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Wuta Speaker Series: Joeboy Visits Whitesands



The inaugural edition of the Wuta Speaker Series, a platform created by WUTA Entertainment, has concluded with resounding success. This initiative aims to provide a hub for established music professionals to educate and connect with students in universities and secondary schools who are passionate about pursuing careers in the music industry.

The event, held at Whitesands School Lekki, welcomed the Nigerian pop sensation, Joeboy, as the distinguished guest speaker, captivating the students with his insights and electrifying performance.

The Wuta Speaker Series kickstarted with great fanfare, and Joeboy’s presence added a touch of star power to the event. The students at Whitesands School were afforded a unique opportunity to learn directly from a true music superstar about the importance of assembling the right team and the value of teamwork in the music industry. Joeboy’s engaging session left an indelible impression on the attendees, inspiring them to pursue their musical dreams with passion and determination.

Reflecting on his own journey, Joeboy expressed his gratitude for such a platform, stating, “I really wish I had this kind of platform when I was in secondary school to learn about the music business.” His sentiment resonates with the core objective of the Wuta Speaker Series – empowering aspiring music professionals with knowledge and connecting them with their role models for invaluable guidance and inspiration.

The brainchild of Hamiid Wonda and Kevin Asaju, Co-founders of WUTA Entertainment, the Wuta Speaker Series aims to bridge the gap between emerging artists and established industry superstars. Hamiid Wonda explained, “My Co-founder and I started the Wuta Speaker Series to empower aspiring music professionals with knowledge and to serve as an avenue for them to network with their role models up close, in order to be inspired.” The success of the maiden edition is a testament to their vision and dedication.

Kevin Asaju highlighted the challenges that emerging artists face during their transition from high school to the music industry. He emphasized the importance of platforms like the Wuta Speaker Series, which act as a bridge to ease this transition. “Most emerging artists struggle with transitioning from high school to music industry superstardom,” said Asaju. “So platforms like the Wuta Speaker Series are very important as they serve as a bridge to ease such transition.” The series not only educates students about various career paths in the music industry but also exposes them to opportunities that can take their artistry to the next level.

The Wuta Speaker Series has positioned itself as a catalyst for growth and development in the Nigerian music industry. By providing aspiring music professionals with direct access to industry leaders and luminaries, the series nurtures their talent and fosters their dreams. With future editions promising to bring more renowned figures to the forefront, the Wuta Speaker Series is set to empower the next generation of music superstars.

For more information about WUTA Entertainment and the Wuta Speaker Series, follow @TheWuta on social platforms.

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