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Unbelievable! Isolog Pry. School AKUTE Teacher Allegedly Rapes 2 Children… teacher on The Run



The serial rapist, Gbadebo Adebayo is a married man who has presently absconded from his matrimonial home since his wife has also reported him to the police for having raped another child in their neighbourhood. Would we then be wrong to say that Uncle Gbadebo as he was called actually rapes for a living while using his teaching job as an alibi? Mr. Daniels is not a detective but he’s the father of a 9 year old victim of Gbadebo the Rapist and while Mr. Daniels was paying huge tuition to raise a healthy child, the school management was busy covering up the wicked story by sacking the rapist and drugging up another victim without ever informing the parents of the children. However the 9year old Miss Daniels told her mum who also told her husband, forcing Mr. Daniels to scream out for help, so that her daughter gets justice against criminally elements like Uncle Gbadebo.

LASUTH, the Nigerian Police, some credible lawyers and an NGO named The Cece Yara CHILD ADVOCACY CENTER rose to defend the innocent primary school children. ”It seems we are being monitored by the school management. As we are driving into the police station, the school management was also driving in. I’m sure there are efforts to cover up the case by the school owners”, narrated Mr. Daniels, one of the many parents whose children have been constantly raped by Mr. Gbadebo Adebayo at Isolog Primary School, Alagbole-Akute.

On how the police are handling the case, Mr. Daniels explains, ”we left the police station very late. As at the time we were leaving, the head teacher Mrs Odutan Rachael had already been arrested and made to leave behind a verbal and a written statement where she confessed to have warned the children not to tell us, their parents so that she can perfect the act of trying to cover up the case. She also agreed in writing that the school management placed the last child victim on drugs without the consent of her parent. As at the time we were leaving the station, the police promised to extend invitation to the owners of the school Mr. & Mrs Ogundipe today but the husband of the Head Teacher is a legal practitioner, Barrister Odutan who insisted that his wife will not pass the night at the police station, claiming that his wife was only obeying orders from her employers! The Barrister however did mentioned that he has since warned his wife to expose the rapist and get the police involved but he explained that his wife who loves her job wouldn’t comply with his advise. Well, the Head Teacher denied having the contact of the rapist, Mr. Gbadebo Adebayo who had been working under her leadership for close to 10years! Meanwhile one of the officers confided in me that the wife of the rapist has recently came to report her husband at the station for rapping another 15years old girl.”

This story continues to unfold, it is sad and sickening but it is still happening to someone even as we speak. This interview took place on April 4, 2019, further details would be shared with you. Kindly take a look at the face of the serial rapist. Should you see him or his shadow in your vicinity, don’t let him escape!

Take him and drag him to the nearest police station. Mr. Gbadebo Adebayo may be hiding somewhere close to you! May God protect us from devils in decent dresses. Amen.

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