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Why Arisekola Alao Disowned Six Children *How First Son Lost His inheritance …Mysteries Surrounding His Death



Chief Arisekola Alao was one of the movers and shakers of Ibadan, the capital of Oyo State in his days. The late multi-billionaire did not just control businesses in his days, he was also very close to the powers that be in the country and his legacies are still there for all to see.
However, stories emanating from the household of Aare Musulumi of Yorubaland are that he fought many battles in his household before his death and that his death was as mysterious as they came.

It is no longer news that the respected Islamic scholar disowned his first son, Abdulahi, who is currently involved in fuel subsidy scam and is facing trial in a court of law.
A reliable source confided in us last week that the matter had reared its ugly head before the death of Arisekola in the month of June as there had been insinuations that Abdulahi was not a son of the successful businessman.

According to what we heard, the matter leading to the young man’s birth started, when Arisekola was still struggling as a trader in a popular market in Ibadan, where Abdulahi’s mother was also selling some items.
It was alleged that Abdulahi’s mother had a fling with a man from Ijebu in Ogun State, even when she was married to the late billionaire and that it was that fling that led to the boy’s pregnancy.
The late billionaire, we gathered did not bother himself about issues like that later in life as he was said to have avoided scandals that could create unnecessary scandals.

Our source said, “Arisekola used to say that it was not right for a rich man or celebrity to raise any alarm over issues bothering on his child’s paternity as such could create bad publicity. His idea was that one should allow such children to grow in his house; the whole thing can only be settled after the death of such a rich man. He always said that there was no way a rich man could avoid having bastards amongst his children because he has many wives and he could hardly have enough time for all of them.”

Further investigations revealed that the late Arisekola had many wives and that he once snatched the wife of one man, who used to live in the same house with one of his female relatives somewhere in Ibadan. The woman reportedly had a daughter for the man before Arisekola took her away.

It was gathered that the issues leading to the oil subsidy scam started with Aare Arisekola, who told the government that the business was being handled by his son as they were both running the business together as he, Arisekola would have been arrested.

Abdulahi was said to have grumbled over this as he told whoever cared to listen that it was his father that was handling the business, and it was learnt that Abdulahi eventually colluded with one of his brothers, which eventually led to the billionaire’s death.

It was said that Arisekola wouldn’t have died if he had stayed in his house in Ibadan. The house is reportedly fortified with effigies that would have warded off the death, but that they could not work for the man as he was hospitalized in the United Kingdom.

“You would recall that the house was initially locked, while Aarisekola was in Ibadan, this was done so that they could clear all the charms in the building before outsiders could be allowed into the house,” said a source.

As it is now, Aarisekola disowned about six of his children and the family might find the whole scenario difficult in the coming days, when his will would be officially executed.

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