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The Jezebel In Natasha – Emmanuel Shadrach



In the ancient time, there lived a woman, a queen, of the house of Ithobaal l of Sidon and the wife of Ahab, King of Israel. Jezebel was known for her evil incitements and represents every form of betrayal and raw hatred against her perceived enemies. She turned her husband against God and was known to be seductively mischievous. I have religiously and objectively followed Natasha H. Akpoti utterances especially the aftermath of her political misfortune.

I have never seen anyone so inciting in the recent time like Ms. Natasha. As a lawyer she claimed to be, one would have expected she would exercise some caution and restrains, but she won’t none of that. She tries to be boisterous as much as her strength could carry her and everything about her dispositions points to a needless mischief. She has such a strange ecstasy for misfortune and rejoices over calamity of her perceived enemies.

There is nothing wrong in seeking for justice when one felt he/she is maltreated or the rights breached, but there is everything wrong in being vindictive and malevolent for no just cause. This she has proved over and over again.

Deaths occurred to two young men not quite long ago and she was all over the media space basking in the euphoria of her victory over the dead. One died of ghastly motor accident and the latter died of heart attack. The circumstances of these deaths would make anyone condole with the families and wish the dead to rest in peace even if they were to be sworn enemies to anyone, but not to Natasha who only see her victory in the misfortune of her “enemies”. To her one of the deceased “killed” one of her supporters while the other second deceased “supplied guns to the Governor of the State”. These got me cold and I verily question her compos mentis.

Where is her humanity in all these? Where is her training as a “learned” person in all these” Where is her civility and exposure in all these? This is not the kind of “messiah” the Kogi Central needs. Her actions would even shame a most cruel savage being.

Our society respects the sanctity of life and we do not mock the dead no matter who is involved. No one should rejoice over anyone death especially if they did not die while doing you harm or ill. I have also learnt that, sometimes something may be legitimate for you to say but restrain yourself if it is not expedient.

If Natasha has any conscience left in her or still have any iota of human figment in her, let her withdraw such monstrous posts, apologize to the deceased families and ask God for forgiveness or else she may end up like a Biblical Jezebel.

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