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Who is After Dare Adeleke?



A youth group, the Ibadan Solidarity Youth Movement has sent out stern warnings to those they say are against PDP Chieftain, Dare Adeleke, in a released statement.

The statement reads:

“Those who follow the path of honesty, integrity, humanity, consistency and uprightness will continue to be blessed by the Lord. They will remain unshaken because the Lord will always vindicate HIS own but for those who sow the wind, they will reap whirlwind.

A man who has given much, to him much will be given and no conspiracy can stop his growth.

We cannot sit back and watch a good man being painted bad by people who breed sinister motives motives.

Those who are against Dare Adeleke in the PDP must be reminded that he may be a simple man but he is a man who has paid his dues.

Here is a man who has served the PDP meritoriously from the days of his youth. Not once has he wavered and not once did he become a turncoat.

Adeleke has stood through thick and thin with the PDP and served the party in many capacities.

Adeleke, a founding member of the party, has dedicated time and hard work serving in many committees including being National Delegate since the inception of the party. He has served in Governorship, National Assembly, Chairmanship panels among others.

We the Ibadan Solidarity Youth Movement, ISYM, wish to remind intruders and blackmailers against the man Adeleke that colliding or agreeing to be used to fight a man whom God has blessed is a futile effort that will boomerang in their faces.

For the benefit of those not in the know, Adeleke started with the PDP from inception, acting as state Secretary of the party.

He was state youth leader and became the leader of the youths in the whole of the region as the South West Youth Leader.

Why are we, the Ibadan Solidarity Youth Movement warning those who are fighting this man? Because he is a good man. A man who has helped so many people, brightened the lives of so many people, a man through who, many people have grown in the party to become great leaders.

We want to remind the traducers of Honourable Dare Adeleke that they cannot use him as a ladder to climb and then turn around to push the ladder down. Darkness can never overcome light.

While others are tending to their selfish interest, Dare Adeleke remained firm in the party, fighting so many wars on so many fronts like a seasoned warrior, all to keep the PDP relevant. We can boldly say he is one of the oldest members of the PDP in Oyo State, if not the oldest.

We hereby advise those who want to reap where they did not sow that Heaven itself will disgrace them and thrust them in the path of destruction if they do not steer clear of our leader, Dare Adeleke.

A word is enough for the wise.

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