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Temitayo Ayetoto accuses Seun Kuti of pulling out gun during street brawl, Seun Reacts



A Nigerian investigative journalist, Temitayo Ayetoto, has called out singer Seun Kuti on social media and accused him of pulling out a gun at a man during a street brawl around his place of residence in Ikeja.

Ayetoto in a series of posts shared via Twitter on Saturday, December 12, claimed that she personally witnessed the singer pull out a gun and assault guests who were attending a party on his street.

“SEUN KUTI pulled out a gun over a street parking matter in Ikeja tonight, personally assaulted the car owners attending the party, used thugs to assault them and called them gluttons at a paid event…I saw it happen.”

Telling her side of the story, the journalist claimed that she left an event which was going on around the area at about 7pm and came out to find Kuti ranting about cars which were parked on the streets.

Ayetoto noted that Kuti’s gate was affected and another neighbour in the area could not gain access into his house.

Read tweets below:


“Next thing: Some three guys left Kuti’s side and rushed the guy with slaps and blows, while Kuti also landed him a heavy strike on his head amid screaming. This guy retreated, almost crying. He moved his car. But it wasn’t enough.”

“Kuti continued to rage at other car owners until one of the organisers, MM, showed up. In the middle of the effort to pacify, one of the bouncers told Kuti to calm down… Next thing again, Kuti’s thugs rushed at the bouncer for such effontery. That’s where the party scattered.”


Meanwhile; Seun Kuti has reacted to reports that he personally fired shots at some party guests on his street.

There had been an outcry on social media with many accusing the singer of doing what he preaches against.

But now, Seun is saying the reports are not totally true.

According to him, the party guests parked their vehicles indiscriminately on the street and played loud music without regard for residents.

He said one of the guests parked a vehicle in front of his house and blocked the entrance to his gate.

Seun said he slapped the person and this attracted the attention of the bouncers at the party but things soon simmered down.

He said moments after, as he tried to drive away, a bouncer came to attack him and this degenerated to fisticuffs and gunshots.

The musician added, “He (bouncer) said he would treat my ‘f**k up. That was when the fight started and we didn’t need to pull guns on anybody because we beat them with our bare hands.

Blood on their noses, tore their uniforms. They left our street naked.

“Yes there were gunshots because we have men. This is Allen. I didn’t come to your hood. You want to try rubbish in my hood. You threatened my life in my hood and don’t expect gunshots. Even if the Federal Government comes for me, if they don’t come with a warrant signed by a judge, it will be a shootout. I am saying this for the whole world to hear.
“I never oppressed anybody. They were the ones that threatened my life and blocked my gate. What kind of behaviour is that because you are throwing a party and you don’t even live here.”

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