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Valedictory Speech By Hon. Preye Influence Goodluck Oseke Of Southern Ijaw Federal Constituency, House Of Representatives On Monday 12TH June 2023



It has been a great honor to serve as member representing Southern Ijaw Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives within the last four years, particularly by reason of the opportunities it has provided for the people of the area, Bayelsa State, and indeed the Nigerian federation to which very meaningful contributions were made during plenary, committee, and oversight engagements, infinitesimal as such contributions may seem.

My dear good people of Southern Ijaw Federal Constituency, you hired me to increase the quality of life for the people. In understanding this fact, I listened to your yearnings, researched the issues, comparing them with global best practices and acted in manners that meant the best interest of the people. It is for this reason that I profoundly thank you for the confidence and trust reposed in me, and indeed the boundless support, being the major source of my grit, culminating in a gift of service that has handed down an appreciable quality of deliverables to constituents within the period. Believably, it has been an eventful single tenure which seemed like many more compressed in one, due to the plethora of opportunities that added tremendous value, and massive infrastructural development which characterized the regime, the details of which will be published in a book shortly.

Synonymous with the cliché of my immediate political family, i.e the Progressive Reality, my towering record of service which requires no embellishment, has been admired across-boards for the demonstrable passion and decency in public life. I am not the only one who believes that Southern Ijaw Federal Constituency is one that has become immeasurably stable, successful and dignified during my regime. Hence, I owe appreciations to the caucus and members of the Progressive Reality political family for their resilience and consistency.

Agreeably, it has been an unblemished regime of performance that had in its bouquet an array of empowerment schemes, hard and soft infrastructure to constituents for which I will remain very proud. These far-sighted initiatives and policies were not just the right thing to do within a democratic and demographic space, but done with predetermined outcomes some of which have begun yielding dividends. It is hoped that by this, weirdness, mediocrity, abysmal representation, and ‘personalizing’ a rather public office are tendencies that have become alien to our clime; but on the positive contrary, ultimately mainstreaming and entrenching prominence in service delivery, resolving to be on the cusp of something quite special and unexpected. You are very much aware that I never took for granted my responsibility as a local representative in order that the people’s views were always the first I sought when making difficult judgments about policy directions.

Far beyond the statutory zonal intervention projects that are the prerogative of every federal lawmaker, many more capital projects were implemented which will be chronicled for public consumption in due course. In addition to the installation of solar-powered street lights, construction of internal roads and others linking several communities, renovation and construction of primary and secondary schools, building of Chiefs Council Secretariat, facilitation of employment opportunities to our youths into the military and para-military institutions, amongst others, the establishment of a Federal College of Agriculture Ogboinbiri is one amongst several others whose mention will become prominent in the coming days, months and years.

My good people of Southern Ijaw Federal Constituency, the pace of political representation has taken on a new horizon, particularly as it encompasses the implementation of capital projects with footprints of same, across communities numbering three digits. Of course, political life today is a lot more demanding because of modern technology and instantaneous communications. In this regard, Southern Ijaw did not take a backseat in the floor of the House, as I flew the banner of representation very high both during national discusses, issues of regional concern, and with specific reference to Bayelsa State. In all these, I have priced the gains that must accrue to the people, above all other considerations. Evidently, I closed ranks with the Bayelsa State Government in a manner that can be better imagined.

Paramount rulers, women, youths, students, and good people of Southern Ijaw, I have asked for no more reward than the joy of helping others, and you graciously availed me.

On this note, may I, once again, offer deep thanks to the good people of Southern Ijaw for the opportunity of service and indeed their support throughout the period. Let me, in that same breathe, appreciate the leadership and members of the All Progressives Congress both at the national and Bayelsa State levels for their support at all times.

It is difficult to serve in an eventful fashion in the House of Representatives without having credible support. Hence, the crucial role of capable and dedicated aides cannot be gainsaid, as evidenced in the quality of representation delivered within the period. I listened, worked very hard, fought hard and got results, with the support of legislative aides. For them, there’s no prouder boast than working with me to take our Federal Constituency to one that has become characteristic of progress.

Public life has exposed one to working alongside so many people, such that attempting to mention names could inadvertently leave others out. In order to avoid embarrassment, I’ll be thanking them personally. As a philosophy, I have always understood that family extends beyond bloodlines. Countless individuals of goodwill have played roles in the person I am today, and as such will remain dear friends and family, having shared so many difficult and cheerful moments with me in one form or another, occasioned by the love and respect for the work of serving the people.

My work as Member of Parliament had on its alter the countless sacrifices of my very beloved wife – Bridget – and lovely children who believed in me. Their love and support knew no bounds, considering that no sacrifice was too much.

Finally, I want to thank members of the workforce at the domestic front – cleaners, drivers, cooks, security, for their courtesy and support over the years.

My good people of Southern Ijaw, I have paid the steep price in a bid to either serve you BETTER a second tenure or NEVER, and more so because democracy does not survive in a morass of resentment. It is a truism that being misunderstood and sometimes misquoted are realities within the public service space; just as it is easier to destroy than to build, and nothing worth defending comes easy.

As I step aside today Monday 12th June 2023 as your representative,

May God bless Southern Ijaw Federal Constituency
May God bless Bayelsa State
May God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria


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