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Oshiomhole Did Not Know The Truth About Obaseki Credentials In 2016 – Samson Osagie



It looks like the APC aggrieved members are finally getting what they wanted, so what’s next?

We are focused on the next election in September.

I gathered that the APC is now ready to use consensus, how true is that?

I don’t know about consensus yet, but APC wrote to INEC for direct primaries. But we have passed the primaries notionally.we are now focused on the main election because we cannot afford to allow Edo into opposition regardless of who is involved.

Some people believe that the disqualification of Governor Godwin Obaseki was concocted by the National Chairman. What response do you have for this group?

Let them look at the reasons adduced by the committee on screening. 

However, it is scandalous that a Governor cannot justify the discrepancies in his academic credentials many years after obtaining them. Those who aspire to such exalted positions ought to be above board like caesar’s wife. 

Recall the PDP challenged his credentials in 2016 which means it is not new. The case was struck out on Technical grounds yet he did not take steps to correct anomalies. It is either one of two things. Either there is some element of fraud in the process leading to the granting of those credentials or it is a clear case of lack of diligence. In either case, it is an action unbecoming of a leader in that capacity particularly as we parade people with better and more believable credentials. 

In any case, the Bayelsa experience where a current sitting Senator was disqualified as deputy governorship candidate is still very fresh in our minds. APC won’t take such risk going forward.

Oshiomhole was seen repeatedly, defending Obaseki certificate in 2016, would you consider this as a double standard?

Remember he was then not in a position to know the truth then as he was neither the screening Committee member then nor the court. Even now he is not the accuser he merely together with the NWC members upheld the recommendation of the Screening Committee when it became abundantly clear that there was indeed a doubtful academic credential.

To ask him to gloss over it is to expect him to take the risk that caused the party Bayelsa Governorship elections. God forbid.

Oshiomhole told Edo people that Obaseki was responsible for many of his achievements, do you find it hard to digest that in 2020 that the duo are in two opposite camps?

There is no personal conflict between both of them. Obaseki declared war on his party members, and you don’t expect them to react. Particularly as he has a litany of inadequacies. Oshiomhole’s only offence is that he didn’t support Obaseki to retire the political class in an attempt to completely colonize Edo people, and expropriate their commonwealth.

So, what is the preparation for the September election? What are Edo people expecting?

Preparations are on top gear. Edo people will experience peaceful social-political atmosphere devoid of the tantrums that have characterized the Obaseki administration. Practical delivery of people-oriented projects rather than bogus and unimpactful performance. Edo is in for better times.

Obaseki might switch sides to contest against the APC, how will that make the party leaders feel?

We are already rejoicing. Can’t you see he has been expelled?

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