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What Was Obasanjo Even Thinking? -Jesutega Onokpasa



Former President Olusegun Obasanjo, a man so totally obsessed with power that he knelt before his deputy, former Vice President Atiku Abubarkar, miserably begging to be allowed to run for a second term in office wants to lecture us about honour!

The same man so desperate to remain relevant and in power to the extent of pitiably grovelling like a famished slut before his deputy and underling, wants us to take him as the pathfinder to the destiny of our country!

Obasanjo, the Balogun of Owu, former Military Head of State, and, at the time, sitting President and traditional title holder, who committed the abomination of knelling before his junior in age and, by all other ramifications, wants the youth of this country to take him as just the sort of elder qualified to tell them what direction to go!

The retired army general who shamelessly knelt before his second-in-command, a retired custom’s officer of junior equivalent ranking, thinks he is in a position to issue commands that Nigerians must obey without question!

The man who burnt down Fela Kuti’s house and had his aged mother thrown down from the window of the first floor to a very painful death in the street below, thinks himself in a position to chart a noble course forward for our country and actually expects us to follow behind him!

The man of muscle and little sense who murdered our countrymen in Odi, slaughtered our compatriots in Zaki-Biam, and, massacred scores of our fellow citizens elsewhere, purports to know just who we must vote for as a nation!

The same Obasanjo, suspected by his supposed townspeople in Abeokuta to actually be the son of an Ibo man, yet who according to General Godwin Alabi-Isama, came up with a final solution to the Nigerian Civil War that would had almost completely exterminated the Ibos, thus basically wiping out an entire tribe of Nigerians (apparently because he resented his real father for abandoning him in Yorubaland, therefore, wanted to take out his frustrations on his father’s people), has now apparently suddenly fallen in love with his true tribe and wants us to vote for his fellow Anambrarian and partner in demagoguery and pathological lying!

This guy is simply unbelievable!

To imagine that the same man who slept with his son’s wife offers himself to Nigeria’s young people as a spiritual director!

What in the world could possibly be really going on in Obasanjo’s head?

The husband and father who would not tolerate his wife and children under his roof and, instead, relegated them to the boy’s quarters to throw in their lot with his houseboys, cooks and security guards, insists we must trust his judgement as to what is best for our welfare as a nation!

Obasanjo, the pathetic excuse for a family man, indeed a father – certainly not anyone’s daddy – whose own biological children dread him and avoid him like the plague, asserts that he has found in the similarly megalomanic Peter Obi, just the right man to take care of Nigeria’s children!

May Our Lord Jesus Christ deliver us from agents of the darkest darkness arrogant enough to hop from church to church, presenting themselves to God’s children as beacons of God’s Divine Light.

It was in 1989 that I first went to Lagos and ended up living there, on and off, for 16 years.

I think I should know Yoruba people pretty well.

Of course no one individual or group is perfect but Yorubas consistently prove to be a Nigerian category, who in fidelity to the truth, showcase the tendency to align with the cause of another section of our country, even where such solidarity might be inimical to its own interests.

While this openmindedness and orientation towards cosmopolitanism on the part of the Yoruba has been misdirected, this election cycle, by an extremely vestigial fraction of the Yoruba elder class unto endorsing the rabidly Gobbelian Peter Obi, that fraction is sourly misguided in the premises it relied upon for that truly astonishing mistake, in the first place.

Indeed, it is now crystal clear to me that there has never been either a Yoruba Head of State or President of this country.

As a matter of fact, and no less than by the grace of Almighty God, Himself, the very first one is currently in the making in Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu of the All Progressives Congress, APC, whom both Obasanjo, Obi and all their ilk will soon find themselves having to address as “Mr. President-elect”, and, soon thereafter, of course, “Mr. President”, come May 29 this very year!

Olusegun Obasanjo with his pathological hatred of the Yoruba cannot truly be one of them.

That should, by now, be crystal clear to anyone with any sense.

Just a couple of days after Obasanjo’s endorsement of his fellow closet Nazi, we just had a rally like no other in Kano, ancient metropolis of the Hausa-Fulani.

If Obasanjo is truly a Yoruba man, he should bring to pass one of similar magnitude for Peter Obi anywhere in Yoruba land.

The overwhelming throng of our fellow citizens of this same country that Obasanjo, Atiku Abubarkar, Peter Obi and their secret society of a political party – the woefully wrongly named People’s Democratic Party, PDP – almost completely destroyed, that came to welcome Tinubu in Kano were equally overwhelmingly of Hausa-Fulani extraction.

If and when Obasanjo holds his rally for the consumate importer and apostle of consumerism, who nevertheless claims he wants to take our economy from consumption to production, those of our beloved fellow citizens amongst the ranks of the spare parts dealers, town union members and “supermarket sellers” should be honourable enough to stay home and leave the rally to indigenous Yorubas.

Indeed, the “Yahoo Boys”, arsonists, vandals, rioters, unknown gunmen and secessionists now firmly planted in the vanguard of Obi’s Disobedients movement should endeavour, if only for once in their otherwise serially dishonourable lives, to find the discipline to stay back in the darknessess of their preferred and normal abodes, and, leave the occasion to genuine Yorubas.

Then, perhaps, we would all be able to ascertain the true reality of the clearly doctored opinion polls, shamelessly exaggerated support base and other putrid shenanigans of Obasanjo’s mentee, the political prostitute with a sugarcoated tongue, whom he nevertheless rigged election against in Anambra while he was civilian dictator!

Onokpasa, a lawyer and member, All Progressives Congress, APC, Presidential Campaign Council, writes from Warri.

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