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Whatever They Throw At Him, Tinubu Will Still Win, By Jesutega Onokpasa



Quite a few recent developments in our country that are of both major socioeconomic significance and political importance are actually pretty concerning, especially considering they are happening so close to elections.

I simply can no longer see why fuel scarcity has lasted this long, this time around, apparently without any verifiable sustained effort to solve the problem.

Other similar developments also raise reasonable suspicion as to a coordinated attempt to deliberately undermine the rock solid electability of All Progressives Congress, APC, Presidential Candidate, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Even this sudden nonsense about currency “recolouration”, is entirely bizarre, to say the least.

The same utter clown who, while being Central Bank Governor, political appointee and unelected public servant, attempted to run for the ticket of a political party he couldn’t lawfully have been a member of, in the first place, suddenly decides to cause financial upheaval across the country as if aiming to upend our national economy on the eve of elections!

Ever the rustic villager he has always been, he remains insistent, in concert with his sponsors and partners, on going ahead full steam with what even global multilateral financial institutions have written off as a most idiotic decision!

Those involved in these shenanigans are simultaneously engaged in national sabotage capable of totally obliterating the admirable, though poorly appreciated, legacy of President Muhammadu Buhari in the twilight of his administration, while attempting to undercut the prospects of his party to remain in power and build upon his many achievements.

It is the hieght of treachery for these characters who have benefitted most from this government to then turncoat and collude with patently corrupt interests to undermine the legacy of our President and the momentum of the Presidential Candidate of his party in a manner that can only increase the misery of Nigerians.

While we hope that Mr. President will immediately take the bull by the horns and put a stop to the disruptions being orchestrated by these shadowy people, what they, on their part, seem not to understand include the following:

1. Bola Tinubu is a very difficult man to defeat, take for a ride or successfully undermine – Olusegun Obasanjo tried all of that for 8 years only to end up being made to look like a fool having been thoroughly disgraced by the Asiwaju (today Tinubu is the undisputed frontrunner for President while Obasanjo cannot even deliver his polling booth in any election)!

2. The truth is that power simply as to shift to the South this year or the southern half of our country, on the wings of resentment at being denied its turn to produce the next President of Nigeria, might become just as destabiliszed as much of the North presently is, in which case we might not even have much of a country left, going forward!

What those power drunk desperados deploying these abhorrent strategies against Tinubu and the APC would do well to come to terms with is the fact that since there’s simply no way that Peter Obi and his Labour rabble can end up in Aso Rock, that actually leaves them and the rest of us, as Nigerians, with Tinubu as the only truly viable option for President.

My confidence remains immovable that Bola Tinubu will still win this election regardless of what is thrown at him.

These same people perpetrated all manner of subterfuges to prevent Tinubu from getting the APC’s presidential ticket and still failed.

It should have taught them by now that this man actually thrives best under adversity.

After all, one of his finest political moments occurred while he was on his way out of office as Governor, when not only was he able to retain Lagos in the progressive fold, but succeeded in retrieving the remainder of the South-west which Obasanjo’s PDP had stolen in 2003!

It is the same Bola Tinubu who led the charge in upstaging an incumbent President in 2015, a feat never before attained in this nation.

This man has arguably won more elections for himself and for others than any other politician in our history!

It is not this election, the most important contest of his entire political career, that he is going to lose!

Bola Tinubu is certainly winning this one and will be President of both friend and foe, come May 29, this 2023.

Onokpasa, a lawyer and member, All Progressives Congress, APC, Presidential Campaign Council, writes from Warri.

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