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Osun like Lagos: Araba tun ra mu, egungun bi careful – Waheed Aderoju



It may look like yellow card, but it is apparent that a red card has been issued to godfathers trying to play God through the Osun election.

We know for a fact that Adeleke the dancer won. He did so because the majority of the people of Osun took a position on two scores: that the incumbent government of Ogbeni Aregbesola failed woefully in terms of performance and that they do not want another surrogate (Ajele) government from Lagos.

Yes a re-run election will come but Saturday’s poll has shown clearly that PDP won against APC led Government inspite of the deployed Federal might, Paris club funding, Federal Funds, Jagaban Funds, Lagos Funds, Aregbe Funds , Osun Funds.

It is instructive that the two main principals in the Lagos primary election imbroglio are the major losers at the Osun election. No matter the result of the Re-run election, Aregbesola and Asiwaju have been bruised badly; Deflated even. Aregbesola is the leader of the so-called Mandate Group that is hell bent on denying Governor Ambode his deserved second term. Asiwaju is the overall leader of the party who is insisting that the Governor does not deserve an automatic ticket in spite of his sterling performance, yet his own wife, Remi is not only going for a third term in the Senate but will be returned unopposed at the primary election.

Egungun be careful!

Let no man play God. Osun is a direct lesson to those with God complex. Ondo, Ogun and Ekiti might still be APC controlled, buy the governors there have since weaned themselves off the Don Dada.

Oyo is as delicate as Osun and will take a miracle to retain it for APC in March considering the many faux pad of the Constituted Authority. Osun is the ancestral home of Jagaban and a signal has just been sent there, that the real power belongs to the masses and ultimately to God.

Lagos, the base and cash cow of the godfather is as vulnerable as Osun and Oyo if care is not taken. The people want outstanding performance which Ambode has provided but the message that Mandate Group is sending to electorates is that the wealth of the people belongs to a few party faithful and that they want another ‘Ajele’ who must fritter away the goodies. This is as disingenuous as it is dangerous. The Igbos and non-Yorubas account for almost half of the voting population in Lagos. The whole of Epe division is screaming blue murder. Real Lagosians are galvanised to demand total freedom from the godfather at a time that there’s a growing disenchantment for the Buhari-led performance at the Centre. And APC, by the way, won in 2015 with barely 100,000 plus votes.

If the Mandate Group forces Ambode out to seek a new platform to run, they would have unwittingly started the beginning of the end on Lagos APC as we know it.

A 3-horse race of Ambode, Jimi Agbaje and Jide Sanwoolu in March will be rough and revealing.

Why then does APC want to bring the whole house down on itself at this point?
Think people, think!!!!

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