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Ololade Adewunmi’s new adventure into spices, food and herbs.



.It’s new! And already, a big discovery! Never has food been so delicious and tasty. Everyone is calling for more of these new spices and herbs, and Ololade Adewunmi’s bank account is hitting the roof!

But being prudent investors, the management of O’della Food Hub, which she founded four years ago, have rather than blow up the profit with parties, is investing in expansion which we hear, has paid off greatly.

“I can’t say we have broken even yet, that’s because we also invested a lot of money to get this on ground. Yes, it has been successful as we all can see, but the need for more investment is paramount at this point in time. We can’t stop investing because people are calling for more and more. The market gets wider by the day. And you know we need more money for production to meet up with demand.’

And all these in just four years!

“Yes, I have been in business for 4 years now. But officially, I launched out in year 2020 after getting all accreditation like Nafdac and so on.”

But why spices and herbs at this time?

“I am an advocate of healthy living. I promote healthy living with the use of spices and herbs, encouraging people to go back to the roots. I believe that we have had enough of MSG Products, Processed foods causing a lot of dangers to health, such as cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes and so on. We also serve as a ‘route to market’ for many under-served rural farmers and processors (mostly women).

What will you attribute your phenomenal success to in such a short time?

“I want to believe that it is our idea of fair pricing. We promote GAP (Good Agric Practice) and well Hygiene Packaged Farm Products.”

The young entrepreneur shared some of her early life experiences with us:

“My early life was fun and Interesting. I was always moving from one state to another. My father worked with one of the apex banks in the country. From time to time, he was transferred around the country, and he moved with his family. I guess in those days, work-transfers was a must.

“I started business early. I have been selling since my Secondary school days because I love making my money. I enjoyed selling lolly pop ice cream and Popcorn back then.

“I didn’t stop at that, when I got to the University, I had the intention of opening a beauty Salon but my mother discouraged me.

Nevertheless, I love doing business. I recall that a friend of mine, whose brother came home from Switzerland back then, brought back different types of wristwatches. I told him I was interested to help sell. I didn’t sell them to my colleagues in school; instead i took them to my Dad’s office to sell. And I was making cool cash. Back then, I was selling gold jewelries and so on.”

But you stopped all that?

“Yes, today I am into Agro-processing and Food Packaging. We produce MSG free Condiments, Spices (Ginger powder, garlic, Hibiscus Powder Mix , curry powder Mixed Spices and so on. We are also into Food Packaging such as Ofada Rice, plantain Flour, Palm Oil and we source directly from the farm. We are growing fast with over eighteen distributors across Nigeria.”

How about challenges you face in your line of business?

“Oh the challenges are there alright. I don’t know why it is suddenly like this, people don’t seem to appreciate quality any longer. People seem to be just contented getting any food. No, it shouldn’t be like that. We should eat right. We should eat what our body needs to be healthy so that we can be healthy and sound all the time.

“There is also the high cost of transportation and bad roads. This certainly is a big issue for us because we source our products locally and direct from the farms.”

“There is also government Policies. Young entrepreneurs like us shouldn’t be clamped down or burdened with issues that strangulate our business.

“And then also, there is the high cost of equipment we use.”

Ololade Adewunmi is not new to the Nigerian society. “Yes, I am the Immediate past president of Lagos Central Lions Club, now serving as a Zone chair.”

What does it mean to be a Lion?

Being a Lion means service to the people. Service to humanity has been my Passion ever since I was a teenager. That was what led me to Lionism. I started as a LEO while in my University days. And I got married to a Lion who now happens to be the Centenary Past District Governor of Lion 404B2, PDG TOS Adewunmi. It has been a smooth and easy marriage. When you are passionate about something you find it so easy.

What aspirations do you have for your business?

“We are open for collaborations and we are looking forward to a global business. Our products are already growing to be a house hold name.

Perhaps you should tell us more about your products

“Our Products are 99% sourced locally. We source directly from the farm and also employ women for jobs like sorting, picking, blending and overall packaging.

“We have Ground ginger, Ground cinnamon, Dried oregano, Bay leaves, Cumin, Hibiscus Powder our products are 100%natural and MSG Free. It is used for tasty meal, people dealing with health issues like diabetes, High Blood Pressure and our products promote healthy living,” she added.

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