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Primate Ayodele Releases Shocking 2020 prophecies



Servant of God at INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Oke-Afa, Ejigbo Lagos, Primate Babatunde Elijah Ayodele (JP), has released another divine warning which will serve as a guideline for the entire universe come 2020.

He made this known during an annual feast with journalists on Tuesday, 24th of December, 2019.

Below are the well detailed 2020 prophecies;

Some countries will pull out of ECOWAS countries even as they will face major challenges. ECOWAS will have problems and they should pray so that none of their members will face major challenges ECOWAS need a lot of prayers to succeed all their major moves. The Commission should rebuke crisis. ECOWAS money will be introduced in order to allow free trade. ECOWAS should pray not to lose any members. They will be faced with lot of crisis in the region and they will have security challenges.

European Union will have troubles. EU must be careful and watchful. There will be snow and flood troubles in Europe. There will be changes in the EU leadership.

AU will have unnecessary challenges and they must be careful because of crisis that will envelop their member. I foresee coup in Africa. Let us pray against disorderliness in African country. Let pray not to lose any African president. Some African countries will want to have their own state. Some countries will pull out of the African countries. There will be flood in some African countries.

UN will run into major crisis.

I foresee the world will experience climate changes. I foresee plane mishap between France, Spain and Germany. Let us pray against boat capsize and some desperate travelers not to experience ship wreck where some will lose their lives. I foresee global disaster. Let us pray against disorderliness in the world. Africa will have joint military that will affect Chad, Niger and Nigeria military. There will be too much rain in the year. US, Europe, Asia and Africa including Nigeria will experience lots of rain in the year. There will be diplomatic issues in some countries. I foresee a weapon of mass destruction. Africa, Asia, Europe will protest to remove their President. I foresee the world will be in a state of confusion. There will be earthquake in some countries of the world Flood will be causing problems all over the world. Some African nations will nuclear weapons. There will be heat that will cause problems and unexpected killings. There will be discovery of new planet that will not be habitable. There will be attack in Indonesia. The world should pray against the President that will slump and slide that will be rushed to the hospital.

The country will experience unrest and challenges. I foresee the world will experience climate changes.

I foresee the country will experience major challenges and the country must be careful in order not to have a major confusion. Their present economy will be not too buoyant. LIBERIA
The president will face challenges and there will be protest in the country.

The President must be careful as opposition will want to unseat him. His party will have lots of problems. I foresee his anti corruption commission will be criticized by the people.

Let us pray against attack in France. The president will face some challenges and I foresee protest and attack in the country. Let the president pray for him to get a second term in office. His party may experience troubles. Let the country pray so that the medical personnel will go on strike. France will do many things about the security issues and challenges. France President should rebuke blackmail and pray for stability.

I foresee people will create problem for his government and will attempt his government severally. The country needs prayers to succeed.

I foresee the country will dominate so many parts of the world. Let the country rebuke earth quake and earth tremor. The country will make series of effort and will come out to dominate most of the African countries. China will have several issues to contend with. The country will improve in military and war machinery. America and china will still have issues.

The country will experience economic troubles. I foresee impeachment moves against the Gabon President. The president will be faced with some troubles as opposition will rise against his government. The economy of the country will not be too good. The country will experience threats, challenges and cases of terrorism.

There will be problem in Pakistan and they will experience flood. There will be troubles in Pakistan.

I foresee flood in Indian. I also foresee natural disaster in India that will render people homeless. India will to break.

There will be troubles in Jordan.

There will be problem in Libya that people will come out to protest. Killings will be rampant in the country. The country will strengthen their military and do so many things to tackle.

The country will not form an Alliance with America and this will be a threat to the world but will go on negotiation. North Korea will be work hard to achieve their aims and plans.

There will be crisis and attack in Lebanon. I see a new government in the country and the governments will a lot to stabilize the economy of the country as the economy of the country will not be too good.

The country will go into negotiation in order to put things right.

There will be no peace in Iraq and new election will come up in the country. The people of the country will call for a new government.

South African President will have problems with members of the Senate. There will be trouble in South Africa. There will be attack in the country. There will be xenophobic attack in South Africa and in some African countries.

America will be attacked like that of September 11 but when exactly I don’t know. There will be crisis in FBI and CIA as they will get some information wrong. Some reports will be taken serious. Trump impeachment will not be realistic. Trump will make efforts to have a second term but will be difficult but will look for means of winning. America election will be tough.

If the Democrats want to win; they should work on countries like Ohio, Florida, Maldives and Pennsville because Trump will not be so easy to unseat but will finds every means to have a second term. Joe Biden will be the best candidate to unseat Trump as Trump will not be easy at all to unseat. Democrat must work so well to bring Republican Party down in the coming election. The Democrats must also re-strategize and do team work; then seek for Gods direction.

I see killings in schools, shooting of policemen, fire outbreak, flood and an emergency situation in the country that may want to disrupt the power supply. I foresee unemployment will rise and the government will want to create job at all means. They should be careful against attack and malpractices. US should be careful in 10 years time as the country may fall. FBI Director will be changed as they will take different steps to work on certain information and they should pray not to lose any of their members. CIA will gather global reports. America will lose a prominent person as well.

UK will pull out of Britain. Boris Johnson will have major challenges and will not be able to fix the economic trouble accordingly. I foresee difficulties ahead of him. UK economy will not be fine. His efforts will not be appreciated and quantified. There will be heat and attack in United Kingdom. The country will experience climate changes and disasters. UK will witness ups and downs even as the employment will be poor. The country will witness attack and fire outbreak. There will be an attempt on the Prime Minister.

UK will seize some counter vehicles. UK will lose a prominent person. The British economy will be unhealthy. UN will face challenges and they should pray to rebuke killings on any of their staffs. There will be new policies in UK. The UK and EU talk will not be fruitful.

Chad will experience some challenges.

The country must be careful because there will be major conflicts in the country. The country will face major challenges.

There will be problems in Zimbabwe and protest to remove the president. the President will face so many challenges and of course the economy will be unstable. People will protest against his government. There will be unrest and people will be displaying. Flood will destroy some places in the country.

Egyptians will be attacked. Some places will be attacked in Israel. The head of their capital will be changed. Of course there will be pressure to remove some head of government and should pray against unnecessary death in the country. There will be new election in Israel and they must be careful against attack. There will be unexpected attack in Israel. There will be problems in Egypt and must pray against killings and attacks.

I foresee tribe crisis in the country.

If the opposition works the right steps in the coming election, the opposition will unseat the incumbent president except the incumbent president did not re-strategize. Opposition will unseat the present government in Ghana. AU will face various problems and troubles.

The country will experience troubles and massive attack.

Russia and Iran will take several steps to move the country forward. Russia will have crisis, attack and unexpected killings even as they country will witness shootings in the country. The country will be faced with economic challenges and must be watchful about disbursing of controversial war planes to some countries.

The president will face challenges. Some countries will still fight Syria despite the efforts of the president. I foresee bloodbath in the country.

The League of Arab will want to put new things in the Arab world. Saudi Arabia will be confused as Saudi government will experience changes. Let the country rebuke attack. The country’s oil pipelines will be attacked and will witness price fluctuations of petroleum products. Dubai United Emirate must be careful of unforeseen crises and unknown missiles.

South Sudan will have some challenges and I also foresee the removal of the President. The country should pray for unity and peace s the government will take steps to improve the country. I foresee attack and a new government in the country. Military will have lesser control of the government.

Somalia will be attacked and also face crisis. The farm crops will as well be attacked by locust. The government will have so many issues. I foresee protest and unrest in the country. Terrorist will strike in the country.

Ethiopia will have multiple challenges.

There will be gang up against the Malian president. The country should pray against protests and disorderliness.

The country will protest against the present government so as to remove him.

Germany will face major problems and challenges in stabilizing their economy and expectations. Their Chancellor will not have another term. Let’s pray against unexpected attack. There will be major calamities and protest in the country. The government should be careful as there will be new economic issue. The country should pray against major attack and threat.

The country will experience excessive killings and confusion.

Nigeria in the Diaspora will witness some troubles. I foresee incessant killings in the country as rioting will be on the increase. Nigeria 2020 needs to pray so well because I foresee so many things happening in the country. The country will face serious economy challenges. The government will do a lot to improve the country but will still be faced with counter challenges. The government of the day will not get it right as they will mis-calcute things. I foresee that Budget 2020 will not drive the need of the people. More so, people will demand for the looted fund. The country needs prayers.

I foresee that payment of land use charge will be reviewed by the Lagos, Oyo, Anambra, Enugu, Imo and Enugu government. The country needs prayers for guidance and Gods divine protection. Government should look for ways of working things out. Let us pray against unexpected bomb explosion in Nigeria. Let us pray against the death of a professor, a judge, a onetime civilian governor, military, minister and a business tycoon. Let us pray against the death of a prominent banker.

The government should take steps to tackle the level of crime. The prices of gas will increase as there will be new electric stove.
There will be issues and clashes between Yoruba and Hausa, Ibo and Hausa. I foresee deportation of Nigerians in some countries and some Nigerians will be deported within Nigeria. Government will caution people that try to criticize their policy. People will not be able to express their desire.

Democracy will cause a lot of problems and will break Nigeria. I foresee future referendum coming. A lot of things will happen in Nigeria. I foresee protest and counter protest against the government. Let the country pray against confusion. Nigeria will face a lot of challenges as they will embark on certain steps to normalize and checkmate its security challenges. Despite all this, there will still be security challenges in major parts of the country.

Let’s pray to protect of Federal Ministries that their office will not be involved in any fire incident. The following states: Enugu, Kogi, Lagos, Ondo, Ekiti should be careful of erosion and flood and some parts of the north that have not experienced it before. There will be too much population in the country.

Nigeria is still sitting on a time bomb that may explode. The country should pray for peace and unity in the nation. I foresee a new flag in the world i.e. another country will emerge. Some country will come out of another country. Let us pray to rebuke the death of a present and former Minister, former governor, and Former president in Nigeria.

The government of President Buhari will expose some former governors who are corrupt. The government will make lots of efforts to move the country. APC will rise up against the government. Some government agencies will be scrapped due to internal inefficiencies. Lagos (EKO) Electric Distribution Company will face problems and also in Rivers, Kwara, Edo, Ebonyi, Kano and Cross Rivers.

I foresee that the 2023 election will pose serious tension as the Northern part will want to continue to be in power at all cost. They will do so many things so as to ensure they remain in power. The Yoruba clamouring to become the next president of the country should seek the face of God before they embark on any journey. The IGBO will not be recognize in 2023.

The 2023 election will be so tough and challenging. The geo-political zones who have sold their right are still going to regret it because anybody that talk will be arrested or oppose what the government are doing will face so many threats. I foresee some people will oppose the decision of the government.
Some Federal Inland Revenue Services should be committed into prayers and they will introduce a new tax system into the country. Let us pray against calamity in the country. There will be environmental pollution. Stock Exchange will experience changes in its leadership position. Some company license will be seized. I foresee unexpected explosions and fire outbreak in Nigeria. Some Federal Ministers must be careful because some will face unexpected challenges in discharging their duties properly. He will be criticized. There will be new incentives. Of course let us pray against troubles in our security system. Baby factories will be detected.

The government will embark on new methods of sanctifying the state in order to make it free and cool the security of the country. Pensioners will demonstrate. Some state will not be able to pay their pensioners. Pensioners will go on strike. Fraud will be detected in the Pension Board. Ghost workers will be detected by the Federal government. Let us watch against unexpected explosion and killings in Abuja. Herdsmen will come in various dimensions. Some state will work on cattle rearers which will not work as expected. There will be attack on herdsmen. The president must pray to rebuke troubles. Nigeria will be concerned about the security challenges confronting the country. Nigeria will make security dominant in the country.
Let us pray so that Curfew will not be declared in some states and local government and lets rebuke cases of emergencies in any of the sectors in the country.

I foresee the villa being changed from its present location in the nearest future. I also foresee a new Presidential villa being built. Let us pray to rebuke death and cases of fire in the Villa. Let us also be careful and watchful because of so many things that will be happening in the villa. Let us pray against attack and threat on the villa. Let’s pray so that none of the presidential convoy will be attacked. The government should be vigilant. President Buhari should take a rest in the month of April, May, August and September 2020 and he should watch his policies. I foresee drama in the villa.
Let us pray for our governments so that none of them will be attacked. Some Ministers will be queried by the President. Some of the hidden agendas of the Ministers will be exposed.
Apart from this, Nigeria will experience what they have not being experiencing before. I foresee earth shake, landslide and earth tremor in Nigeria.

Farmers will be assisted and encouraged by borrowing them money but the money will not be accounted for. Government will distribute fertilizers to the farmers so as to enhance their farm crops and fake fertilizers will be given also. I foresee the South-West will start producing food. Let us pray for success on this so as to make it work as planned.

I foresee the border closure not allowing food importation into the country will help the country grow in terms of agriculture. I foresee that people will want to sabotage the economy. I foresee different methods by which the government will embark on to improve agriculture will latter affect the economy of the country positively. People will invest so much on agriculture.

I foresee economy troubles in the country. There will be an increase in stamp duty charges. There will be security challenges, theft and armed robbery will change their modus operandi. I foresee hardship in the country. I foresee the government do a lot to put things right. I foresee the poor and the rich being cheated. Let us pray not to experience natural disaster, also in some African states and the world. Let us pray against attack and unrest in Kano, Benue, Kaduna, Ondo, Jigawa, Adamawa, Niger, Imo, Enugu, Amabra, Ebonyin, Ogun and Oyo.

Let us pray to rebuke attack in some neighbouring countries. Government will raise tax on tricycle riders in Lagos. The government will be making good efforts except they find a lasting solution to the economic troubles. There will be tax reform on transportation system in Lagos and southwestern states. The subsidy matter will also be affecting the oil sector and it will also affect the economy. The government should look so well into the economy. It should be taken serious so as to give the country everlasting solution. There will be unsettlement in the country in the year 2020. So many things will come up against his government. The standard of living will be high in and it will affect common man even the rich. Let’s pray against the spread of rumor about bad beans that will be causing death.

There will still be inflation and hunger in the country. Of course the government will be finding various means to work things out. We should pray against famine in Lagos. The local manufacturer will make various efforts to promote all our local goods. I foresee that the country will pump more money on agriculture so as to make the people and the country happy. I foresee water scarcity. The government will not be able to push the agriculture so well. The government needs to work hand in hand with them. The government will make an attempt to increase and boom agricultural manpower by giving them series of loans and supports to increase agricultural products. The government should work on agriculture so well. Let us pray against flood destroying our farm crops. Government will not fund the farmers as expected as there will be sentiment.

I foresee game of politics in the agricultural sector except the government set up an Agency to look after the farmer but if the government continue to fix wrong people it will lead to bankruptcy in the sector. Nigerian state governments will pump money into agriculture to make it the best. Meanwhile, health sector will be facing challenges.

Nigeria 2020 will not be palatable as expected and we should pray against bridge collapse in Nigeria and the world. Let us pray to rebuke attack in some neighbouring countries. Government will raise tax on tricycle riders in Lagos. The license method of C of O will be changed. Tinubu will be betrayed. Osibajo and Buhari will have problems as there will be moves to remove Osibajo from office even as I foresee the cabals working against Tinubu’s plan and they will be threat to question Tinubu. Osibajo must be prayerful because he will face counter challenges before the end of his tenure.

Malabo oil scam will still rise. Some present and past politicians will be accused.
The country needs lots of prayers as the Lord has blessed the country so much. If the government continues to fix the wrong people there will still be bankruptcy and corruption in the system and won’t grow as expected. The country should pray fervently so as not to experience recession and austerity measure which may lead to protest. The country should be careful, watchful and prayerful. Economy will not be easy as expected. The government should look at various angles to fix the economy in order to make it right and healthy. The government will be trying to make things better.

Nigeria will make a lot of impact to for success in our economy and to move the country forward as the government will sign security threat on terrorism with some countries.
Let us pray against attack and unrest in Kano, Benue, Kaduna, Ondo, Jigawa. Nigeria needs prayers as the lord have blessed the country. Nigeria will produce gun. I foresee that government will place tax on education, health and most especially on human endeavours. Biafra will stage a protest.

Let us rebuke train and major accidents in Nigeria. Let’s rebuke plane land crashing. Our airports will be renovated and pray against threats on our airlines. Some airport commander will be changed in Lagos, Kano and Abuja. Our train station should pray against act of troubles and damages and pray against train derailment in Nigeria. Let us pray as the government is trying to develop our railway system lets pray it doesn’t collapse midway or cause more troubles. The FAAN personnel will run into crisis. I foresee training will be organized for their staff due to the new technicalities in the aviation industry. Let us pay so that no aircraft will run out of his way. Let’s pray against airport emergences and plane land crashing and flood in our airports. Some airlines will have challenges and some will be fined. Azma, Medview, Arik, British Airways, Lufthansa, Ethiopian Airways, Kenya Airways and Air peace will experience major problems and some of their directors and their operational managers will be changed and may face litigation and may face litigation. There will be scarcity of aviation fuel which will increase air fear. Some airlines will go on strike as they will not be allowed to even fly as expected. There will be terminal disease in Nigeria and some neighbouring countries in Africa. Nigeria airspace may have troubles. I foresee major plane crash that will claim lives. I also foresee helicopter and jet crash. Boeing Board of Directors will change from the Head of CEO.

There will be some threat from Boko Haram as they will come in various dimensions to threaten the Nigeria security. I foresee soldiers being killed and attacked. Moreover, they will be several killings of Boko Haram in the month of March, April and may. Boko Haram will come out for retaliation. I foresee some personalities being kidnapped by the Boko Haram sect even as I foresee them being caught in the process of trying to spread their tentacles and there will be different ways of kidnapping. There will be several security challenges from the Boko Haram sect even as I foresee that they are still going to attack a military base between the months of March and June; so the security personnel should watch and be vigilant. Members of the Boko Haram will be arrested. The amnesty on Boko Haram will still cause some major problems which the government needs to look into. I foresee that cultist will take various methods in carrying out their deadly plans. The world will be free from this present group of terrorist in 2060 which another Al Qaeda, ISIS and Boko Haram will be arrested. Terrorist group will still come up. Nigeria government must not negotiate with Boko Haram. The whole world will be threatened by terrorist.
Those funding ISIS will be arrested. The second commander of Boko Haram financier will be killed. SHEKAU will be killed in a major battle but not this year. Nigeria will lead the third world country in fighting Boko Haram and will seek support in the fighting Boko Haram in various ways. Boko Haram will come out in new means of attacking the soldiers but Boko Haram will not be a forgotten factor yet. There will be cases of ritualists and the den of kidnappers will be recovered.

Some army barracks will be attacked. Army and police will have epidemic like cholera and of course Nigeria soldiers will be lay ambush. Police will embark on strike and army may also embark on strike. Some army generals will be implicated. I foresee some junior officer will disobey the senior officer in the military. Corruption will be detected in the Nigeria military because some of the army members will be involved in some machinery which will generate controversies in the military. The Chief of Army staff will make various efforts to achieve its best for Nigeria. Let us pray not to lose any Airforce pilot from being attack. Apart from this their allowances will be delayed. Let us pray not to lose any Airforce plane in major attack. Soldiers will be attacked. The soldiers should rebuke fire outbreak. Soldiers and DSS will have misunderstanding. Police and Army will also have issues to contend with. The DSS will have some confrontation. Some of the DSS directors will be changed. Some service chiefs will have issues. Let us pray not to experience confusion in our security. Government will embark on new strategy to handle the security of the state. I foresee the purchase of new weapons and machineries to our securities session. I foresee new laws and there will be misconduct in police in terms of promotions, salary payment and missing of detail of police personnel. I foresee reforms in police. The Police Service Commission will have issues. IGP will be criticized and will run into series of troubles. IG will be petitioned. There will be troubles in customs. Some Customs officials will be attacked. There will be clash between customs, smugglers and touts. Some Custom Comptroller General will have issues while some Comptroller General will go on compulsory retirement and some personnel will not be promoted as at when due. I foresee changes in the custom revenue. There will be changes in custom duties and they must be careful against contraband goods. Let us pray not to lose any senior officer. I foresee refurbishments of Prison yard. Some AIG and DIG’s must be careful not to face major consequences. Let the IG be careful. Some AIG and DIG’s will face security problem in their jurisdiction. Some Nigeria military should be at alert because another sect will emerge. DSS personnel will be kidnapped. I foresee fire outbreak in Navy dockyard. Some SSG will be removed. Customs will get new live ammunitions. Ports authority will have issues and there will be protest. They should pray against strike. Civil Defence must be careful against attack as the Nigeria army and Civil Defence will have problems.

NURTW should pray not to lose anyone. There will be confusion and they should pray to rebuke police matter. They should pray for unity among their members and also pray not to lose anyone of their major Excos. There will be act of corruption in NURTW and personality clash.

Let us pray not to lose anyone in the entertainment industry. Nolllywood star should pray to rebuke sickness. PMAN will have crisis and let pray against the death of former PMAN president. There will be division and clashes among Fuji musicians. They should also rebuke litigation. Lets pray not to lose any hip hop artist. Bollywood star w should pray not to lose anyone. The comedian should pray for protection against sickness. Malaika should be careful with his band boys in order not to witness betrayal or loss of major show. Pasuma should be prayerful not to experience unexpected situation that will cause him to lose money or international recognition. Osupa should pray not to run into debt or lose any of his band boys. He should also pray against trouble that could lead to court matter.

The government should put more effort so as to stabilize the economy but the economy will not boom and healthy as expected as people will complain about our economy. I foresee that government will look for ways to work things out. There will be various complain of hardship and that’s why the economy team must work accordingly so as to get things right. Nigeria economy will not be good as expected. The Nigeria economy will not be stable and will be troubleshooting. The economy of the country will also affect the CBN and they will become confused. The CBN will need more technicians to be able to resuscitate the economy. The economy team will put tools together yet the economy will be galloping except they do what is needful. The government needs to do the needful by fixing technicians in order to resuscitate our economy. I foresee naira (N) fluctuating with dollar. The price of dollar will also troubleshoot. I foresee that the profit that will be declared by the NNPC will not reflect on the economy. The economy issue will affect the tariff of energy supply. I foresee that the economic troubles will affect the standard of living of the people. It will as well affect both the poor and the rich people in the country. There will be increase in the price of sugar and flour. Pure Water Company will go on strike.
The price of Cement will rise. Ewekoro will have troubles. BUA cement price will also fall. Dangote will have crisis even as their trailer will have accident and Dangote will shut down some of his companies and refinery. The company will face some challenges. Coca cola will be taken to court. Guinness will experience loss and they should pray against fire outbreak. Panasonic head will be changed and also their board. LG Africa and Nigeria will have challenges and run into unexpected debt. Toyota will run into debt and crises and should be careful not to lose their major investment. Volkswagen will have major troubles and pray not to lose anyone and will be rebranded. The prices of building materials will fluctuate and there will also be serious issues in buying building materials in the north. I foresee hike in the prices of staple food. Prices of building materials will jack up. Miners and government will have issues. I foresee the killing of miners. The local miners will face challenges. There will be deregulation on miners by the government. The miners should rebuke attack and cases of troubles. A lot of government officials will face some challenges. The price of nestle will rise. Oando will rise at the early part of the year and will drop in May, June and July. They should pray not to lose a onetime President in Nigeria and some African. Government will find various means of coming out of economy troubles because all of this will affect the cost and standard of living. I foresee hardship in the standard of living of the people.

Some Speakers of the State House of Representatives will be removed. The Speaker of the Federal House of Representatives will take relevant steps. The will be betrayed by his trusted members. He should be careful in handling domestic matter in the House. He will try a lot to put things right. The House should pray not to lose any major key member. I foresee the removal of three (3) Speakers in the North, East and South-South. He will want to improve the well being of his members and not to disappoint Nigerians despite all of these; some people will not be satisfied.

The Senate President will do a lot of work to ensure success. His efforts will not be appreciated. There will be constitutional amendment. The Senate members should pray not to lose anyone in the House. The Senate president should rebuke gang up. There will be Controversial Bill. There will be a rowdy session in the Senate and money will cause division among them. There will be electoral reforms as from 2021- 2023. There will be constitutional. Some Senate members will be sidelined. Let us as well pray not to lose a onetime Senate President.
I foresee Democracy not being relevant in the Senate as there will not be co-operation in the Senate. Our Democracy is under threat because unrealistic government promises and due process. I foresee the Senate will be used for so many things that cannot be mentioned as they will be used for what they have been using for. I foresee the construction of a new National Assembly building; I am still standing by it that there is still going to be new National Assembly building. Let us pray to rebuke fire outbreak in the National Assembly building.

There will be confusion among the past and present governors. There will be division amidst the governors Forum. Two governors will escape death and accident. I foresee an attack on government House. I foresee protest against Federal government, governor’s and Senate policies. I foresee some governor’s and legislators being stoned and they should also rebuke attack on their convoy. Some of the used and dumped politicians will be jailed likewise some political appointees.
PDP governor’s forum will have so many issues that will cause troubles among the members. The governor forum must be very careful even as I foresee division and so many things happening among them. The APC governor will have so many things to consolidate with the president on the economy agenda, security and the growth of his government and many more.

INEC should pray against attack and people will be clamouring for change of INEC chairman. INEC resident commissioner will be changed. Let them pray so that none of the INEC officials is jailed. There will be irregularities in the ways of conducting election. INEC should pray not to lose anyone.

NTA will experience problems. Let us pray not to lose any reporter in NTA, Silverbird and Channels. We should also embark on fervent prayers so as to ward off accident and on the journalist and also seek Gods protection on their daily activities. I foresee fire outbreak and building collapse. AIT, Channels will experience troubles and rebuke litigation against their staffs. Channels TV will be taken to court. Punch, Tribune, Sun, Telegraph, This-Day will not have it as expected and they should rebuke attack. Galaxy TV will have challenges and expansion. I foresee the death of an independent presenter and a news caster.

NUJ will experience problems as there will be corruption in the Union. I foresee that BBC staff will be attacked and detained. Aljazeera satellite will be shut in some countries. Aljazeera will face challenges in transmission. BBC will have unexpected transmission breakdown will need new plans. FOX news will face challenges. I foresee CNN staff being queried of fake news. E24 will experience transmission problems. TVC should pray for God’s protection for their staff.

NLC will have problems as they will experience so many complications. The NUT will have faceoff with government about staff improvement. The NUT will protest on failure in paying the arrears. ASUU will embark on strike and will make new demands from the government. There will be a gas pipeline and this will create problem for the government. NUJ will experience problems as there will be corruption in the Union. Civil servant will go on strike. I foresee protest in Labour Union.

The PDP governors will have challenges. I foresee division among the PDP governors. PDP will also have major crisis. PDP and APC will trade word with each other. PDP will be clamouring for change. The PDP National Chairman will also have some challenges to contend with; he should as well pray so as not to be removed and also being implicated. PDP will sell their Right. They will not be united due to division among themselves.

Nigerian politicians must be careful of challenges and counter challenges. I foresee that the truthful ones among the politicians will be criticized as the government will confront anyone that tackles their government. The government of the day will not grant people the permission of shedding light to issues. Nigeria government will not take Human Rights Law seriously. I foresee those who cross from PDP to APC will regret their decisions because some of the members will not go scot free especially the corrupt ones among them; though some will be protected because corruption will ravage the system. Whoever that corrupts the system will definitely face the wrath. I foresee some members being exposed of corrupt practices. I foresee a serious coalition and the government will be fair on corrupt people. Some major politicians will be afraid because the cabals will owe the government of President Buhari and his party. There will be problems between the founder and followers of the party. The southerners are serious to become president and we should pray so that it will not cause various complications and troubles on people who want to become president at all cost.

I foresee troubles among the APC members. Let us pray for Gods divine protection, good health and long life for our politicians. There will be coalition of new political parties which will come up to tackle APC in 2023. There will be new APC leader that will emerge. APC will have internal crisis. APC chairman will have issues amongst their governors and they will have division among themselves because of personality clashes. APC must be watchful because of clamour of change of chairman. The APC governor’s forum must be watchful and careful. I foresee plot against the APC chairman.

Google will be fined and face some unexpected troubles. Government will sue twitter. Yahoo will also be banned and fined in some countries and some countries will initiate laws to block social media. Let’s pray so that no satellite will shift. MTN will lay off some of its staffs and the company should pray to rebuke fire outbreak and attack on their mast. I foresee that MTN will experience service troubles in Jan, March, May and August 2020. Airtel will have major challenges by February and March 2020 and customers will lodge series of report concerning their services. Nigeria government will find a new way of refining social media and internet. There will be new law on social media. Nigeria will improve in ICT

Some countries will supply energy that will run into debt. Megawatts will also drop between May, June and July. I foresee general power challenges. Some state disco: Ikeja, Edo, Kwara, Enugu disco will have challenges and trouble. There will be more troubles on our electric supply and some of these companies will run into major crisis except the government does the needful in taking care of our energy supply. Solar will dominate so many parts of Nigeria. People will sabotage the energy sector and government should work on the energy so as not to experience more troubles.

Let us pray not to lose two kings, Emirs, Ezes and of course let’s pray so that no King is dethroned. The government will want to reduce the strength of the Emir. They should pray against running into unexpected crisis. Let us pay against fire outbreak in any of the palace. There will be confrontation between the government and the traditional ruler.

Our health sector will be nothing to write home about as the government will earmark money to take care of the medical profession. Ebola and Lassa will still reoccur. Let us pray against the outbreak of new airborne disease and sexual diseases. The rate at which there will be fever will be on the high rate, there will be chicken pox. The Nigerian health services should work seriously on this. There will be outbreak of cholera. There will be water disease. Some CMD will have serious issues to contend with. I foresee an outbreak of disease that will affect pregnant women and also a new vaccine for pregnant women will be introduced.

NIMASA will run into troubles and will work on water security. Some of their staff will run into crisis and they should pray not to lose a prominent staff. They should work on their security. Clearing and forwarding will experience a lot of problems as traders will cause problems for their sector. Government will review some of their things and they may embark on protest. Ship owners will have problems with the government. There will be fire outbreak in any airports. There will be flood in our port ways. NIMASA will have challenges with their license.

The Corporation will experience troubles and complications. I see that there will be corruption in the corporation even as some of their staffs will be laid off. There will be a lot of problems as they will experience changes in the sector.

NAFDAC will detect some fake products. Some fake drugs will be detected in the market. NAFDAC will create a new standard on water production company they are going destroy baby food. Of course NAFDAC officials will be attacked.
Let’s commit our water ways in the hands of God. There will new law on the sea piracy and they should be careful. Fake drugs will be detected.

I foresee changes in the Federal Civil Service Commission. Some State Head of Service will be changed and some will be charge for corruption. The Federal Head of Service will be petitioned. I foresee challenges confronting the activities of the office of SFG in the process of putting things in place but people will disagree with his new ideas

The Nigerian Prison Service will experience jail break and the government will take steps to improve and renovate the prison yard. The government will impact so much in trying to revive, reshape and re-orientate the prisoners them. I foresee new laws and reforms in the police and they will have series of issues to contend with. I foresee attack on prison warders. I foresee attack on prison warders.

Some markets will be shut down and let us rebuke the death of a market leader. I foresee fire outbreak in Onitsha, Kaduna, Bauchi, Ibadan, Abia and Alaba market that will destroy millions of goods.

FRSC will come in another dimension in checking vehicles and preventing accident.

I foresee loss in some banks because the VAT charges will also affect some of the transactions in banks and other new policies. Some microfinance banks may not perform as expected because CBN compliances will affect some microfinance bank. Some Managing Directors will be changed. CBN will introduce new banking and compliance system. Fraud will be detected in Access bank, first bank, keystone bank and Zenith bank. World Bank will make new law on money laundering which other banks must comply with. I foresee changes among their Board of Directors and some directors will be changed. Some banks will have new Executive Director. Eco Bank and Stanbic will have operational issues as they will not be able to meet up with the CBN directive. ASO Savings and Loans will run into debt. FCMB will take poor service seriously. AMCON will take some risk that will make them face the law court. CBN board will face some issues. Nigeria mint will face challenges. Some banks will lay off some of its staff. First Bank, Polaris bank, Stanbic, Access and Unity bank should pray against loss and attack. There will be new terms for deposit. Some banks will collapse. Some banks will have issues in approaching customers because bank charges will affect their transaction. The government will find various means to increase the tax. CBN will get confused in 4 – 5 years because the economy will not be growing. The bank should pray against calamity that will befall the nation. Some financial institutions will also be charged. CBN will find ways to survive the economy by using different tools, formulas and technical expertise to establish the economy.

The NNPC will have problems and complications. I foresee there will be new and private refineries that will be working fine. Some of the NNPC refinery will encounter some challenges. NNPC will experience troubles in most of their major steps. NNPC must pray not to experience pipeline explosion. I foresee the breaking down of some refinery. Oil will be discovered in the North; they should work so well on this. NNPC will withdraw some of their oil licenses even as I foresee the corporation having problems with some oil companies. I foresee problems and changes in Oando. Exoon Mobil will also be faced with troubles. I foresee some of the oil companies experiencing serious complications. Notwithstanding, NNPC will have major challenges by June and there will be importation of bad fuel. Corruption will spring up in NNPC in the month of March. Fraud will be detected in NNPC which will affect some prominent companies. I foresee gas and tanker explosion. The price of petroleum product will crash and of course some state will experience scarcity of petroleum product. Some fuel tanker will be seized and some warship will also be seized. I foresee bombings on our pipeline and refineries.

I foresee post UTME will be scrapped in the nearest future. WAEC will take a new law on malpractices seriously. JAMB and WAEC will run into crisis. There will be corruption in JAMB and they should pray to avert their office being engulfed by fire. The Post UTME will be scrapped in the nearest future. I foresee reforms in the educational sector. Let us pray so that none of the universities will be attacked by fire or go on rampage. Let’s pray against disease outbreak in the universities. JAMB will embark on new methods of writing its exam. Some Vice Chancellors will have problems. I foresee new policy in the establishment of primary and secondary schools in Lagos, Ogun and Ekiti. NYSC should pray not to lose any Corps members and should pray against attack. There will be new policy in NYSC. NUT will have faceoff with the government about staff improvement and they will call for protest as a result of failure in paying their arrears. ASSU will embark on strike and make new demands.

I foresee that some judges will be indicted even as some of them will be charged of corrupt practices while some will be challenged. Some government officials will be face troubles. Lawyers will embark on strike and will also stage a protest. The office of the Attorney general of the federation will be petitioned and will have challenges in office. ICC will jail some of the warlords. I foresee challenges in the judicial sector. Rule of law will not be the order of the day. Some Chief Justice will have problems. I foresee pollution in the health and the judicial sector. There will be constitutional amendment.

There will be a lot of problem as some telecommunication companies will have challenges with NCC. I foresee changes in the communication sector even as there will be an increase in their data and tariff plan. The industry will also impose tax on their customers indirectly. I foresee changes in the sector. Government will be using new methods in monitoring every activity on calls. There will still be issue and new laws on cybercrime. Nigeria satellite will shift

Let us pray not to lose any two (2) prominent pastor and Islamic scholars. Let us pray to rebuke attack on churches and mosques. Let us pray against fraudulent activities in churches. There will be ethnicity and religion troubles. There will be problem in Catholic, Anglican and celestial Church of Christ. Pope should pray so as not to be attacked. Let us pray we don’t experience religious crisis in the world at large. Zaky Zaky will clamour for his release.

The immigrant’s law will be reviewed. Let them pray against challenges and the whole world will be expecting and monitoring in order to fight against attack. There will be review on immigrant law and pray against challenges. Let’s rebuke attack on the immigration. There will be new immigrant law and policies which will affect those coming into the country. The immigration service will have troubles and they will detect fake passport and the prices of passport will not be stabilized. Let them be careful not to have immigrant troubles at the borders. The government will make issue of visa arrival and this will cause challenges on security because of new immigrant law.


The governor of the state will embark on various steps in order to improve the state but should pray not to lead to problems. There will be local government’s election in the state. The state will experience smoothness. The state should rebuke fire outbreak. The state should pray against crisis Benue should pray not to lose any prominent person in the state. The state should also rebuke incessant killings. KATSINA STATE The state should pray against the death of an Emir and there will be attack in the state. Katsina will have border clashes and they should pray against killings. EDO STATE The election in the will be marred with violence even as there will be political tension in the state. The governor will face some internal challenges. The personal appointees will be fighting the incumbent governor and will face various challenges and he will overcome. The state needs prayers before, during and after the election. The governor will encounter various counter attacks. The governor needs prayers to survive and to have a second term. He will do lots of assignment to lead the party and his effort will be criticize. The state should be careful of having two governors in the state. The party may have problems. One governor will be claiming to be the leader while the other will as well. The party will fight the incumbent governor. There will be series of litigation after the governors. He should pray so well before the commencement of the primary and end of the primary election in the state. He will be betrayed by traitors. Edo state can still succeed for his second tenure.


I foresee division in the state. I foresee a lot of strange things happening in the country. Let us pray to rebuke cases of building collapse, cholera and different kinds of crime in Lagos state. IMO STATE The governor will succeed in his Supreme Court judgment. He will face some challenges towards the end of his first term. He should be careful so that people he relied on will not stab him at the back. The governor will face series of challenges and troubles. The governor will be accused wrongly. He will disappointed by his trusted people. He should change his strategy and plan his strategy and pray to overcome all attempt, he can survive his second term if he prays. There will be gang up against his next political moves. There will be protest around his efforts.


The governor will experience some challenges. People will contend against him for the success of his second term. The governor must be prayerful as there will be liars who will rise up against him from the people.


The governor will face lots of challenges despite his efforts to improve the state. I foresee political enemies will rise to tackle his plans and steps. I foresee great tension in his government. He will face internal wranglings and domestic challenges. Ogun state will develop and the people closer to his government will stab him at the back. Ijebu will lose a very prominent person. Ijebu state is still imminent. He will triumph in his Supreme Court judgment.


There will be crisis in Kaduna. Southern Kaduna will experience crisis. There will be clashes in Kaduna state.


The governor will try every effort to make sure the state succeed and make everything possible. The state should rebuke political assassination and he will struggle a lot. The governor will form a coalition he should be careful because his political mis calculation may be miscalculated towards the end of his tenure, he will face multiple challenges because his party will have issues.


The Governor will make series of efforts to stabilize the state and he will be stab by his trusted aides. He should be prayerful because of forces that will make his efforts unstable. He will have issues towards the end of his tenure. We should pray for peace in 2020.


They will face challenges and run into debt. The bailout money of some state will not be used appropriately.


The governor will experience some challenges. He should be watchful, prayerful and should work on security so that his political alliance will not destroy his political stability. There will be gang up against him. The state will embark on so many projects. The governor’s effort will be criticized. Adamawa state governor will have problems with. He should work on security so that his political alliance will not destroy his political stability. There will be gang up against him. The state will embark on so many projects. The governor’s effort will be criticized. The state should pray not to witness terrorist attack.


They should be careful as opposition will want to take over the state from him. The agenda of the governor will be void. The government of the state will do a lot. He must watch his critics.


The state will be struggling to take parts in resuscitating the economy.


They will experience communal crisis and unnecessary tension in the state.


The governor must be watchful and careful. The state needs prayers because people will gang up and plot against the governor as the Assembly needs to be watchful.


The state should pray against killings and terrorist attack.


I foresee the death of a prominent member in the Association. The Association must be watchful. Nigeria can make a lot difference during the Nations Cup if only the work very well, otherwise they will end up second or third place.

The Nigeria table tennis team will not perform as expected.

I foresee NFF having problems and issues in the House. The Head of the Association will experience troubles in his major plans. Nigeria will not perform as expected in the Olympic; if they work very hard they may get GOLD.

The Under 21 team may not go far in Olympic Games. The players must be watchful so as not to run into debt. NFF will experience in house problem and the NFF President will face challenges that will trouble some of his actions. Let the association pray not to lose any of their members.

I foresee rancor in the Board. Let them pray against litigation. Nigeria will have problems with the company designing the branded shirt. They will go into contract with another company. They may be accused of non-payment of player’s allowance. Some coaches will be sacked.

Our Under 17 coach will have major problems. Let the players pray fervently so as not to lose any of the players. LMC will have major challenges. Some clubs may face complications. Some clubs may face complication.

Some coaches will be removed in our local league: 3FC, Rangers, Lobi Star, Warri Wolves, Sunshine, Akwa United, Gombe United, Kwara United must be careful and prayerful so as not to experience challenges.

Eyinmba, Remo FC must be watchful, careful and prayerful so that none of their players will be attacked. Ifeanyi Ubah will be fined and he should pray fervently not to experience challenges with none of their players on the field of play or attack on any player. Lets rebuke attack in our stadium. I foresee attack and stampede in African and Euro stadia.

FIFA method of match fixing will change and there will be new regulation of scoring. Some referees will be charged of irregularities on their match. FIFA ex- officials may pass on. FIFA will be taken to court because some of their members will be suspended for irregularities. FIFA will take the issue of racist serious.

CAF will attack on a team by the opponent fans. Let them pray for good health of CAF former president. CAF will come out with new laws on match and players transfer. There will be lack of discipline in the Association. Barclays and La Liga coaches and referees will be sacked. English Premier League will come up with new laws in the field of play. Let’s rebuke the death of a referees and coach.

I foresee disagreement in FIFA. I foresee some changes in FIFA regulation. I foresee Super sports will also experience major crisis and may lose. SWAN There will be problem in SWAN. There will be factions and disappointment. SWAN will be nothing to write home about in 2020. The following players: Hazard, Messi, Gomez, Diego Costa, Suarez, Cristiano Ronaldo, Paulo Dybala, Abrahan Tanny, Willian, Christian Pulisic, Sergio Aguero, Kevin De Bruyne, Alex Iwobi, Wilfred Ndidi, Kelechi Iheanacho, I. Success, T. Dele Bashiru, L. Balogun, Sadio Mane, Idrissa Gueye, Cheikhou Kouyate, Mohamed Diane, Jean Micheal Seri, Jeffery Schlupp, Christian Atsu, Floyd Ayite, Steve Mounie, Riyad Mahrez must be careful against tax issues, injury and some controversial issues that might cause them to leave their present clubs.

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