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To make sense of their efforts and actualize their collective aspirations for a great nation, Nigerians must learn to identify crooks and call them by their real names. Imagine Obasanjo compelling 30 governors of the Peoples Democratic to donate N10 million each for his private library sometime in 2005, and still, instead of being somewhere cooling his feet for this aberration in 2023, he’s still running around a free man; playing former president and elder statesman or even a moral compass and a breathing blueprint for Nigeria’s development.

One thing that’s clear, Obasanjo is pushing his luck too far. He has been having a smooth ride on the back of Nigerians for so long and must have developed an idea of a daft and docile Nigeria which will never notice or protest his insult to the collective sensibilities of the 200m citizens that calls it home. Well, that the river is calm doesn’t mean there are no crocodiles under. Does it make sense that the Obasanjo whose biological daughter, Iyabo Obasanjo, long ago, had to remind he don’t own Nigeria to check his overbearing excesses, is still holding tight to his self-awarded trophy of honor and importance as to tell Nigerians which candidate is safe for their consumption and which not?

Why should Nigeria be any different other than what it is when we have “elder statesmen” switching positions from suspects in court answering charges of sleeping with their children’s wives to advocates of moral uprightness and good governance? In saner climes, after Obasanjo was accused by his biological son, Gbenga Obasanjo, of sleeping with his (Gbenga’s) wife, he (Obasanjo) will retire from the office of “elder statesman” to spend the rest of his life ruing his libidinal indiscretion that led him to the bed of his son’s wife. If Obasanjo is the compass that will lead Nigerian youths to their destination, certainly he’s leading them to Golgotha rather than the El Dorado they hoping to reach.

It should make sense, then, that the incestuously randy Obasanjo is promoting the meek, timid and clearly confused Peter Obi. With a somewhat national attitude insensitive to history and accountability which is nourishing the minds and egos of crooks masquerading as elder statesmen, who will blame Obasanjo for going an extra mile to insult the sensibilities of Nigerians with the endorsement of Peter Obi’s candidature. Nigeria is bigger than Obasanjo’s platitudinal hallucinations. He belong to a sad past that every Nigerian is wishing is a bad dream.

How I wish Obasanjo was “Made in China” — same China his newly discovered godson, Peter Obi, is obsessed with and always quick to flash as his visa for undeserved residency in the Aso Rock villa.

Danmallam is a member of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Presidential Campaign Council.

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