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Popular Yoruba Actress, Liz Anjorin Becomes 5th Wife Of Scrap Dealer



Popular Yoruba actress, Liz Anjorin has finally found a man she would call her husband.

The celebrated thespian got married on Thursday, July 16, 2020, at a low-profile ceremony which was attended by few guests.

The next day, pictures of her quiet wedding and engagement ceremony surfaced online and made headlines.

In a statement she posted to support the pictures of her wedding, a jubilant Liz Anjorin praised her lover for his loyalty to their collective covenant never to make the 14-year old affair a public affair until they decided to get married.

Although, Liz had never been married, she is now among single celebrity ladies that are attracted to married men.

The groom is identified as Lawal Lateef Gboyega a.k.a Sologo.

Lateef, a scrap metals dealer whose workshop is based in Ikorodu, Lagos State, is said to be married to four wives, who lives under his roof namely Kemi, Jumoke, Fola and Kenny, with eight children.

Liz Anjorin is said to be 5th wife.

A source said that although Lateef lives an expensive lifestyle, his economic standing is actually below the average. His playboy lifestyle, the source stated, probably drew Liz’s attention to him in the beginning.

The actress herself referenced Lateef’s past charity gestures to her family in her wedding post.

She wrote; “saying yes is like paying back 1% of your 1001 good deeds to me and my late mother. My father, my brother, my comforter, my gist partner, my paddy, my husband, none of the good deeds you gave me spread to third party or internet till tomorrow…”

However, if what the star actress desires in marrying other women’s husband is true relationship benefits like attention and emotional understanding, the source said, she would need to consult her four predecessors who not only feed their children and pay their school fees but also pay their own rents allegedly without input from their husband.

Lawal Lateef Gboyega and his other wives

The source revealed that there have always been complaints of tension, quarrels and neglect in Lateef’s polygamous marriage, while he dated Liz secretly.

Despite that the wives alone care for their eight children namely Ayomide, Hamdalat, Hammed, Abdulrahmon, Wuraola and Latifat, with the new babies delivered by Fola and Kenny in the middle of the COVID-19 Pandemic break, the source hinted that the wives silently bear scars of physical and emotional tortures.

According to the source, two of the women have been sent packing by their landlords when they could not meet up with their house rents.

“Lateef would feel provoked and beat any of them who dared ask for rent support. He would ask them to find a way to pay their house rents.

“Two of his wives were given quit notices recently by their landlords when they couldn’t pay their rents. Lateef stays in a room self-contain apartment in Ikorodu yet he lives big on credit,” alleged the source who warned that there are things more essential in the type of Liz’s new life than just love.

He added that time will tell if Liz Anjorin would be able to cope with the lifestyle and financial standard of her dear husband.

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