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“The Greatest Reality Show” By Melvin Ikenna Ejiogu A Must Read For Those Who Desire The Kingdom Of God



This is a great effort from someone who wishes to educate man about the reality of the Almighty God, how He created the world and everything man needs to know about the existence of God, creation of man, about Earth, Heaven and the Kingdom of God.

It is simply about the fact that the world is a stage and that it is The Greatest Reality Show.

The author made use of his writing prowess by bringing God into the scene as the direct speaker and writer in the first eleven chapters of the book.

This is the kind of book that should be read by everybody at this time that happenings all over the world are pointing to the end time.

There are wars, terrorism, diseases, especially the dreaded Conoravirus aka COVID-19, that has killed several thousands of people and infected millions of others. With the disease, it appears everything is at a standstill in the whole world.

The book is written in a simple and clear language that makes it compelling for everyone that craves for understanding of the things of the Kingdom of God to read.

The foreword of the book was written by Rev. Fr. Boniface Anusiem.

The 177-page book is divided into four parts with 19 chapters as well as the conclusion and about the author.

Part ONE

Chapter 1
In The Beginning

This dwells on God speaking about the creation of heaven and the earth as recorded in Genesis Chapter One in the Holy Bible. The author did not write it as a reported speech. It was God that spoke directly about creation and the readers have a lot to learn from this.
It also features the Lord Jesus Christ, the image of God, who spoke about His coming into the world. The Holy Spirit was also featured as the third in the Trinity.

Chapter 2
How Heaven Began

This is about how Heaven was created by the Trinity as the omnipresence and omniscience.

It was revealed that they made heaven the throne of God from where He will rule everything. The chapter also described how heaven looks like and this will definitely motivate a lot of people to see it as their homes and amend their ways. It also spoke about the angels and everything about heaven as the abode of God.
Lucifer, the devil was also mentioned as it relates to his fall from heaven.

Chapter 3
The Creation of Earth
Here, God spoke about what happened when he was about to create the earth, when his His glory and presence filled the Throne Room and all of heaven. God also spoke about all that happened that led to the creation of the earth and its inhabitants.

Chapter 4
The Creation of Man
Man was described as the masterpiece of God and God himself spoke about all that He did to create man and why man was created. God spoke the creation of man into existence and this makes the chapter a must read for all.
This also dwells on the fall of man as it is recorded in Genesis Chapter 3 with the intervention of Satan in the affairs of man.

Chapter 5
The Temptation of Man
God placed man in the Garden of Eden. But man allowed the devil to deceive him and that led to the fall of man and expulsion from the garden. This chapter explains all.

Chapter 6
Satan Rules Man
After the fall of Adam and Eve, Satan now had the opportunity to control man in a way. Satan was said to have introduced death into the whole world and this is talking about physical death. The story of Abraham was also brought in here as it relates to his call and relationship with God.

Chapter 7
The Law of Era
God spoke about how the descendants of Abraham would move to Egypt through his great grandson, Joseph. Here, they started imbibing the culture and traditions of Egyptians as they stared worshipping their gods. God also spoke about the significance of Israel’s delivery from slavery.
God spoke about the plan as the Director of the “Greatest Reality Show.”

Part TWO
Chapter 8
The Father Explains Son
Here, God spoke about His son, the Lord Jesus Christ as “He is intricately involved in the Greatest Reality Show.” The chapter is about the importance of the Lord Jesus Christ and how God chose him to die for the sin of man. God also analysed the mystery surrounding the father, mother and child analogy, which many people find difficult to understand till date.

Chapter 9
Should You Worship Jesus
God answered the question and said ‘Yes, you should pray to Him, and you should also worship Him because He is God. “
God insisted that this is the perfect time for the people to accept Jesus Christ as the true son of God and worship him at all times. God made it clear that we could only reach Him through the Lord Jesus Christ. He pointed out that if we worship Jesus Christ, then we are worshipping Him. He also pointed out some Biblical proof to this.

Chapter 10
The Testimony of The Apostles
We are advised to believe in the testimony of the apostles about Jesus Christ and the reality of heaven. Scriptures were quoted on the need to serve God through the Lord Jesus Christ such as 1 Thessalonians 5:9, 1:10, Romans 5:9, John 1:1-4 amongst others.

Chapter 11
Mysteries of the Old Testament
This chapter dwells extensively on the old testament. Abraham was described as a Biblical shadow of God, Isaac, a Biblical shadow of Jesus Christ, who offered himself for sacrifice without resistance.
Esau and Jacob were described as the Biblical shadow of Christians, who are in two folds; those who would inherit the promises of God and those who will not inherit the promises.

Chapter 12
Tearing Down Obstacles
The author started writing directly here and said that God Almighty was behind the scene in the reality show as presented in the first eleven parts of the book.
He pointed out that life should be seen as a stage and that God will judge all of us accordingly based on our performances.
He wrote that nobody knows when someone’s episode would end to make room for another person. He said that a person’s last breath on planet earth will be his first time in the other world. The writer, Melvin Ikenna Ejiogu then urged the reader to be heavenly minded.

Chapter 13
My Best Employee

The writer narrated his experience with Phil, his best employee, who despite all his plans for him, still left his job for another after going for an indefinite vacation. He left without permission and yet failed to return to his beat. This is an analogy of what will happen to some Christians.

Chapter 14
The Story of Charles
The man, Charles was a good friend of the author of the book, when he started consulting for the company that employed him.
He had spoken to Charles on phone about his faith, but they couldn’t conclude the conversation. But, four hours later, Charles slumped and died, “his role in The Greatest Reality Show, abruptly came to an end.”

Chapter 15
The Story of Tina-Based On A True Life Story
Tina was said to be a Christian, but one who had some bad characters such as jealousy, greed, pride and unforgiveness.
She was said to be unable to deal with these characters despite her faith in Christ. She allowed the devil to use her against her friends; Beth and Jamie.

Chapter 16
My Faith Journey
The author pointed out here that “The Greatest Reality Show,” features seven billion people living on earth and that each person is playing the main character of an episode or series. He said that the show is complicated and yet extremely exciting.
He spoke about his bondage to sin and how came across the scripture.
The author also revealed how he fell in love with a lady, and how he pressurised her into having sex with him against the covenant the lady had with God. He would later marry the Lady.
He then started feeling bad and he had a medical challenge that took him to the doctors. Later, he was involved in two motor accidents.
The chapter dwells with how the author eventually met Christ and decided to amend his ways. He told the story of the barrenness his family faced and the fact that heaven is real. God later intervened and ended the barrenness.

Chapter 17
A Heavenly Dream!
Here, the author dreamt about heaven and all the beauty in it. Anyone that reads this would be motivated to serve God so that he or she could make it there at all cost. He pointed out that he had a dream about heaven, but that it is a reality of what heaven is all about.

Chapter 18
The Legal System In Heaven
He said God taught him a new topic-the legal system in heaven and how it works. He spoke about Robert Henderson, who he said taught about courts of heaven. This is one chapter that the readers need to read and digest as it would help them realise the importance of focussing on heaven.

Chapter 19
The Acquittal
He spoke about how God reminded him and his wife that they broke the covenant that God had with her that she should not have sex before marriage. Having realised this, they knelt down before God and asked for forgiveness.
God eventually forgave them and put an end to barrenness in the family.
He however, added that the things that happen in “The Greatest Reality Show,” are not random, things work in a systematic way. “

The conclusion is about “The Expectation To Come” which is the kingdom of God. He supported this with the Biblical parable of the sower.

On what prompted him to write the book and what informed the choice of the title, Melvin Ikenna Ejiogu said that people who open a business have expertise in something; “people who write a book have something to share. My experience in life prompted me to write this book. I believe I have something to share that others might learn one or two things from,” he said.

The book, Ejiogu said, is about those “who yearn for more knowledge about this incredible life and the God who created it will find great satisfaction in this book. They are just like I was in that they may find the arcane language of scripture difficult to understand but still want to explore the world of religion and spirituality.

“So, half of the book is narrated from God’s point of view, and helps the readers see the creation of the world from a unique, intimate perspective that proves our creation was not only intentional, but designed with love and incredible detail. The second half is narrated by me and showcases a condensed summary of my journey as a 17 year old boy that came to America by himself, some of the mistakes that I made and how those mistakes were resolved.”

The book is for those who want to gain more wisdom and understanding of the world around them.

“No matter your religion or level of spirituality, this book sheds light and inspiration on all those who read it,” the writer said.

Probed further about the time a man should have a relationship with his maker, the writer said “I believe our Maker wants us to begin almost immediately. Jesus Christ, who is our model as Christians was already asking questions in the temple by age 11. So, I would say we should begin as early as possible to learn about Him, and at the right time that knowledge will come in handy and be truly activated.

He added that “When you have a relationship with your maker, a lot happens for you. You see, this book presents the idea of life as a reality show, with us men and women being the actors, the stage being the whole earth, and the director being our God.

“Anyone who has a relationship with His maker would understand the role they are supposed to play and play it well. When they make a mistake they will be corrected and will continue to remain in His will. They will end up fulfilling their role on earth perfectly. And what happens when an actors plays their part very well? They get an award.”

He continued; “If someone doesn’t know his maker, he risks living his whole life playing the wrong role or not knowing how to play their role. An encounter with God illuminates all of that; it gives you the strength to play your role the way you should. When you play your role well, it strengthens your confidence of salvation, that is, when the director yells cut and brings you out because your role is finished, you can come out with confidence knowing that you ran the good race and all that remains is for the crown of victory to be given to you.”

The book also addresses the ills of the society.

On this, the writer posited, “definitely. As you will see from the book, the ills in the society was something that started right from creation.

“The book presents a vivid encounter in the heavens between God and the Devil. The devil has since continued to deceive humanity into not having a real relationship with their maker.

“One of his best deceptive strategies is to make us feel like we have a relationship with our maker but instead continue to disobey Him by yielding to the instructions of the devil.

“If the devil tells you who you are and you believe him, then you won’t believe who God tells you you are. If the devil succeeds in keeping you from knowing and obeying God, you will play the role that the devil inspires you to play, which is completely different from that of God. And that is why there is ill in the society.’

“But those who listen to God will see a way to play their role. It may go against what the devil has gotten us to believe is normal. Turn the other cheek is not normal. Bless those who curse you is not normal according to society standard. But to those who know their God, they know it’s the role they are playing and they embrace it and play it perfectly.”

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