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Renowned author, Bayo Adebowale breaks silence on incest with daughters



Popular author, poet and novelist, Prof. Bayo Adebowale has reacted to claims made by a blogger that he raped five of his daughters while they were still living under his roof.

The blogger identified as Olufemi Gorman had sent tongues wagging when he shared screenshots of chats between him and one of Prof. Bayo’s daughters who narrated how the abuse happened while she and her sisters were younger.

Reacting to the allegations in a press statement, Prof. Bayo said he was alarmed and traumatized when he got wind of the insinuations linked to his person on social media.

Prof. Bayo added that he is also thankful that he is still alive to be able to boldly deny the shocking rumour, because if he had died in the last few days, the same wicked people would have said that he committed suicide to cover up the sacrilege.

The official statement of Prof. Bayo who said he will not be surprised if there are more insinuations against him by the said blogger reads thus in full below;

“My attention has been drawn to a rumour and insinuations that a Professor of Creative Arts had canal knowledge of his daughters. The grave allegation has been wickedly and maliciously linked to my person on social media. This includes a satanic and libelous story in an online newspaper, SaharaReporters, which published the grave information without bothering to get the fact.

“To say the least, I am alarmed and traumatized by the insinuations. I would have responded to the wicked rumour immediately it broke out but I did not get to know about it on time. A part of the reasons is that I’d been indisposed for some time. As a matter of fact, I had been hospitalized and so many people could not reach me. Even on their part, many of my family members, are equally traumatized by the allegation, deliberately kept away the information from me because they feared that it could worsen my health and even lead to a sudden death. I can only thank God that I am still alive to be able to boldly deny the shocking rumour, because if one had died in the last few days, the same wicked people would have said that one committed suicide to cover up the sacrilege.

“Apart from having reached the climax of my profession and talent as some people have noted in their hasty, malicious and ungodly comments, I am truly blessed with children that include daughters who know me as a true father, who has never contemplated any unholy relationship with them for whatever reason. While I lost a daughter to the cold hands of death some years back, I still have daughters who are alive and doing well as individuals, as professionals and also as wives in their various matrimonial homes. The identities of my daughters are not hidden and if anyone bothers to know them and speak with them there is an opportunity to do so.

“This, indeed, is what one expects any responsible person, whether as an individual, citizen journalist or a so-called online publication like SaharaReporters, ought to have done. Whatever stopped anyone from going after my children to ask them questions about the allegation that has nothing to do with me? Instead of doing so, the wicked ones went for my profile, which I built through the thick and thin, with a dint of hard work crowned by God’s mercy, and sought to establish me as that ruined person said to have raped her own daughters. Let me ask this question: if this kind of grave allegation is levelled against the father of any of those who have been mentioning my name in the context of the indicated sacrilege, will they just jump into attacking his personality or they will try to find out the fact of the matter? I could say I leave all of them to their consciences if such consciences are still alive, but I believe such a decision will not prevent nemesis from playing its role in the theatre of their lives.

“I will not labour to begin to analyse one after the other the issues raised in the stories circulating on social media. The reason is that they are definitely not my stories. They are not the stories of my families. I can only advise those who are truly agitated to go after seek the identity of such a man if he truly exists. Yet, I want to note that one of the things said about the man is that he has four daughters, that he impregnated the four daughters and caused them to have broken homes.

“Well, I am happy to note that this is not the statistic of my own God-given family. I have no daughters who’ve been raped and my own daughters are happily married and are in their husband’s homes.

“Of course, I know there will be further insinuations despite this statement of mine. Why I believe so is that some people who could be behind the genesis of the attempt to destroy my reputation may not stop at anything. While assuring anyone who may genuinely want further facts about me that the book of my life is a open one, I will also invoke the law to the last letter to protect my name and that of my family. My lawyers are studying everything that has been said about me concerning the matter and necessary actions are bound to be taken.

“I thank everyone, within and outside the country, who have shown concern over the matter. A lot of people have reached or attempted to reach me. Some are even more devastated than I am, shattered not just by the heaviness of the allegation, but by the fear that such could be true. I however categorically say I am the Bayo Adebowale you have always known: a true father, a true teacher and cultural person who is alive to his moral responsibility within and outside his home. I have never sought or got any canal knowledge of my daughter,” he added.

In a series of screenshots posted on social media by Olufemi Gorman, the daughter of Prof. Bayo who chose to be anonymous, said her father raped all his five daughters multiple times and impregnated them, such that four of the daughters had at least 3 abortions each.

Prof. Bayo’s daughter also shockingly revealed that their mother allegedly told them to keep it a secret when she was informed about her husbands incestuous behaviour.

She also suggested in the chat with Olufemi Gorman that the rape incidents might have been for diabolical purposes as all four of her sisters are widows and all of them have also lost three kids each.

Bayo’s daughter also said her father tried to discourage her from marrying her husband.

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