwusi. His other siblings are Adetunji, Folashade, Adeshola, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi and Adebimpe.

An alumnus of the University of Ibadan, Prince Adegboyega holds the revered title of the Sooko Laekun of Ile-Ife. This title confers on him, the responsibilities of coordinating the princes of Ile-Ife, and serving as the right hand man of the Ooni. 

Prince Adegboyega, who is a top business man with interests in diverse sectors, among which are, property, construction, farming and mining. 

Close friends of Funmi Onabamiro squealed that she can’t wait to be married to the amiable Ile-Ife Prince. Funmi is reported to be a graduate of University of Lagos; and she is one of Shade Okoya’s best friends as well. 

Sources disclosed to FIRST WEEKLY that Prince Adegboyega and his current love interest, Funmi, have been enjoying a solid affair for over five years. The two lovers were reported to have launched an impressive outing during the coronation of Ooni Ogunwusi in December 2015. Family sources revealed that Prince Adegboyega is married, but he prefers to keep his family from public scrutiny. 

Subsequently, the two lovers kept their affair on a low-profile scale. However, the recent birthday celebration of Prince Ogunwusi, afforded Funmi with the opportunity to advertise their affair. The party-loving lady literarily bombarded social media platforms with pictures from the pre and post birthday celebration. 

FIRST WEEKLY gathered that the get-together was hosted by Funmi at her lover’s expansive home in Victoria Garden City, VGC, Ajah. The party had a few of the couple’s close friends in attendance. 

With the recent hosting of the birthday party, Funmi has become more relaxed and more assured of the fact that her days as a singe lady are numbered. She has confided in some of her friends that the Ogunwusi family will soon come to ask for her hands in marriage.

The second of four children, Funmi Onabamiro is a lone parent to a 10-year old boy, Fuhad Oriyomi Salawu. Insiders disclosed to FIRST WEEKLY that Fuhad, is a product of her affair with Yusuf Salawu, the younger brother of Abdulhameed Salawu, the chairman of Shomolu Local Government. Funmi once worked in Globacom Telecommunicationfor many years before resigning to set up a private business. Presently, she runs Praiseville Estate, an event centre, located in Ogudu GRA Phase 2, Lagos. 

As Funmi keeps professing her undying love for the Oonirisa’s elder brother, on social media spaces, she also looks forward to becoming the second wife of the amiable businessman. However, sources claimed that her chances of becoming Princess Adegboyega Ogunwusi is being threatened by the icy reception she has been getting from the three Ogunwusi sisters – Folashade, Adeshola and Adebimpe. 

The three sisters, who have a reputation of displaying an overt act of intrusion in their brothers’ marriages and affairs, are alleged to have advised their brother against taking Funmi as a second wife. They are said to have disapproved of Funmi because they claimed she is over-exposed and loves seeking for undue publicity. 

Even though the icy reception she is getting from the three Ogunwusi sisters is said to be giving Funmi sleepless nights, she is determined to work hard towards making her love for Prince Adegboyega triumphs over the thorns of anger and disapproval, coming from her would-be In-laws.  

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To Ganiat Fawehinmi At 70 By Babafemi Ojudu



He was in court that day on one of his many legal crusade against the government of General Ibrahim Babangida. It was 1990. From the court premises he was snatched by the hordes of security men who had come to take him away. It was not unusual for Chief Gani Fawehinmi , the late Nigerian scourge of dictatorships to be so arrested. The only difference this day was that no one knew where he was taken to.
It took two or three days before information trickled in that he was driven at break neck speed to the Air Force wing of the Muritala Mohammed Airport in Lagos and secretly flown out of Lagos in a military Hercules transport plane.

To where , no one seems to know. A couple of days later I got a whiff of information from the National Concord newspaper reporter in Maiduguri that he may have been taken to the Borno State capital and from there driven to Gashua.
The journey from Maiduguri to Gashua on a good day was five hours.

I ran to Fawehinmi’s house and briefed Ganiat. She immediately decided she must be on her way to Gushua. I told her , without hesitating, that I will be on that trip with her. All I needed do was inform my editor and get permission and resources to move. That itself was not a problem. Gani was a good copy for an editor any day and all of us in the newsroom were sympathetic to his cause if we were not his collaborators.
The following day I , Ganiat and a lawyer from his legal chambers faced the airport. It was a tough time. A period when the family was closely monitored and harassed by security men. Ganiat did a bit of a disguise covering her head and face with a scarf so as not to be recognized by eagle eyed security men at the airport. We boarded a flight to Maiduguri without being discovered.

We arrived Maiduguri and headed to the motor park where we squeezed ourselves with other passengers into a Peugeot 504 car for the tortuous journey to Gashua in search of Gani, Ganiat’s husband , my hero and benefactor.

We got to Gashua, I think at about 8.00 pm. We didn’t know where to go. At the park we asked for direction to the best hotel in town. The commercial motorcycle operators put heads together and decided on the then Gashua “five star” hotel. We proceeded to the hotel on a bike ride with a lot of apprehension that our presence in the town could have been known by the security and our lives may be endangered .

With our hearts in our mouth we rode the rough and dusty road to the hotel. On getting there there was only one staff . He mans the reception of the hotel . He welcomed us cheerfully and gave us the keys to our rooms. I noticed we were the only guests at this hotel. Luxury or what is decent was not our priority for that night . We only needed somewhere to rest our heads till the morning when we began our quest to locate the detention locale of this gadfly and irrepressible enemy of the oppressors.

I turned on the tap of the toilet in my room. Not a drop of water came out. I was sweaty. My limbs ached. The weather too was almost unbearable. I touched the bed and it felt like an oven. If I could get a bucket of water I could at least cool down my body a bit and take a few hours of rest.
I decided to engage the guy who manned the hotel. “Hello could I please have a bucket of water?”,I asked. “Yes he said”, adding “ but that will be when I return from the SSS office”. SSS was the State Security Service which has now transformed to DSS , Directorate of State Security. I was curious, not without a suspicion of what was in the offing. I decided to probe further and asked. “What are you doing at this time at the SSS Office?” “ Oh they said if any guest comes in here I should come and report
to them”. I told him he should quickly go and come back to give us water to bath. “Alright sir”, he said.

I quickly dashed to Ganiats room. “Madam we have to get out of here “, I told her. I explained why. She packed her things and off we went leaving the keys on the door. We found ourselves on a desolate road walking and sometimes running while she tried to keep up with me. We did not know where we were going. We kept going until we saw a motorcycle rider and waved him down .
We both jumped on the bike and he asked us where we were going. We knew no where. I quickly put on my thinking cap. Take us to the nearest secondary school. He drove us to one . We got to the gate. My instinct was on the high and I told the gateman we were there to look for the youth corp members in the school and will appreciate if he could take us to their quarters. Without hesitating and asking questions he agreed.

We got to the house and there were three of them, all of them Yorubas and a particular one from Lagos. After introducing ourselves they welcomed us and asked us what our mission was . We told them and they gave us seats.
They said it was God that has directed us their way. They said as soon as Fawehinmi was brought to town he fell critically ill and has been taken to the hospital. They claimed to know the doctors taking care of him who incidentally were youth corp members too.
One of them offered to go look for the medical doctor . The other chose to go and buy food for us . Our food came while we waited for the emissary to the doctor . It was fried yam. We tried to eat. It was as cold as a dog’s nose and full of sand as well. We tried to eat but we could not do much of that. Then began a sand storm, mosquitoes also began their orchestral performance and we conductors slapping our ears , head and face. I saw tears dripping from Ganiat’s eyes. I tried to console her.

Shortly after, our emissary to the doctor came with him. The doctor told us Gani was reacting to treatment. He asked Ganiat to write on a small sheet of paper to be taken to Gani that night in the hospital. She did. Madam begged that he should please do everything possible to ensure Gani got a good treatment and also be extra vigilant that he was not poisoned.

Then came the revelation. “ Madam”, the doctor said, “Chief was my benefactor. It is pay back time”. We didn’t know what that was . He then explained. He was a medical student of University of Maiduguri and a unionist. Prof Jubril Aminu , the then Vice Chancellor expelled him and some of his colleagues. Gani fought their case from the lower court to the Supreme Court without taking a kobo and that was how he got back to school to complete his studies and became a medical doctor. Our mouths were agape. We could not close it. This certainly is divined.

He left with Ganiat’s message and came back with Gani’s own from his hospital bed. We sat on chairs till the wee hours of the morning and made our way to the park early enough before the goons could rise from their bed to stake out the park for us. We drove to Maiduguri and took a plane back to Lagos . Mission accomplished. The following day National Concord reported ‘ Gani Hospitalized In Gashua’.

Such has been the life of this gentle, meek but courageous and fiercely loyal wife of Chief Gani Fawehinmi. She has been to virtually all the horrible ( which one is not?) jail houses in Nigeria in search of her husband. From Kirikiri in Lagos, to Ikoyi to Alagbon to Gashua, Sokoto , Kuje and many more, Ganiat stood like a rock behind her man in trouble and out of trouble. We are glad today that she is alive to see her grand children and celebrate this landmark.
We celebrate you today as you clocked 70. Your husband has been recognized nationally for his role in fighting for democracy, the rights of the people and for good governance . One day while you are still alive honor shall come to you too.
Happy birthday the Amazon of our struggle.

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Togolese cook seeks plea bargain in Credit Switch CEO’s murder…as wife gives own account



30-year-old Togolese cook, Sunday Anani, charged with the murder of the Chief Executive Officer of Credit Switch Ltd, Chief Opeyemi Bademosi, yesterday Tuesday May 21st, asked the Lagos state High Court in Igbosere to grant him a plea bargain agreement with the government.

Recall that 67-year-old Bademosi was stabbed to death at his home in Parkview estate, Lagos state in October last year. Anani fled the scene of the incident and was later arrested in his hideout in Ondo state.

At the commencement of proceedings on Tuesday, Anani’s counsel, the Director of the Office of the Public Defender (OPD), Mrs Aderenra Adeyemi, informed the court of his decision to a plea bargain. Adeyemi told Justice Mobolanle Okikiolu-Ighile that Anani would be opting for a plea bargain deal and that the defence had approached the prosecutor, Lagos State Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), Ms Titilayo Shitta-Bay, to that effect.

Meanwhile the wife of the deceased, Mrs. Ebunoluwa Bademosi, yesterday, gave her own account of what transpired on the sad day her husband was gruesomely murdered. Mrs Bademosi told the gory story of how she returend from work to find her husband in a pool of blood.

“I went through the kitchen door to gain access to the building. The kitchen door was locked. I knocked several times, calling on the defendant (Anani), but he didn’t come to open the door. My husband’s bedroom and the kitchen door was a distance, so I felt he (Anani) must be doing something for him, so I waited by the kitchen door, for a while. While i was waiting, I got a call from my sister, at Ibadan and we spoke for about 5-6 minutes. ’At some point, I brought out my phone from my bag and called my husband, I realised that the phone was being picked but he was not responding. I called him twice and it was the same thing. It was showing minutes counting but nobody was talking.

‘’I went downstairs and decided to pass through the front door, thinking if I got there, there would be somebody at the door. By the time i got to the front door, I realised that the door was left ajar.”

Mrs Bademosi said she immediately suspected something bad had happened.

“I entered the apartment. By the time I got in, I looked up and saw blood flowing out of my husband’s bedroom. I couldn’t enter my husband’s bedroom because the door was only partially open but I could see his body lying on the floor. I wasn’t sure of what could be happening inside the bedroom, so, I ran out of the building and started screaming, calling neighbours to help. A couple of people came. I told them to go up and check that something was happening, that I didn’t know what exactly it was” she said

Mrs. Bademosi told the court that she ran to the gate and asked the security man,

“Where is that guy that oga brought into the house? What is happening? Who is inside the house?”

The guard said the defendant informed him the deceased sent him on an errand.

“People started coming, my next door neighbours and her driver were going upstairs and I followed them but i stood at a distance. They came out and said he was gone (sobbing), my husband was gone, and the defendant was not inside the house, then i passed out. When I woke up, I saw a crowd around me, inside the house, my husband’s corpse was lying down there. They took me downstairs because they didn’t want me to see the corpse. The police later came and took his corpse in an ambulance, he was buried on November 21, 2018? she said

Mrs Bademosi refuted claims that she had a strained relationship with her deceased husband.

“I had a very cordial relationship with my husband. I cooked for my husband”.

The case was adjourned till June 11 for continuation of trial.

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