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Opinion: It Comes With The Territory by Victor Adoji



A story was told of a man who saw a young fisherman eating some food and said to him, “You must love your food.” The fisherman answered, “Yes Sir, I love fried fish!” The man said “You really love the fish?” “Yes, it is my best meal ever!” the boy answered.
So, the man thought a while and asked him, “Is it the love that you had for the fish that made you put a worm on the hook to lure it out of the water. Then when it was hooked you dragged it out, cut its head off, removed its entrails leaving it bare. Now dead, you put peppers in its eyes, salt and spices on its body and then fried it in the hottest oil? Is it your love for the fish that made you treat it so?” The boy thinking, couldn’t answer.
So the man said, “then let’s rephrase that response you gave.” “You don’t love the fish. You love yourself. Indeed, you love yourself so much, that you are willing to subject this fish to the worse possible experience. And then exploit it to satisfy only yourself in any possible way.”
This revealing perspective explicates the unfortunate position of all those who adorn corporate apparels to fuel individual agenda.
Also I must admonish all our supporters and well-wishers to sheath their swords (if they have any) and desist from exchanges or correspondences that do not validate our claim to an ideologically-inclined and people-oriented campaign. If you look closely, these are all expertly crafted tactics designed to ‘de-focus’ us from our immediate concern: The Primaries.
I have said it, severally, that I am an imperfect person with wrinkles who equally understands the implications and ramifications of the Biblical injunction, “woe unto you when everyone speaks well of you…”
My charge, I shall NEVER do anything or encourage anyone to disparage, impugn, insult or smear anyone even as a reaction so long as reasonably accepted limits are not breached: Even at that, restraint must guide us all the way. As for the desperate, innuendoes, mud-slinging et’ al comes with their territory and if must begin the movement towards our expected destination, when “they go low, we go high”.
– Dr. Victor Alewo Adoji
Senate Aspirant, Kogi East
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